100% कारगर क्रियाएं चेहरे की झुर्रियों से निजात | Celebrating Yoga Ft Dr Pooja & Expert Sonali

Hi everyone today we will introduce Yoga expert Mrs Sonali bhambri From many years she has been District park and many yoga centres Taught yoga to people And inspired them to Lead a good life. Hi Sonali Namaste, I am Sonali I am a yoga and wellness coach In today’s episode we will cover facial yoga Asanas which will Help get rid of wrinkles Make our skin more healthy And more shiny On our face basically Wrinkles are due to 2 reasons 1 due to our age Second due to continuous stress Completely affects our face Due to these reasons Our face muscles loosen Cause wrinkles Its sorry that we spend Thousands of money On face cosmetic surgery But we’re naive that only 5 minutes We can allocate to own face We can be rid of wrinkles