Welcome to Instant Cooking Today, I am making very instant potato recipe that is called Kasoori Aloo For this we need boil, peeled and chopped potato, dried fenugreek leaves Lemon juice, salt & chaat Masala So, take a frying pan add around 2 tsp of oil spread oil all over the pan and now on the medium flame add the boil and the chopped potato and toss it or mix it well mix it continuously or toss it continuously till the potato little brown now add salt and toss it again mix it now add dried fenugreek leaves around 2 tsp mix it again you can add little water mix it well now add little lemon juice, little chaat masala mix it and serve it and your very delicious ksasori aloo , very instant in ready you can make sandwich by this recipe as a stuffing or you can serve it with parantha, roti as main course so your very interesting kasoori aloo, very instant is ready For more such recipe please subscribe to our channel. Thank you