2 Minute Yoga

It’s helpful to put one arm down – I’m
going to put my left arm down. And then you take the right arm out to the side and you – as you inhale – you bring it forward and across and up and then as you exhale you turn and open to the side and bring it back down so it’s a big
kind of arm circle. So you inhale forward and up and you exhale back and down I’ll do that again. Inhale and really reach. and exhale down. One more time. Inhale. And just make it big. Yeah. And exhale down. Nice. And then we’ll do the
other side. So you put your right arm down. If you can like rest it on
something that can be helpful sometimes just to bring some relaxation. And then
the other arm – it’s my left arm – you inhale it across and forward and reach it up alongside your ear and then exhale and make a big twist behind you and bring
it all the way back down yeah And then inhale and exhale. Good. And inhale. And exhale. One more time. Inhale and exhale. Good. Let’s actually go one more time. Inhale. And exhale. Yeah nice. As you inhale, you would raise the arms up and as your exhale you’d lower the
arms down . I will do it again so inhale exhale. Let’s do two more times inhale and exhale And last time really sync the rhythm of the breath with a movement so that they’re coordinated. Yeah. Nice! And you can notice just doing something pretty simple like that it’s already kind of settles things a little bit. I think it’s the act of intentionally breathing and moving together it creates some union. It
creates some yoga. And somehow it’s really calming for the mind.