3 Exercises to Increase Kicking Power

hey what’s going on guys Shane here
today we’re going to go over three exercises to increase your kicking power. So as most you know
I met up with KwonKicker recently. He came up and we filmed a match where we pretty much just beat each other up, we worked out together and then we from
the bunch of tutorial videos for you guys make sure you stay tune in the end this
video we’re going to be giving you free sneak peek at one of the sweeps that we did in the film. One of the kicks that i took Kwonkicker out with we’re gonna teach you how to do that at
the end but first let’s go over those three exercises get that kicking power up! the alright let’s get it on the first
exercise it’s a plyometric movement: a jump squat.
when you’re doing jump squats before you add any weight to it, when you make sure forms correct making
sure that your back is straight making sure that you sit your butt all
the way down when you come down past the 90 degree bend when people say to keep your back
straight when you’re doing a squat, they don’t mean straight like this
perpendicular to the ceiling you can lean over but you just don’t
want to bent you know when a hunchback like this okay so what mean kwon are
doing in this video here Kwonkickers got a 25-pound weight vest on as he’s doing
his jump squats and I’m holding a straight bar which is
in 10lbs. plates on your side so I got 65 pounds He’s moving a little bit quicker than
me I gotta be more controlled a little more careful obviously when you have a lot of weight
coming down on you like that you have to make sure your forms correct and your
landing soft. Don’t slam down on your heels I it’s going to
be too much pressure on your joints on your knees okay modification for this
if you don’t have a straight bar you don’t have a weighted vest get a
school bag filled up with some heavy textbooks and make sure it’s strapped on tight you
don’t want it loose okay gonna go into our next exercise now which are Playometric leg extensions okay very
similar to a roundhouse kicking in seeing even when I’m doing this this motion here this exercise it looks
like I’m extending my leg for a roundhouse kick and that
ultimately is what we’re doing. We want to work those fast-twitch muscle fibers wanna work that same exact muscles that
we use in a kick and this is how we’re going to get
stronger kicks so we’re gonna do I have seventy pounds right here I have one leg working so just
violently extending my leg, keeping my core tight, and I want that bar that I’m that I’m
launching the weight up to literally come off my shin and then I’ll
catch it and come back down and then you’re right back into another
one modification to the playometric leg extensions we came up with knee-to-feet jumps. okay so starting on your knees you’re
gonna violently extend your hips forward quickly pull those steps forward
use your arms to swing up get some momentum and you’re gonna pull using your lower
abs and your legs to shoot up landing and an isometric
squat okay nice and deep, okay? You’re gonna hold for a split second on the squat and then you’re just gonna easily step
back with want any other foot back turn a and repeat. 3rd exercised is hitting a
heavy bag! kicking a heavy bag with power kicks. Me and Kwonkicker just teamed up on one bag and and beat the
hell out of it best way to work your kicks by kicking okay so focusing on power turning your hips into a lot of it has
to do with hips. Making sure your form’s correct obviously getting a lot of momentum a lot a twist
in the hips pivoting on the grounded foot. The one
that’s on the ground and non kicking leg has to really turn watch both your feet
the turn almost 180 degrees behind us when we throw our kick. make contact with the shin
modification if you don’t have a heavy bag is kinda tough but I’m just gonna
recommend shadow boxing. Throwing full kicks now you don’t wanna
stop here you want that momentum to be continuous you want teach your body, teach your mind and your muscle
to kick all the way through, to chop your
opponent in half. Alright, so these are some of the best exercise you can do to get you’re kicking power up all plyometric okay want to work the fast-twitch muscle fibers because when you throw a kick, its
explosive it’s quick it’s hard so you want your training when your
practice to, to emulate that to be very similar to that
okay so playometric movements, explosive movements. ALRIGHT, heres that sneak peek I
promised you this is a set up, this is a Muay Thai sweep, here. After you’ve caught someones kick check this out welcome to the Muay Thai class. I’m Shane Fazen, we’ve got a special guest Kwonkicker here.
We’re going to be showing you a way to sweep someone after you caught
their round kick. I’m gonna step out, move with it Okay we taught you how to catch, you’re gonna hike that leg up high. There’s 3 things I want you to do: So in full it’s gonna look like this: So that is how you sweep someone after you’ve caught their kick. Cool so for more videos like that that you’re gonna find them at my fight
gym. this is just a quick example what we
have to offer. Got more stuff kwonkicker teaching and speaking of
kwonkicker I was featured in his latest videos so make sure you check them out in this link below right here show him support he was awesome great
guest taught me a lot of stuff about kicks,
about Taekwondo just awesome awesome stuff great guy class
act and very knowledgeable alright guys, until next time: I’m Shane.
Fight Tips. BAAAAAH!