💪 Secret to Replacing 4 Weekly Gym Hours?

Hey I’m Rimon the Supplements Freak if you’re an executive or high value
employee who wants to improve
concentration vitality blood tests healthy biomarkers weight or any other
aspect of your health despite having a very busy schedule.also are you an
entrepreneur or a business owner who is the main leverage of the business you
need to be super sharp super healthy super productive. do you sometimes feel
that things such as continuous stress lack of time convenience and even
laziness gradually forcing you to neglect your health speaking of time
many people believe that time is all we have but it’s health that we all have
because health gives us time vitality and youthfulness but the road for health
is hard and it’s time-consuming it’s not easy for hard-working employees
freelancers and entrepreneurs to follow that road but how can we have the cake
and eat it too in other words how can you continue to work like crazy and
still achieve whatever you want with your body and health imagine that you
could exercise just once every two weeks and be in the exact same shape as
someone who exercises three to five times a week how much time effort would
you save if it was possible to do it could you see how you could merge
exercise into your busy schedule and if you could do that could you maintain
your good shape once you have it? you bet you will! the 80/20 principle of Health
will help you just achieve that the 80/20 principle or the Pareto principle
states that 80 percent of the results arriving from 20 percent of causes and
efforts it’s a very common business rule for example in most businesses 20
percent of the customers are responsible for 80 percent of the profit but there
is another level to it and the level is about looking at return on effort that’s how I call it return on effort in health the
80/20 principle reduces the effort we need to put in and it gives us also
simplicity it removes out of stuff we need to do while giving us the majority
of all possible results now I’ll give you two stories from my own life good
and bad examples of how the return on effort come into place when I was 13
I played in a youth football team and one summer and it was a terribly hot one
in Israel I went to training camp and of course in Israel it’s too hot in the
summer to run in the middle of the day we could have run indoors with AC but
the genius trainer came up with a brilliant idea let’s all of us wake up
around 4:50 a.m. and start running outside so every for almost every day
for a week we ran 60 minutes in 5:00 a.m. in the morning when I came back
home after a week of grueling training I had to continue my summer
“vacation” because this time I really needed to take a break from all the so
called training vacation I had before and about a month and a half I have left
before returning to the exercise routine of my team I took a break from
everything I just relaxed after that time when it was the time to get back to
the training with my team I was so pumped because I knew I put the
work in the summer I now should beat everyone at every run and at every game
right? when I returned to training with my team I couldn’t see any improvement
that’s right. my cardiovascular training was missing I was in a bad shape like everyone else after the vacation and in hindsight I can tell you
that those six weeks off that I took were enough to get my body back to the
baseline obviously that’s
not a good application of the 80/20 principle I put all that effort and got
nothing in return the return on effort is zero and the effort was quite high
and I knew that if I don’t train along enough I’m losing it
story number two when I was 24 I managed to bulk up about 20 pounds of muscle
mass over a period of just several months but I realized that exercise
takes a lot of time and effort and I remember clearly what I thought that if
you take into account the time to drive to the gym exercising in the gym and
coming back the whole thing takes about ten hours
a week now I can take it, but what should I do it later when I don’t have a
time? and really is it really necessary to exercise the same as when I was
bulking up? then I read a study that says that once you stop exercising your body
starts to break down muscles after two weeks they are vital to my survival hmm I thought it
was very interesting could I reverse that and use this principle to my
advantage? so I asked myself okay what’s my goal? muscle mass was a goal for
me because it helps me to maintain healthy weight it protects us from
diabetes heart disease and cancer I just want to maintain the muscles that I
built before and indeed in my own experience including measuring myself
over 200 times over the last 12 years I can say it’s efficient to work out a
muscle group once every 2 weeks and not to lose muscle you keep those muscles despite your age
despite sitting on the desk most of the day like I do but not above 2 weeks if you go beyond that you’re going to lose them and these
muscles we’re gonna keep you in a good shape they will also burn out of junk
you’re eating and if you’d know your muscles are the
only organ in your body that can deal well with sugar and bad fats and this
two-week rule applies also to heart and lung training so if you want to stay in
a good shape and not breathe heavily every time you walk up the stairs like a
ninety-year-old you can apply this rule to yet most people who exercise
regularly feel the need to train three to five times a week usually for 60
minutes do they get better results on me? possibly but if I can get just eighty
percent of the potential results that they’re getting but I exercise muscle
group only once every two weeks I’m happy I’ll take it how much is one
exercise every two weeks versus three to five sessions for the same period of
time? that’s a classic 8020 principle and the beauty is that with that rule it’s
much easier to stick to a program I can go on vacation and not have access to a
gym for a while and still I’m gonna be okay I have this leeway and because of
that I’m not going to quit and the 8020 principle of exercise enabled me to
exercise consistently without quitting during tough times and indeed I have
done it for the last 14 years now there are other ways to even further improve
results for exercise for the same amount of effort so you can apply and tweak and
stretch the 80/20 principle and achieve more for less let me ask you a question please do me
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