24 Hours With Jaguars’ Owner Shahid Khan: NFL Protests, Trump, Yachts & Yoga | Sports Illustrated

You’re a fan about the ultimate thing you can do is own a franchise I don’t want to come and make a small fortune by spending a large fortune. There’s been a huge amount And that will be in the future, but it’s something that be sustained Which oh he’s been the one had the front singing Yes, sir everybody up Hopes were today you want to get stretch you want to get the breathing going you want to limber up And most importantly you want a Saturday yourself it starts with early sunset gratitude being grateful for Obviously the life God’s given you and you know what a great many You hear the cranes going the pumping the noise the honking Most of my life I’ve spent stamping presses going up and for trucks running parts moving clanging That’s what real life is and to be able to really function at your best with that Your time isn’t this is I mean This is a great environment you work out and you relax after that that’s absolutely vital part You want everyday life to be utopia This is also chocolate cherry maple syrup and apple cinnamon I feel a great School doesn’t every time I look at it Those are right off the headlamps our Ford f-150, okay, let’s go English football is very tribal. You don’t want to be able to defend The NFL fans the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars have indeed fallen calm with us in the studio We want to get promoted and have a strategy where we want to stay there for the long Hey, I’m not gonna support the Jags because you know it’s associated with Millwall Right Dear Mike though yeah It’s okay let’s go, baby ma come on. Oh nice clothes the point with some heart and purpose if you’re not anxious You know you’re not stressed. You don’t have any veins, and you’re I mean you don’t have any blood in the veins Oh geez Jill it’s the epitome of human emotion Thank you very much Can we played well it not to have a goal is just I mean we should be up to – nothing right now Now you’ve got a picture oh It is go oh no that is the Heartbreakers We shake your leadership Last five minutes every single so yeah your team puts moto Wembley my team played here Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners When somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now out he’s fired He’s fired The essence of America is Freedom to express yourself if somebody does that by you know kneeling god bless? I mean, it’s not something I would do but that’d be a personal choice There shouldn’t be any any way to punish it you know ostracize In any how am I compelled man if our players are? You know getting together Developing consensus as to what they want to do obviously we’ll find out what it is and support I got your back. I got your back. I got your back. I know your game effects. I got your back You know I supported from for the election, and I was obviously really disappointed how things turned out I Love the economic policies and I thought Politicians do a lot of stuff to get elected people the way you govern this country is By pretty much being in the middle. I fully expect him here me too in a move to the middle But I was just appalled that right after his inauguration You know being more divisive and really being more polarizing on religion on immigration You’re standing together as a team and we want obviously you know Doug wanted to be there as head coach – and all the other Group together now Here we go guys. Let’s take a knee everybody Here we go our Father Who art in heaven? Hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth isn’t it you know with our owner with the captain’s with everyone Okay, and it just go through the same thing together all right. We can make things happen And I tells you whatever we’re doing is work More fans there get the energy give our players to support where It’s an emotional game that can come out, and they will get that 12th, man It’s unity it’s togetherness and to respect the diversity. That’s the most important thing whether you? Near you standing up straight. It’s respect that person and respect the diversity Whatever the color of your skin is your religion is The u.s.. Came as an immigrant whatever Respected and collectively you can achieve great things today was a good effect