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Hello, it’s Lesley Fightmaster, and welcome to day 41… for real this time. This is our Cardio class and I invite you to bring your hands together in front of your heart and take a moment to set an intention for your practice rrrrrrelease that and come onto your back Draw your right knee into your chest and extend your left leg out… pointing the left toes up to the ceiling. Then extend your right leg up toward the ceiling. Hold on behing the thigh… or down by the calf and just stretch out that leg And then draw both knees in then keep the left knee in and extend the right leg out pointing the right toes up toward the ceiling. Flex that ankle. And then hold on to your left shin or hold behing the thigh Extend the left leg up, now. Holding on behind the thigh or maybe down by the ankle or foot drawing that leg in as much as you’re comfortable with…keeping the right leg nice and active. release hug both knees into the chest, hug the right knee in again lift your head and shoulders off the floor keep the left leg off the floor this time reach your fingertips forward you can also
hold on to the left leg if you like reach the right leg up toward the ceiling and then sitting all the way up into Navasana with the knees bent. Lift your chest. Draw your shoulder blades down away from your ears. You can also straighten your legs here if you like. And then bring your hands down in front of the hips press down, lift anything up at all. and then rolling
forward come into plank, lowering all the way down
inhaling into cobra tailbone toward heels, heart
forward chest open press up to plank exhale
make your way back in to down dog. Look up, step or float through and sit. Come back onto your back, and we’ll hug the left knee in. Right leg extended and then lift the
head and shoulders up off of the floor, the right leg UP you can always hold on to the left
leg if you like or cradle the head in the hands. extend the left leg up right leg is
still out And then we’ll come all the way up into boat pose, Navasana, keep the chest lifted… draw the shoulder blades toward the waist cross the ankles, other ankle in front, press up aaaanything at all, lol and then roll forward. Hands and knees. Round your back, chin toward chest inhale, chest forward, shoulder blades away from the ears. Exhale, press firmly
away from the floor. Pull your ribs and belly in. Inhale, bring your chest through, lift
the chin and tailbone up. Exhale, round the back, draw your belly in. Inhale, stretch out the whole front of
the body Exhale, extend the right leg back and bring left knee into chest. Inhale,
plank Exhale the right knee into the chest. Inhale, to plank Exhale, left knee in. Inhale, back to
plank Exhale the right knee in. Inhale to plank Exhale the left knee. Plank pose take the knees down, and heart forward-inhale Exhale, round your back and extend your
left leg back bring your right knee into chest, plank,
left knee into chest… plank pose. Right knee in, back to plank Draw the left knee in and plank pose right knee, back to plank, left knee in and plank. Lower halfway Inhale, Up Dog or Cobra. Exhale to Down Dog come back to plank. Exhale, round your back Inhale, regular plank. Exhale, round like
the Cat pose Inhale plank, exhale round. Just keep going back and forth Inhale, regular plank. Exhale, round
Press away from the floor Inhale plank, exhale pull the belly in. Lower Chaturanga. Inhaling up… and exhaling back. look to the hands, stepping or hopping the
feet inhale to lengthen up. Exhale, fold all
the way in Inhale, press down to reach all the
way up and exhale the hands to heart. Inhale,
sweep your arms up. Look up. Exhale, hinge from the hips to fold. Hips over the heels. Inhale, come halfway up, lengthen. Exhale, step or float back. Chaturanga Inhale, pressing up. Exhale, come to Down Dog press back. Right leg
up, inhale… Exhale, step it up. Back foot flat, line up heel to arch – Warrior II Inhale the arms out, make sure your
right knee is over the ankle Drop the left arm, Reverse. Nice side stretch…exhale here. Inhale, straighten the front leg – reverse triangle pose, exhale. Inhale to come up. Shift the hips back
lean forward, right hand down, left arm up Trikonasana Sweep your left arm
around in a big circle then again, circle the arm. Reach it overhead in a big circle And one more time, reach forward and all the way around. Reach up and come on up Warrior II. Bend the front knee, and then windmill your arms down. Vinyasa. You can always skip the vinyasa if you like and go right to Down Dog… to save a little energy Left leg up-inhale, then exhale bring
it through line up heel to arch. Warrior II. Knee over the ankle… gazing off of your fingertips. Drop your
left hip toward the mat… and then drop the right arm, Reverse. bend into the left knee, keep it right in line
with the second toe straighten the leg, Reverse Triangle Bigger stretch through the side. Inhale to come up. Shift the hips back, lean forward, get some length first. Take your left hand down, wherever it reaches. and lift your right arm up. And then, right arm forward swing it around for a big circle Inhale, reach forward. Exhale, circle. Inhale, extend the arm. Exhale, circle it around Inhale, reach it forward. Exhale, for a circle. Reach up with the right arm… come on up. Bend your left knee into Warrior II And then exhale, swing the arms down, Chaturanga. Inhale, pressing to Up Dog. And exhale back into Down Dog. stretch back, take a few breaths… take a break if you want to. Look up, step or hop your feet. Inhale to lengthen, and exhale to fold. Pressing down, rise up as you inhale. And exhale, hands to the heart Okay, so we’re going to make it a little more challenging. Feet together, come up onto the balls of the feet, bend the knees, drop the hips… chair pose on your toes. Bring your hands
down the center, take the knees up as… high as you can toward the armpits. Press away from the floor rounding the
back like a cat pose lift the feet into Bakasana. Take the
feet back down, keep the heels off the floor Utkatasana – chair. Weight in the balls of the feet. and then come forward, again – Bakasana. take the knees up as much as you can
squeeze the legs toward each other as you press away from the floor round
in upper back a little bit as you do Stay on the balls of the feet, bend the knees again, chair pose. keep lifting those heels up, and then… again, last one, Bakasana. take the knees up toward the armpits, look
forward don’t like down that’s very important. Feet together if you can, start
to lift your feet up toward your bum. and pressing away from the floor here, continue to breath. Now, step back or float back into Chaturanga. Inhaling to Up Dog… and exhaling back into Down Dog. right leg up-inhale. Exhale, step it through, stay on the ball of the back foot, and switch legs. So, we’re going to hop switch, or you could step switch. So, either step switch or hop switch. Left in front, hop switch, right in front. Left in front, right in front, left in front… right in front. Make sure your knee stays over the ankle the whole time. Reach up, exhale, Chaturanga. Inhale… pressing up. Exhale, another Chaturanga lift back and up to Down Dog. Left lifts up, Exhale, step it through stay on the ball of the back foot, hop switch. Make sure that knee stays over
the ankle. If it doesn’t do the step switch. hop switch left in front right in front left in
front right in front, try to keep light. Inhale,
come on up into… Crescent. Knee over the ankle. Exhale, Chaturanga. Shoulders no lower than elbows. Inhale, up to plank pose. Extra Chaturanga, lift the hips into Downward Dog, You don’t have to take the extra Chaturanga. come to plank, roll to the pinky toe
side to the right foot. Lift your left arm overhead. You can take your bottom knee down for some more support try to stack your hips right on top of
each other Reach the tailbone toward the heels. And then left hand to the side, left hand back onto the floor, press down, Chaturanga. And them roll onto the pinky toe side of the left side, reach up through the right arm. Again, stack the hips. Reach the right arm in line with the right ear, stretching forward… Spin your left inner elbow slightly up toward the front of the mat. Reaching tailbone to heels, lifting the belly…. right hand to the side, right hand to the mat, Chaturanga. Inhale to Up Dog. And Exhale back into Down Dog. So, let’s stay here in Down Dog for a few breaths, or take your knees down to rest if you like. Step your right foot up, and walk to the left so that your feet are parallel. Inhale, Lengthen, Exhale, Fold. Press through to Prasarita A. Toes in just a little bit. Squeeze your outer hips, squeeze your inner thighs toward each other… elbows right above wrists, if your elbows are bending. Hands to hips, Inhale, keep the hands on the hips, exhale again, folding forward… drawing your elbows toward each other. Widening again across the collarbones. Inhale to come up. Bring your hands on either side of your right knee… into a lunge. Exhale, straighten the right leg into half splits. Inhale, bend your knee over your ankle. Exhale, step back, Chaturanga. Inhaling to Up Dog… Exhaling back into Down Dog. Left leg float up, inhale… Exhale, step it between the hands taking the feet to parallel. Reach for your big toes or some place on your leg… Inhale, lengthen. Exhale to fold. Hips over the heels. If the weight is in the heels, shift it forward. Keep the legs firming all the way up into the hip sockets. Then release the hands, clasp them behind you into Prasarita Padottanasana C Your head doesn’t have to be on the floor… but if it is, that’s fine, too. And then coming up, walk to the front of the mat, left knee over the ankle for low lunge. Sink the hips forward. Exhale, straighten the left leg and fold over it for half split. And then rebend it. Tuck the toes, plank, and Chaturanga. Inhaling up……. and exhaling back. Now remember, push pause, take a break, anytime. Look up, step or hop the feet. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, fold. And then bend the knees again. Utkatasana. Weight into the heels. And exhale the hands to the heart. Bend the knees, again, Utkatasana – chair. Reaching up, exhale, to fold. We’re going to step it up again. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale to Chaturanga. Inhale press through your hands and feet. And exhale back. Right leg up, inhale. Step it up, stay on the ball of the back foot for crescent. Pull the right hip back, hook your thumbs, lean back… And then, move through Chaturanga. Inhaling, up. Exhaling back to plank, Chaturanga again, Down Dog Left leg floats up, Exhale, step it through. Inhale, come up, hook the other thumb in front, reach up, lean back–just a baby backbend. Exhale the hands down, Chaturanga. Inhaling up… exhale plank, Chaturanga a second time, and roll to the picky toe side of the right foot. Lift the left arm up… maybe lift the left leg up. Shoulders in line. Spin your right inner elbow forward. Come back to plank. Chaturanga. Inhaling up… exhale, Chaturanga again, lift up to the left side. Roll to the pinky toe side of the left foot. Maybe lifting up the right leg… and your right arm. You can always take the bottom knee down. Support yourself if you need extra. Come to plank. Chaturanga. Inhaling to Up Dog. Chaturanga, again. Lift the hips. Downward dog. Right leg up, inhale. Exhale, step it through. Stay on the ball of the back foot. Come on up, Crescent pose. Pull your right hip back. Bend your back knee. Bring your hands just behind your right knee. Tuck your back toes lift the knee just off the floor. And again. Keep the hips low. Drop the knee down, lift it up. And off the floor, hips low. Maybe, reach your arms up, hips low, lift the knee up. Hips low, lift the knee up. If it hurts the knee, don’t do it. Step back, again. Chaturanga. Inhaling…Up Dog Exhale, extra Chaturanga, Down Dog. Left leg floats up, inhale, step it through, stay on the ball of the back foot. Rise Up. Set it down. Interlace the fingers just above the left knee. Exhale life the right knee. Inhale, lower it. Exhale, lift. Keep the hips low. Inhale, lower. Exhale, lift. Maybe add the arms. Exhale, lift. Inhale to lower, and exhale, lift the leg. Inhale lower, lift it, exhale, keep it off the floor. Plank. Chaturanga. Inhaling press through your hands and feet. Exhale, extra Chaturanga. Lift the hips, and roll to the pinky toe side of the right foot. Maybe this time, you’ll take the left leg up, holding the toe. Or just lift it up any amount. Or take tree pose with that left leg. Release it down. And, back to plank. Chaturanga. Inhaling to Up Dog. And plank. Chaturanga. And we’ll roll to the left side. Reach the arm… for the toe… or not. Lifting the right leg up. Or, not. Keep lifting the hips up. And pressing away from the floor, come back to plank. And Chaturanga. Inhaling… Up Dog. Plank pose. Another Chaturanga. Lift the hips to Downward Facing Dog. Shew! Right leg up, inhale…and exhale– Oh, good Pigeon Pose! Inhale, lengthen. So, if Pigeon doesn’t work for you come onto your back, take Thread the Needle… right ankle above the left knee. If Pigeon works fine, and doesn’t give you any pain in the knee. Then exhale, fold forward– Or, you can stay up. But remember, there’s no stretching the knee. We don’t stretch the knee. We just…want the knee…to feel….like nothing. We don’t want any pain there. Reach the back toes. Keep the back leg active. Pressing all the toenails onto the floor Come on up. Reach for the back foot. Maybe, you’ll reach it.Maybe, you won’t. But if you can reach it, bring it forward. Or you can just hold it back.We’re stretching out the front of the thigh and the hip flexor. Release it, come through. Chaturanga. Inhale, Upward Dog, and exhale to Down Dog. Left leg floats up on the inhale. Bring it through for Pigeon pose. If that’s not working for your knee, come onto your back, take your left ankle above your right knee instead. Then coming into Pigeon, lengthen, stretch through the back leg… And exhale, you can stay up or walk yourself forward. And, breathe here. Nice long breaths. *breathing* Making your way up… And reach back for your right foot, or not. You can hold it back there, or maybe… Don’t reach back for it. Just stay up in Pigeon. If you have the foot, and you want to take it deeper…. Take your heel toward your hip. Square up your hips and shoulders toward the front of the mat. Release it back through Chaturanga. Inhaling Up…. Exhaling back. Look up, either step or float through to sit. And Lie down. Feet hips width apart, outer edges of the feet parallel, heels under knees. Press on up into Bridge. So, you can roll the shoulders under, you can point the fingertips up toward the ceiling or… interlace your fingers behind your back. Lower Back down. And second one. Either another bridge, or hands beside the ears… And then pressing up. Urdhva Dhanurasana. Make sure your elbows stay parallel And, make sure the outer edges of your feet stay parallel. And, you’re spiraling your thighs in toward each other–like you’re holding a block between your legs. Come on down, and take the soles of your feet together, knees apart. Supta Baddha Konasana. One more time. Hands by the ears, don’t come all the way up, come to the crown of the head… Line up your wrists and shoulders, and then stretch up. Stretch out the whole front of the body And then, chin into chest, roll it up, and come on down. hug your knees in Rock a little here side to side. Back and forth And then, begin to roll yourself, lift the feet over the head into Plow pose. If this hurts your neck at all, then you will keep your hips on the floor and your legs up. If shoulder stand doesn’t bother your neck, then you can take your legs up. Unfortunately, it bothers my neck. I like the pose, but it doesn’t feel so good on my neck. We’re going to roll back down on to our hips, or… you can stay in shoulder stand. Your choice. Rolling onto the hips because of my neck. I was rear-ended over the summer; and, since then, it just hasn’t been the same. Lifting up through the legs, keep the belly lifted. Nice, steady, breathing. If you do decide to take a shoulder stand, make sure to watch first, and then go into it… because once you’re in it you don’t want to turn your head side to side. So, Halasana, if you came down from your shoulder stand, then you’re coming down from Halasana Rolling yourself out very slowly And then, hands right next to or a little underneath the hips for Matsyasana. Press the chest up, and reach the crown of the head back You may or may not touch your head to the floor. Breathe into the chest and then, hug your knees and roll yourself up. Extend the legs out Reach up inhale, exhale hinging from the hips to come forward. Inhale, lengthen the spine, and exhale to extend. Pull the toes back, firming the legs. Now, inhale the head up, exhale to release, lie down. And then, with your feet as wide as the mat, drop your kneesover to the left… Look over the right shoulder, you can also pick up the left foot, and rest it on the right knee. and then back to center. Keep those legs wide, take the knees off to the right, looking left. Maybe pick up your right foot and put it on your left knee. And back to center And make your way into Savasana. I’m going to cover up a little bit. Put that over my eyes. It started to get a little sunny. Let your feet just flop open, arms by your sides, with the palms up And, once you get into Savasana just allow yourself to sink in. Relax. And just enjoy. (Savasana) (Savasana) (More Savasana) I have a quote from Harriet Beecher Stowe. “When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you until it seems that you cannot hold on for a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time when the tide will turn.” (Even More Savasana) Make some movements in your fingers and your toes. Start to stretch out your arms overhead, just a long stretch. And then, bend the knees, feet onto the floor, roll yourself off to your right. Pausing for gratitude for all of our blessings, both seen and unseen. Slowly make your way up to seated. Bring your hands together, palms touch. Hands to the forehead to remind us to have clear and loving thoughts. Hands to the heart center to remind us to have clear and loving intentions. And our hands to the mouth to remind us to have clear and loving communication. Thank you so much for your practice. We’ll send this wonderful energy out to all beings everywhere. Namaste Please push the like button if you liked the class today. Subscribe and share. Thank you so much for your comments. I love them Please go to Fightmasteryoga.com. If you can afford a donation of any amount it helps us to keep our work going. We’re trying to get yoga to as many people as possible. I think it will make the world better. Thank you so much.