My story: Motivation to change from ZERO “Look at Nhi! She looks like she got pregnant but she already gave birth to her baby” ” My teacher has an ugly voice and super FAT, plz change another one for me, mom” “She has a weak immunity that can be easily affected by any viruses” “You do not meet our requirements to enter the second round of this competition” “Look like a SUMO” “Monster, monstrosity” “Her life is ZERO” Lose weights: from 68KG to 50kg to become a normal person 🙂 a normal person 🙂 From 68KG, I trained so hard, became a strict dieter My health got worse day by day. I lost 18kg and was at 50KG by a strict diet, I gained weights and remained the same at 58KG After that, I adjusted my diet and my exercies. I lost 10 KG and stayed at 48KG in 3 months Then, I decided to change my lifestyle and it completely changed changed my life 3 months later at 5AM “FATTY MOM” ” Her life is over after having baby” ” Not only UGLY but also TALENTLESS” ” She loses everything and stays at home like a LOSER” I chose to eat a balanced diet. I did traditional dance when I liked I danced when I wanted Doing some stretches to maintain a balanced life 6 months later Height: 1m68. Weight: 52KG I really don’t care about losing weights any more. Just level up yourself and do not give up. Think positive and live a meaningful life. “Dear Nhi, we invite you to become an ambassador of sport clothes for Vietnam market” – ZAFUL- ” Magic happens outside of your comfort zone” Do not compare or judge others, let’s focus on yourself Become a better version of yourself than yesterday We become what we think about Thanks Zaful for sponsoring this video.