30 Minute Yin Yoga (Relax and Stretch) Day 21 Yoga Fix 90  | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

30 Minute Yin Yoga (Relax and Stretch) Day 21 Yoga Fix 90 | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

Hi, It’s Lesley Fightmaster and welcome to your nice Sunday, or I guess it might not be Sunday, but let’s say your nice restorative practice. You’ve worked hard all week. So now we get to relax a little so take a nice comfortable seat maybe sitting on the edge of a blanket and I have available a couple of blankets and a bolster and a couple of blocks so if you have any of those get them or grab a bunch of pillows You can have your palms down to feel grounded. Or maybe your palms facing up to feel open to receive. Take a moment to check in with your body. It might have been a lot of work this week for you so see how your body is feeling. And then set an intention for your practice today. Coming into our first pose We’re going to take a baddha konasana pose So soles of the feet are together. The knees are apart. I’m putting a blanket on top of me. I’m sorry, under so I can rest on. and a block under each leg. and then just folding forward. and then once you have folded yourself forward Take a moment to get real comfortable in the pose. So maybe you need an extra blanket or maybe you need another pillow. maybe you need to turn your head to on one side as I needed to do And you just gotta let your arms hang down to the floor or whatever will feel nice. As you’re here, just gentle comfortable breathe and today instead of reading quotes throughout the whole practice I’ve had a couple comments that people would prefer some quietness Today, I’m going to get you into the poses and then I am going to be quiet I will of course have a quote at the end. Resting here. If you’d like to come in a little bit deeper maybe remove your blocks off to one side maybe if you had your head turned to one side just turn to the other side. Now just relax. Slide your hands underneath your shoulders. and slowly press yourself up Let’s move those props out of the way Just lean back and have your knees a little bit wide and just gently rock your knees from side to side. I call this windshield wipers to kind of move the body in between our poses. We’ll take the right leg in. Kind of like we just did in baddha konasana pose and the left leg out to the side. I have a blanket underneath my left knee because y left knee has a tendency to go past straight to hyperextension. so put a bolster on top of the left leg and just fold right over that leg and relax If you have some nice music you enjoy, you can play that softly in the background. Begin to slide your hands back so that you can bring yourself up to seated. And then we’ll switch sides. Bend your left knee. Left sole of the foot toward the groin and extend your right leg out to the right side. I’m putting that blanket underneath the right knee if you want a little extra support. and a bolster or a bunch of blankets on top of the leg. And then just fold over that leg. We’re in each of our poses for approximately 1 to 3 minutes. So as you come in to the pose it might take a little bit of time to work out any figiting. Once you’ve gotten that taken care of and you can relax, then just let go Resting now I’ll be back. Slowly pressing yourself back up. Move your props out of the way. Sit back and move your knees from side to side. The legs are wide. moving back and forth like windshield wipers. From here, we’re going to make our way into a child’s pose. Take a couple blankets or pillows and have them underneath your chest kind in between the thighs. If you have any knee issues, take a blanket and put them on your calves on the backs of your thighs. That’ll help the knees to relax. You can take one ear down or you can have your chin down whatever is most comfortable I am taking one ear down and then I’ll let you know when it’s time to switch. We’re going going to be here about a minute. Already time to switch to the other ear down if you are on an ear Make your way back up We’re going to come on to our bellies I like a blanket underneath the pelvis just give give a little padding there. You’re welcome to use one or not into sphinx pose. The forearms are down. Elbows are right underneath the shoulders. I have my eyes closed because I am feeling relaxed. It’s up to you. Try to keep nice and soft through the body. If you have any discomfort through your lower back instead of being up on the forearms come down lower. Take your hands next to your ribs. for cobra pose. Enjoy. Slide your hands back underneath your shoulders. Just come right back into a child’s pose. Either one ear down, or your chin, or your forehead. Whatever is most comfortable. Just for about a minute. Sliding the hands back again. Come on up out of your child’s pose. Fold your blanket in half or get a pillow to sit on the edge of. Extending the legs forward. You’re going to take the right leg over the left. The knee points forward. My left leg is forward and I have the blanket underneath the knee. Just to make sure that the knee stays comfortable and soft folding forward. You can rest a chin or an ear down. Allow everything to just become jello. Really just allow yourself to surrender. This is a little hip opening here. Making your way back up, and we’ll just switch sides putting the left leg over the right. The right leg is out straight. putting as many blankets and pillows as you like so that when you fold over you can feel comfortable and you can just release and relax. We’ll be here about three minutes. Working your way back up. Move those blankets out of the way. Lean back with the knees bent. Move those windshield wipers back and forth. Knees to one side. Knees to the other side. Coming on to your back. Let’s take happy baby pose. We’re gonna hold this one for a little bit. Maybe a minute. Maybe less. Take happy baby with the pinky toe sides of your feet and allow the knees to move down towards the armpits. as your tailbone reaches down toward the floor. If you want padding under your back. Put a blanket there. Just enjoy a nice hip opening. Releasing your happy baby. Take a nice little twist. Drop your knees over to the left Turn to look over your right shoulder. You can cross you right knee on top of the left if you want it to be a little deeper. We’ll take the knees back to center. Shift your hips off to the left a little. Let the knees drop to the right. Look over the left shoulder. You can cross the left knee on top of the right if you wish. Then just relax. From here we’re going to make our way right into savasana. I have a blanket that we’re rolling up under my knees. That feels comfortable to me. My other blanket. I’m going to make a teeny roll at the edge of it. And it just makes a little neck roll for me. Once I’ve gotten int oa comfortable position. Just relax. Quiet mind. Quiet body. Savasana. This is from the Tao De Ching. The 78th passage. The tao turns the tide and changes caterpillars into butterflies. Do you truly believe it has any less magic in store for you? Pay attention to what within you is beginning awaken. The caterpillar can feel the essence of the butterfly even before it begins to emerge. Remember butterflies are never born on the ground. This type of total transformation occurs only after an arduous climb up the trunk of the tree. And a perilous trip out on to the barest branch. Risk is the cost of anything of real value. Create your own consciousness. A protective cacoon in which you realize yourself more holy dawning as a radiant light. And awakening others in the same way. Start to move your hands and your feet. And your arms and your legs. Take a couple of deeper breathes. Bend your knees. Roll off ot your right side. Pausing a moment to honor the intention you set for your practice. Slowly begin to make your way up to seated. With the palms together, close your eyes Sit up nice and tall. Hands to our forehead to remind us to have clear and loving thoughts. Our hands to the heart center to remind us to have clear and loving intentions. Our hands to the mouth to remind us to have clear and loving communications. I honor you for your practice. Let’s send out this energy to all beings everywhere. Namaste. Thank you for joining me today. In this nice restorative practice. Tomorrow we start our fourth week. Our fourth week is more of a recovery week. It’ll be a little bit different. a little less strength in our classes, but it’ll still be there. Don’t worry. Thank you so much. Please subscribe and share this video. Push the like button and if you can make a donation. of any amount, below there is a link to make a donation. It really helps us to continue offering free yoga so we can reach as many people as possible. with our classes. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day! Bye! See you tomorrow!