1 Hour Hatha Yoga For Beginners | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

– Are you new to yoga? Great, this is Yoga For Beginners. Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, it’s time to give yourself a little love. In this class, we’re
gonna focus on breath, stretch the hamstrings, and twist to keep your
spine nice and healthy. You will need a pillow or
a folded blanket to sit on. Subscribe to this channel because I want you to start
your yoga journey now. My name is is Lesley Fightmaster, I’m a certified yoga teacher trainer, so don’t worry, you’re in good hands, let’s get started. All right, welcome to Yoga for Beginners. So today we’ll start just sitting
up with the shins crossed, and we’re sitting up on a, the edge of a pillow to just lengthen the spine a little bit, it helps to lift the hips and let the knees go lower. So when we’re sitting, most of us when we sit, you know, the knees are
higher than the hips, right, so if we sit on something a little bit it helps to, I could even benefit from sitting on two pillows so that my hips were a little bit higher, but this is better than no pillows. So I’ll just rest the hands on the legs and close your eyes for a moment, and start to take some
nice, long, smooth breaths. So wherever possible, breathe
in and out through your nose. If you are congested at all, please breathe through
your mouth, but otherwise, in and out through the nose. Try and keep your inhales and
your exhales equal in length. As you’re just starting to settle in here, becoming aware of your breath, find the point in your sitting bones that are connecting down
to the floor or the pillow, and start to bring attention there so that you’re very heavy and connected, almost as if there’s something pulling you down toward
the center of the earth, because actually there
is, it’s called gravity. So working with that gravity to feel very heavy in
the hips and the legs, and that gives us stability. Now from that stable place, start to sit up a little bit taller, and widen across the collar bones, and gently lift the chest. Then bring your hands together
in front of your heart, and we’ll just set an intention for our practice today. So may our intention, may our practice help us to move the
energy through the body so that we have energy for
whatever the day brings, helping us to achieve
whatever comes our way, staying grounded and
connected with the breath. Then add any intention
that you would like, and then let’s release the hands and let your eyes softly blink open, good. Now we’re gonna just move
these pillows off to the side and come on to our backs. Either you’ll extend your legs out and let your feet flop
open if that’s comfortable, but if it bothers your lower back, then take your knees and, or take your feet to the
floor and bend your knees, and that’ll keep the lower
back more comfortable. Now we’re just gonna do a little bit of breathing here, ’cause that’s really the important part of our yoga practice is making sure that we stay
connected with our breath. In this kind of yoga, this is the Vinyasa Flow Yoga, so we do what’s called Ujjayi breathing. So with Ujjayi breathing, there’s a little constriction
in the back of the throat, so we’ll practice this together. So first exhale everything out, and then take a long inhale
through the nose, (inhaling), and now exhale out of your mouth as if you’re fogging a mirror (exhaling). Great, and then again,
inhale through the the nose, (inhaling), exhale, fog
the mirror, (exhaling), and then keep fogging the mirror, but close your mouth (exhaling). Then inhale through the nose, keeping that little constriction in the back of the throat, exhale through the nose as if you’re fogging the mirror but your mouth is closed. So the breathing is in
and out through the nose, but there’s a little bit of constriction. That constriction helps to warm the body from the inside and it also gives us something for our minds to focus on. Good, so just take a
couple long Ujjayi breaths, mm-hm, great. Now from here, just start
to engage your leg muscles and take your feet about hips width apart and point your toes right up to the sky. So flex the ankles, good, great. Now, draw your lower belly in and up, and then as you inhale, reach your arms up and
over in line with your ears and stretch them toward
the back of the space but have your palms
face each other, great. Now, let your shoulder
blades relax a little, and notice if your ribcage popped up when you reached the arms up. See if you can soften your
lower ribs down a little. Yes, good, soften down
just a little, good. Then next inhale, bring the arms back down by your sides,
and exhale here, good. Let’s do that again, inhale, reach the arms up and over, mm-hm. So we’re gonna watch for the ribcage to try not to pop it out, drop back in. Also lengthen the sitting
bones toward the heels so the lower back doesn’t overarch, good. Then bring the arms back
down by your sides, exhaling. Great, now bend your knees, take your feet onto the mat, and walk your heels in so they’re right under the knees, good. Make sure the outer edges
of the feet are parallel, so toes’ll point in just a
little bit toward each other. So the heel is out, yeah, toes in. Now we’re gonna do the same thing, but first, pull your belly in and gently lift your hip bones toward your lower ribs, yes. Then press down into the heels and inhale. Now lift your hips, low back, reach your arms up and
over and stretch, uh-huh, then reach sitting bones toward heels, keep lifting hip bones toward lower ribs, and then exhale, bring the arms back down as you lower down a
vertebra at a time, good. I’m gonna do that again. So as you inhale, you’ll reach up and over with the arms, as you come up lifting hips
and low back, maybe mid back, stretching through the arms but let your shoulder blades relax, yes. Exhale, take the arms down,
and lower vertebra by vertebra. Great, press down into the heels again, inhale, lift, reaching the
arms up and over, mm-hm, good. Sitting bones towards
backs of knees, and exhale, arms back down, and lower, great. Last one, inhale, press
into the heels and lift, stretching out the
whole front of the body, try and spiral the thighs in
toward each other, uh-huh, and then exhale, take the arms back down, and lower, good. Now, hug your knees into your chest, just hug the knees in, good. Rock a little side to side, nice. Now, keep your right knee
hugging into your chest, but extend your left leg straight on to the mat, mm-hm, good. Just give it a little hug. Start to circle your right ankle in one direction, mm-hm, good, and circle it in the
other direction, good. Then, as you inhale, start to extend the right
leg up toward the ceiling, and hold on behind the thigh, or you can hold closer to the ankle, yeah, and try and flex that ankle, uh-huh, and press right up into my hand, good. We’ll keep these toes pointed
up toward the ceiling, good. Let’s go a little bit that way, uh-huh, and breathe here for three breaths. So we’re stretching out the hamstrings. It’s not always the most comfortable thing when they’re a little bit stiff, too. And one, release it, good, so, extend that leg all the
way out onto the mat, and hug your left knee into your chest. Then start to circle your
left ankle in one direction, in little circles, mm-hm, and the other way. – [Woman] This doesn’t
look like breakfast. – Doesn’t look like
breakfast here, does it? Inhale, start to extend the
leg up toward the ceiling. Great, hold on behind the
high or down by the calf, whatever is comfortable, and try to press right
up into my hand, yep. So straightening out the knee as much as you can without it being too uncomfortable, good, mm-hm. Now check in with your breath, see if you can continue that
nice Ujjayi breath, great. With every inhale, maybe extend the leg up a little bit more, with every exhale, release
shoulders, release jaw, mm-hm. One more breath here,
good, and release it. So extend it back out
next to the right leg, and then let’s hug the right
knee again into the chest. This time we’ll hold it
just with the right hand on the shin, mm-hm, and then take your left hand
on top of your left thigh, yes. So the left hand on top of the left thigh is gonna remind that hip
to stay grounded down. As you exhale, start to open
the right leg to the right. So we take it out this way, uh-huh. So now we’ll start to
get into the outer hip, inner thigh a little, as we keep the left hip down, good. Take a few breaths here, remember to relax any tension, especially around the neck
and shoulders, the jaw, good. Take one more long breath here, and then inhale, bring
the leg through center. Now switch hands, so you’ll hold it with your left hand on the shin, and then exhale, bring
it across your body, so you’ll twist. So take it across as much as
what’s comfortable, mm-hm. As you’re taking it over to the side, look over your right shoulder, and as the knee goes over to the left, try and turn your belly
up toward the ceiling, mm-hm, yeah, so the
bottom side of the torso is going one direction, and then above the waist, kind of staying, moving toward the other direction good. Twisting is great for
keeping the spine healthy ’cause after the second decade of life, which I know you guys haven’t reached yet, I haven’t either, but after that, the spine
doesn’t make it’s own fluid, so the only way we can keep it lubricated is we have to move it. Plus these are good for digestion. So it goes, well, I’ll talk
about that on the other side so I don’t keep you too long. Inhale, make your way
back to center, good. Now let’s extend the leg up one more time toward the ceiling, we’ll stretch our the hamstrings again, ’cause I know those
things can get real tight, especially if you sit in chairs a lot. You guys sit in chairs? Editing, yes, so when we sit in chairs, the backs of the legs get very tight and the lower back starts to kind of get a little bit cranky, so these stretches are
very good for this, too. Add one more breath here, excellent, and then release this. So we’ll just extend that leg back out and hug the left knee into the chest, and now we’ll hold it
just with the left hand, and place your right hand on
top of your right thigh, good. Inhale here, exhale, open it to the left, so let’s start to take it out to the side. Yeah, just take it out any
amount so you feel a stretch. You don’t ever have to
go deeply into stretches, it’s not a contest. Did you guys see the trophy as you walked into the
yoga space today, no. – I would have won. – You would have won,
but there’s no trophy because it’s not a contest about who can do it the best. Yoga is really just about your body. – [Antonio] I’m going for second. – You’re going. – I’ll let you know. – Okay, great. Then come back to center as you inhale, and now we’ll switch hands, so you’ll hold it with your right hand and take it across and twist. So as you take the knee
over to the right side, turn to look over the left shoulder, unless it bothers the neck, and then try and turn your belly up toward the ceiling as best you can, good. So with the digestion, the way that things move through the intestine is it goes up the ascending
colon on the right then across the transverse, then down and out the
descending colon on the left. So when you’re twisting, if you twist one way, well,
to the left side first, then that’s the ascending colon, and then you twist the other side, and it moves with digestion pattern. So, that’s why twists are
so good for digestion. Okay, one more breath here, good, and then come back to center, inhale, and exhale one more time. We’ll extend the leg
up toward the ceiling, holding on behind the
thigh or down by the calf. Yep, stretch it out, we’re working on those
hamstrings, good, mm-hm. Add three breaths, and two, and one. Release the leg, and then hug both knees into your chest again, good. I’m gonna show you how to
come to seated very safely. So from this position, roll
to your right side, mm-hm, all the way on to your right side. Now we’re gonna use your
left hands on to the floor to start to press up, but let your head come up last. As you press yourself up kind of like you come up, you walk yourself up, and then you turn to face front. So that way, a lot of
times we’ll do things where we’re not really being mindful and we, just getting up, and that’s when injuries happen, so everything we wanna be mindful. Then let’s come on to hands and knees with wrists under shoulders
and knees under hips, and we’ll still move the
spine a little bit here, so spread out your fingers, press into the base of the fingers – By the way, I can’t do it on my palms. – Oh, okay. That works for you.
– Just so you know I’m not using bad form. – Okay, good, thanks for letting me know. Then as you inhale bring
your chest forward, lift your chin and tailbone up, draw shoulder blades
toward the waist, great. Exhale, round the back, pull your belly in and up, chin come toward chest, good. Again, inhale to come forward. So as you’re arching your lower back, keep a little lift in the belly, yeah, and then exhale, round the
back, chin toward chest, and now pull your ribs
and belly in a lot, good. Again, inhale, come forward,
bring your chest forward, shoulder blades toward
the waist, and exhale, rounding the back, chin
to our chest, good. One more time, inhale forward with the chin and tailbone up, shoulder blades toward the waist, and exhale to round the back, good. Now come to neutral, let’s move your knees in just a tiny bit closer to each other. Then we’re gonna step from here, your right foot forward
between your hands. So, if you want more
padding on your left knee you can put that pillow. The ground isn’t too hard, but if anyone needs more
padding, pad it up, okay. So from here, now we bring
the right foot forward, and then if we need padding, we’ll put it underneath the left knee, and let’s tuck the back toes under. Okay, so here we go. Hands are hip shoulders distance apart, and step the right foot
between the hands, yep, and tuck your back toes under and just rest your hands on top of your right leg. So then if you feel like
this is too much on the knee, then you can always slide
your pillow under, good. So make sure this knee
is over the ankle, okay. So without sinking forward yet, pull your right hip back and start to lift your hip bones up toward your lower ribs. Imagine you have a nice corset. It’s not like a mean corset, but something that’s
pulling you into center. Then reach your arms up, inhale, palms facing each other. Remember how the ribs like to pop out, so draw them back in, and then as you exhale, as you pull the right hip back, you can start to sink forward any amount. The more you sink forward, of course the more you’ll
feel sensation in that leg. So let’s walk this foot up a little bit, maybe to here, actually. So as you sink forward, if your knee starts to go past your ankle, then you’ll want to walk
the foot forward, good. So reaching up nice and tall, and turn these triceps forward, good. Take three longs breaths, mm-hm, great. And two, and then keeping
the same position, take your arms out to a T inhale, exhale, bring your left arm forward and reach your right arm back. The other, the other left, yeah, I always get my left and
right confused by the way. – I’m usually doing the opposite of whatever you do when I’m watching you. – That’s good, whatever works. You know my left and
right, you’ve watched, you know how I struggle. Who knew that was gonna be such a thing. Now, lean your torso forward, so reach, reach, reach
toward the front of your mat, bend your left arm, and
rest it on your leg. Make a fist with your left hand and wrap it with the
right, and twist, good. You got it. So we bring this arm across like a fist, wrap it, and twist, yeah,
you’ve got it, good. So the trick here is to try to twist from above your waist. – [Melissa] The trick is to not fall over. – And to not fall over. Take one more breath here, great, and come back to center, release. Bring your hands down, and come to table. I know, it’s the little things, you’re like, wait, how does that work? All right, then we’ll
step the left foot up. So any way you can get it there, just make sure you step it all the way to where the hands were, and then you can come up and rest, hands on leg. So if I had yoga blocks today, I might have you have your
hands on the yoga blocks, that’s another way to do it, but since we don’t, we’ll do this. If you tuck your back toes under, sometimes it feels more stable for some, and then back out of the pose a little, lift your hip bones
towards your lower ribs, put on your imaginary friendly corset, and then inhale, reach up, with palms facing each other, great. So the triceps will spin forward and that’s good for the shoulders to keep ’em safe. Exhale, start to sink in
any amount, yes, good. Now make sure as you’re sinking in that you can still keep
a nice, steady breath. If you lose your breath, you might be going too deep, good. Take another breath here, and then inhale, bring
the arms out to a T, exhale right arm forward,
left arm back, yes, good. Keep pressing into the front heel, mm-hm, stretch out through the arms as if you’re trying to reach
both sides of the room, good. So right now, it’s not so difficult to keep the hips level. It’s a little bit challenging, but in a moment, we’re gonna
make that more challenging. So best you can, you’re
dropping left hip down, pinning right hip in, and maybe pulling the left hip back, but you guys look good. Then lean your torso forward over the leg, reach, reach, reach. Make a fist with your right hand, bring it across, and then
wrap it with the left, yeah. As you inhale, try and lengthen
through the spine, mm-hm, as you exhale, try and twist, but from above the waist. So the hips wanna go, they’re like, “Hey, we wanna twist, too,” but really, we want to
twist from above the waist because the lower back, the lumbar spine only has a little bit of rotation. Relax the shoulders a little, and breathe for three, and two, and one, make your way back to center, and then back to table, good. Now, Melissa, do you do
Down Dog like this, too, with your wrists out,
– Yeah. – It doesn’t hurt them? – [Melissa] Yeah, that’s how I figured out I don’t hurt my left wrist. – Okay, if it works. So spread the fingers out here, and then walk your hands about a hand print in front
of where they just were, good. Now start to turn your
inner elbows forward toward the front of the mat. Press a little extra
weight into the thumb, first finger side of the hands, and then tuck the toes
and lift up and back, and keep your knees
bent for this one, good. So go ahead and bend the knees even more, and try to stick your
hips way up into the air so that you’re stretching out the back. Sure, that’s okay here. Have you ever tried it like this. – I have. – You don’t like it as much, with the rings get in the way, too. – That too, but yeah, it
doesn’t feel as stable. – Okay, good, take one more breath here, and let’s come on to the knees and take the hips all the
way back to the heels, this is Child’s pose, yay. So if your head rests on
the mat, you can let it, if it doesn’t, no worries. You can even rest your head on your hands. Good, okay, we’re gonna do the same thing. So reach your arms forward, stretch ’em out so they’re straight, spread your fingers out, start to press in to
the base of the fingers, and then come up on to the knees, gently turn the inner elbows forward, press more into the thumb, first finger side of the hand, and then tuck the toes back in to downward facing dog. On this time, you can
start to bicycle the legs. So bend one knee, and then the other so they start to stretch out a little, good, yes, mm-hm. Make sure the outer edges
of your feet are parallel, start to stretch back in your Down Dog, and now pull your ribs in, belly in, yes. Remember this forever. – [Melissa] Yes. – As you inhale, come forward into plank, top of a push-up, yup, so all the way forward. Try to get your hips and
shoulders about in the same line. Take a breath in, knees down, shift forward, hug the elbows in, exhale to the floor. Bring your hands by your low ribs, press all 10 toenails down. Inhale, peel the chest
up for a little Cobra, draw your shoulder
blades toward the waist. Then as you exhale, tuck your toes, come back to your knees, and lift back in to Down Dog. So we do Down Dog a lot because it helps to stretch out the spine. So all day long we’re
sitting, we’re standing, we’re walking, maybe running. All of that compresses the
vertebra, or vertebrae. Take one more breath in. Exhale everything out. Now look up to your hands. You’re gonna start to walk
the feet toward the hands. You can even walk the
hands back to the feet, as many steps as you like, then bring your hands,
once you get up there, to your shins. Look up and lengthen
your spine a lot, yup. Now keep that length and
fold forward any amount. Now press through the feet, and with a really long spine, come all the way up. So halfway up, long spine, sweep the arms out, around, and up, pausing here at the top, making sure the ribs draw in, and then exhale, bring the arms down. So it’s important when
we’re forward folding that we hinge from the hip creases. So you really have to kind
of stick your buns out a little bit to go forward, and the hip hinge is
not easy for everybody, and unfortunately, Antonio, for men, it’s a little bit harder, just the way that the pelvises are made between male and female. But if you think about, so
put your hands right here where your hip creases
are, a little bit lower, so right about, yeah, right at the top of the thighs, and then just poke there, and see if from this place, you can stick your buns back and start to come, yes, and then you can reach your arms down toward the floor, they don’t have to touch, good. Then inhale, hands to shins, look up, and exhale, fold, and inhale, again, halfway up with a nice long spine, and then sweep the arms out around, come all the way up and exhale, bring the hands down, good. So come to the front of your mat. We’re gonna stand in Tadasana either with feet together or hip socket distance apart, so a little bit closer unless it doesn’t feel stable for you. Generally speaking, most people walk and stand with the feet turned out, and it’s, you know, we’re
not paying attention, this is just how we do it. Very few do it this
way, but it does happen, but it’s very important to keep the outer edges
of the feet parallel because if we’re turning them out, we’re externally rotating the leg when we actually rotate the thigh coming around toward the back, it affects the lower back and compresses and tightens there. So over time, if we’re
always walking like this, we’re tightening our lower back. So now you know, when you’re standing, when you’re walking, feet parallel, and the outer edges of the feet parallel. If I have my feet parallel, my toes are a little bit out, they might look parallel. So for the outer edges of
the feet to be parallel, I need to bring my big
toes in just a little so that the pinky toe side of the foot is parallel to the outside of the mat, does that make sense? Okay, start to press evenly
down through the feet, and firm the leg muscles,
pull in the belly and lift the chest, good. Then inhale, sweep the arms up, and then exhale, remember from that place, we’re gonna hinge from the hips and fold forward, all the way down, good. Then inhale, hands to
shins, come halfway up. As you exhale, bend the
knees, plant your palms, and step one foot back and the other to the top of a push-up to plank, yep, there you go. Take an inhale here. So knees can be up or down, and exhale, we’ll lower to the belly, yep. Then slide the hands by
the low ribs again, uh-huh, inhale for cobra. Now, if your back is okay with it, you can come up higher, and then maybe press the
thighs off the floor, shoulders above the wrists, great, and then you can set
’em back down a moment, tuck the toes, lift up
and back to Down Dog, and that is a Sun Salutation. Good, so we’ll spread out the fingers, press into the base of the
fingers for three breaths, keep stretching back, good, and two, and. – [Melissa] I do have to remember that the rest of my life. – I know, one more long breath in, exhale everything out, bend the knees, look up past the fingers, and lightly step your
feet toward your hands. Then inhale, bring your
hands to your shins, and come halfway up, lengthen, and then exhale, fold
over the legs any amount, bend the knees as much as you need to. Press through the feet, inhale, come up with a nice long
spine, look up, lengthen, and exhale, my hands down, excellent. Let’s do some standing poses. Let’s turn and face the window, and step your feet out nice and wide. Probably wider that you think. So if you were to reach
your fingertips down, they would touch your ankles, good. And now let’s turn the
right leg all the way out and bring the back toes in a little, yeah back toe is, yup. So if you were to draw a line, your front heel would line up with your back arch. Then inhale here, exhale, sort of bend your right
knee over the ankle, good. Now, with your right hand, take it to the inner thigh and brush it to the inner knee, hi, and then make sure that that knee is right over your middle toes. Now, sweep your hand behind you to the top of your right hip and draw it under you, good. At the same time, with your left hand, take it to your back inner thigh and lift it up, and press
that thigh back, good. Zipping through the belly, and then return your arms out,
ah, gorgeous, so nice, yes. So this knee will move
toward the little toe side of the foot to
keep it safe, good job. Then, let’s reverse. We’ll drop the left arm, reverse, exhale, bend into the right knee, keep reversing but straighten the leg. Inhale, exhale here, and then come on up. Both legs are straight now. We’re gonna take Triangle pose. From here, we’re gonna hinge again from that hip crease but sideways. So hinging from that hip crease, start to reach, reach, reach out as far as you can. When you can’t anymore, take the hand down wherever it falls, and then stretch up
through the top arm, good. Ah, it’s okay, you’ve got this. Press into the big toe
mound of your right foot, press the calf toward
the shin, yes, mm-hm. Now, see if you can bring
your bottom ribs forward, top ribs back, uh-huh. If your neck is okay with it, you’ll extend the crown
of the head forward and then look up toward your top hand. If that doesn’t work for
your neck, no worries, good. Take one more breath here, mm-hm. Now, look down at your front foot, and as if someone’s pulling
you from the top arm, inhale to come up, good. Release the arms a moment,
we’ll give ’em a break, and bring your feet to parallel, and then we’ll do the other leg. Left leg, from the hip all the way out, back toes in a little,
yes, anyway you like. Line up your front heel
with your back arch, good. Then inhale, we’ll take
the arms up, (inhaling), exhale, bend the knee
over the ankle, good. Let’s do maybe just a little
bit longer stance, yep. So the deeper you go, you just wanna make sure that the foot stays under the knee, yep. Then with your left hands, let’s brush from the inner thigh to the inner knee. So we’re moving this knee toward the little toe side of the foot ’cause it wants to go this way and we don’t want it to. Then we’ll wrap it around
to the top of the hip and draw that front hip under you, good. Now, with the other hand,
we’ll take the inner thigh, lift it up, bring it in
front, press it back, yep. Zipping in the belly,
shoulders above hips, and re-add your arms. So the gaze, a lot, all of our yoga poses have a gazing point or a drishti, it’s over the front finger tips. Press that leg back, yes, really good. Then I’m just gonna have you lean your shoulders back a little, but do everything the
same, below the waist, yes, then we bend, you got it. Then holding here with the knee, let’s drop the right arm, reverse, exhale, bend into the front knee, and then inhale, let’s straighten it. Stay for the exhale, and come on up, inhale,
then Triangle pose. So again, both legs will be straight. We’re gonna hinge from
this hip crease here. So straighten the front leg and then lean, lean, lean, lean, lean. When you can’t lean anymore, take the hand down wherever it lands, stretching out through the top arm. Press down into the big
toe mound of the left foot, press calve to shin. So what you’re gonna do, yeah, you’ll keep just a
little bit of softness, but I want you to work
on the muscles, yeah. So it’s almost like you’re
taking your leg to straight, and then, like, I’m gonna bend my leg but I’m not gonna let it bend, and you kind of fight
with yourself a little to get those muscles to engage, yep. Crown of the head reaching forward, looking toward the top hand if it’s okay with the neck, and then bottom ribs
forward top ribs back. One more breath, and now
looking down to the foot as if someone’s pulling you up. Inhale, come on up, great. Now we’ll bring the feet to parallel. Point your toes in just a
little bit toward each other. Yep, bring your hands to the hips. Inhale, open the chest
and look up from the legs, exhale, hinge from the hips, so those hip creases
going back from there, and take fingertips down, mm-hm, good. Then, inhale, come halfway up, lengthen the spine. Let’s put this right here so you have something to rest ’em on. Now keep your right hand
where it is on the grounds, and lift your left arm and twist. There you go. So as you inhale, create
length for the spine, as you exhale, remember,
from above the waist see if you can twist. So you’ll need to lift
your right hip up a little and drop your left hip down usually. Then shift the weight toward
the balls of the feet, very carefully, so hips are
directly over the heels. Take one more breath, (inhaling), and then bring it back down, exhale. Keep the spine really long, inhale, left hand stay down and right arms lifts to twist the other way. So remember, we’re gonna
keep our hips level, good job Melissa, good, and then shift the weight toward the balls of
the feet just slightly. Here, let me do it like this so you won’t fall, there, mm-hm. Take another long breath. Then bring it back down. Inhale, halfway up, lengthen, exhale, hands to hips. Inhale all the way up, and either step your feet or you can inhale arms up, hold the breath and hop or
step, either way, yes, good. Then come back to the front of the mat, back to Tadasana. Okay, so we’re right at
the front of the mats. We’ll find our Tadasana, remembering that the feet are parallel, either together or hip’s distance apart. From the legs lift the
belly, lift the chest. Inhale, sweep the arms up, and exhale, folding forward, hinging at the hip creases. Inhale, look up to lengthen. As you exhale, bend the knees, plant the palms and come
to plank pose, good. Knees up or down, we’re gonna lower again to the belly, hugging elbows in. This time, reach your arms forward in line with your ears, good. So as you inhale, lift your
right arm and left leg. Yep, right arm, left leg, good. So as you’re lifting up, press down on the arm and the leg that is on the floor, and pull your ribs and belly in, and maybe lift up a little bit higher from the that place of stability. One more breath, let shoulder
blades relax a little, good, and then release it down. Keep the belly pulled away from the mat, inhale right leg, left arm, uh-huh. As you lift your leg, yeah, you got it, drop your outer right hip down, so as you’re lifting the leg from the inner thigh, good. One more breath. Keep pressing down on the arm and leg that’s on the floor. Lift up just one more breath
and set it down, nice. Now, slide your hands next to your body, so the arms are straight, and then pull the belly away from the mat, lift your shoulder heads away, mm-hm. Then inhale, lift the chest
and add the legs, good. Reach your fingertips toward the heels, pull your belly away from the mat, lift your inner thighs
up toward the ceiling and breathe into the chest, good. One more breath, and then release. You can take one ear down or you can rest your forehead down, great. Come back to your steady breathing, mm-hm. Then we’ll do this one more time. So reaching the arms again
by your sides, uh-huh, pull your belly away from the floor. Inhale, lift the shoulder
heads away from the floor, widen the chest and add the legs, good. Keep the back of the neck long, good. Keep breathing here for three, and two, and one, release it down. Take the other ear down
or the forehead, good. Then slide the hands
again by the low ribs, elbows straight up. Inhale for Cobra or if you
want to come up higher, your thighs and knees off the floor, then tuck your toes, one more time to Down Dog (exhaling). Good, stretch out your
spine one last Down Dog. Now bring your knees
down into Child’s pose. Extend the arms forward or you can make fists with your hands and rest your head on your hands if that’s more comfortable. Knees can be as wide as you like. If you have a blanket, a folded blanket, you can also put it behind your knees to give you a little
more support, good, nice. And from here, just bring yourself up on to the knees and then take your hips off
to the right side of your mat so you can swing your legs
around to the front, good. Then we’ll grab this pillow or a folded blanket,
whatever you have handy. Oh, Melissa can’t even reach her pillow, it got so far away. Just sit right on the edge of it, mm-hm, there you go, good. Bringing your hands just
right next to your hips, extend the legs, pull the toes back so that you’re flexing your ankles. You can just rest your hands right here next to your hips. Doesn’t seem like much at first, but see if you can, from
this nice, stable place of the hips and sitting bones down, lift up out of the waist, roll the shoulders back,
lift the chest, yes. Pulling in the belly. So if you could sit here in this position for say 15, 20 minutes, you would know that your
spine was very strong. It’s not, it looks a
lot easier than it is. All right, so we won’t make
you stay for 20 minutes but I’m just saying. We’re gonna bend the right knee and put the right sole of the foot toward the inner left thigh, good. Keep pointing these toes up to the ceiling and then reach both arms up, inhale, turn a little toward the straight leg. Hinging from the hip creases
again, you’ll come forward. You can hold the leg anywhere you like, and lengthen from your chest. So instead of thinking head down to knee, think belly to thigh, yes. Just go as far as you need to go to feel a stretch. ‘Cause if you feel a stretch, then the blood is moving in, circulation, and it’s all good. One more breath here, and
then inhale with the head, exhale, let it go. With this same leg we’re just gonna put the sole
of the foot on the floor now. Bring your right hand behind your back, either on the pillow or on the floor, and then reach your left arm
up on your inhale, (exhaling), exhale, we’re gonna bring it across. Either hug the leg or
if you can get the elbow to the outside of the knee, then you can do it that way, either way is good. Now, as you inhale, try and
lengthen up through the spine, good, and then as you exhale, see if you can twist in
maybe a little bit deeper, but never forcing. So the breath move us
deeper into postures, it’s never sheer will or strength. Take one more breath here, (inhaling), and then inhale, bring the head to center, exhale, unwind, and
straighten the right leg. Then we’ll take the left leg first, sole of the foot to the inner right thigh. So if your knee is way up, I forgot to mention on the other side, you can always put a block or a blanket underneath that leg to support it, or if you have knee issues. Then reach up nice and tall, inhale, keep pulling these toes back, turn toward the straight leg, hinging from the hips as you come forward. So inhale, create length
through the spine. So we’re trying to avoid rounding the back ’cause we do that a lot anyway, don’t we? We’re like on our phones or we’re driving, or we’re on our computers and we round. So we want to try to lead with the chest. Yes, that’s better, uh-huh. You just hold it anywhere. As long as you feel a
stretch, you’re good, good. We keep the toes pulling back so that we keep the leg muscles firm, ’cause if we’re stretching
without stability, then that’s not so good for us. Take another long breath here, and then inhale, head up, exhale, and release it. With the same leg, we’ll put
the left foot on the floor. Bring your left arm behind your back, reach your right arm up as you inhale, and then as you exhale, bring it across or hug
the leg, either way. Remember, as you inhale, sitting up nice and tall,
lengthening through the spine, and then as you exhale, maybe twisting in a little bit deeper. Good, you’re remembering to
keep the right toes pointed, very good, very advanced. – [Melissa] It is such a release. – Yes, good. Take another breath here, and then bring your head
around to center, inhale, and release. Then we’ll come off of our pillow and just slide it to the back of your mat ’cause you might want to rest
your head on it in a moment. Yep, so with your hands here, we’re just gonna roll
ourselves down onto the mats, and then bring your right ankle just past your left knee
and flex that ankle. Yep, both knees bent, mm-hm, and then draw the legs in, hold on behind the left thigh or hold on to the shin. Now, if that doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to draw the legs in. Yep, in fact, might as well
use it while it’s here, lift up, that’ll be better,
and then relax, yeah, good. Flexing the ankles will
protect the knees, good. Take three breaths here, so this one stretches
out the hip a little bit. Take two more nice long breaths. Good, and let’s release that. Now we’ll bring the left ankle
just past the right knee, flex that ankle and draw the legs in. If you can, you can also stay here, or hold on behind the right thigh or hold to the shin. As you’re drawing the legs in, try and keep the left hip moving toward the front
of the mat, there, good. Flex that a little bit more, yes. Yeah, take nice long breaths
as you stretch out the hip. Take two long breaths. Slowly release, then hug
both knees into your chest and just rock a little
here side to side, mm-hm. Now I’ll extend the legs all the way out and let the feet flop open and bring your arms by your sides with your palms facing up, arms a little bit away from the body. This is our final resting pose, this is Shavasana, this
is where we just relax. For some, this is so
great and not difficult, for others, it’s hard to just relax. So do your best, depending on how it is, and I’m just gonna give you a little, little Shavasana adjustments. Right where you are, take a
long breath in, (inhaling), as you exhale, just make little movements in your fingers and your toes, and then circle your hands and your feet, your ankles and wrists. Then inhale, stretch your arms overhead, one long stretch. Good, and then bringing the arms back down by your sides, bend your knees, taking
your feet onto the mat, and then roll off to your right side and pause there a moment. So take this opportunity to thank yourself for getting up early and
taking your practice, keeping your body and
your mind and your spirit strong and flexible. Then remember, using the
left hand to come up, so your head comes up last, and we come up safely. Then a comfortable seat, and just close your eyes a moment, let your hands rest on your legs. I always like to end with a quote, and today I have a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. He said, “If you can’t fly, then run. “if you can’t run, then walk. “If you can’t walk, then crawl, “but by all means, keep moving.” Let’s put your hands together
in front of the heart, hands to the forehead to remind us to have
clear and loving thoughts, our hands to the heart center to remind us to have clear
and loving intentions, and our hands to the mouth to remind us to have clear
and loving communications. Sending out this energy, this wonderful energy
we created this morning to all beings everywhere. Namaste means the light in me recognizes and honors
the light in me, namaste. – [Melissa and Antonio] Namaste. – Good work. Great job yogi. It feels good when you give
yourself a little love, right? I want you to continue your yoga journey because you deserve to feel good. That’s why I’ve created a 30 day Yoga For Beginners program. I put a link below, and I’d love to see you there tomorrow.