10 Min Cooling and Calming Yoga Routine | Yoga to Calm Down | ChriskaYoga

Hi, I’m Christina and welcome to ChriskaYoga! Today I will be sharing today I will be sharing a cooling and calming yoga routine if you’re feeling warm, or Overheated this is a great thing to do to come the body down and cool off I hope you enjoy it before we get started. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and hit the notification belt So you do not miss out on my free weekly yoga videos So if you’re ready grab your yoga mat and let’s get started begin by sitting on the ground in baddha. Konasana Also known as bound angle pose bringing your feet together and knees out to the side Hold on to your feet or your ankles sit up tall for a moment. Close your eyes Inhale lengthen the spine Exhale come to a forward fold If you would like a deeper hip stretch at this time Bring your elbows to your knees and gently press them down towards the floor as you fold forward Hold here and breathe Slowly make your way up to a seated position And stretch your legs out to the side knees and toes are facing at the ceiling take an inhale lengthen the spine exhale Forward fold reach your arms forward looking down keep as much length in your spine as you can and hold here So we come up out of your forward fold to bring your legs stretched out in front of you flexing your feet Once again, inhale lengthen your spine exhale Fold forward holding onto your shins your ankles or your feet wherever you can reach today is totally fine Keeping as much length in your spine as you can looking down hold here Slowly come up out of the forward fold come to your hands and your knees and roll come into a child’s pose a Wide legged Child’s Pose for this one stretch your arms out in front of you bring your forehead to the floor Hold here Remaining in your child’s pose walk your whole torso over to the right Stretching your arms out on the diagonal cold here feeling a stretch in the left side of your upper body Walk your torso over to the left this time keeping your legs and hips where they are Stretching the right side of your upper body and hold here Lock yourself back to the center and then make your way up Coming to lying on your back hug your legs in towards your chest bending your knees Holding on to the shins and flexing your feet hold here Take both of your legs Bring them over to the left twist your upper body to the right Reach your right arm out to the side or bend it up as I am doing here Looking over to the right hold here in your twist Come back through the center and switch sides bringing your legs over to the right Holding on to your legs with your right hand reach your left arm out to the left looking over to the left Either bending your left arm or keeping it straight Hold here And slowly and gently come back to the center and we will take our final pose and bound angle pose once again Except in a supine bound angle pose. So you are lying down Bring your feet to meet each other and your knees out to the side Take a pause and grab some yoga blocks or pillows or folded blanket if you need some support underneath your knees try it out to see what works best for you can place your hands Either on the ground beside you with your palms facing up or down Or you can place them as I’m doing here on my abdomen Whatever is comfortable for you. Once again, find what works best for your own body Once you’re settled relax here close your eyes deepen your breathing coming inward Focusing on the inhales and the exhales and we’re going to hold here Bring some gentle motion back into your limbs and carefully when you’re ready use your hands to help your legs back in towards each other and roll to the right side of your body Resting on your right side with your legs bent and your arm under your head for support Gently press yourself up to a seated cross-legged position Crossing your shins flexing your feet hands to your legs and sit up tall Bring your hands to meet at the center of your chest bow your head to your fingertips Namaste, thank you so much for watching. I really hope you enjoyed this class if you liked it hit the thumbs up Leave me a comment letting me know how it went for you also Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for free weekly yoga videos for me Thank you so much again for watching and I will see you next time