45 Min Best Yoga Poses for Upper Body Toning and Strengthening

(relaxing music) – Hi, my name is Laura Myren,
and today we’re gonna do part two of our yoga strength
with upper body program. So let’s get started. Come onto all fours. Shoulders over wrists, hips over knees. And right up into downward facing dog. If you wanna bend one
knee at a time, you can. Just hang here for a breath or two more. Okay, right into plank
position, shoulders over wrists. Hold. Now you can always come onto your knees, but today in level, in this part two, we’re gonna try and reach
it up a little higher by staying up on our toes. So here we go, hover down in Chaturanga. Elbows over wrists, keep
those shoulders back. Lift from your belly,
push back up to plank. Downward facing dog. Okay, that was number
one, we’ve got four more. Inhale, plank. Chaturanga, keep those shoulders back. Don’t let the shoulders
move forward, keep ’em back, push back up to plank, down dog. Three more. Shift forward plank. Elbows over wrists, Chaturanga,
push back up to plank, lift from your belly, down dog. We’ve got two more. Plank, Chaturanga, plank, down dog. One more time, big inhale. Exhale, Chaturanga, hover. Push back up to plank,
downward facing dog. Very nice. Either from all fours
or right from down dog, step your right foot
forward, place your back knee to the ground. You’re gonna recognize
this one from part one. Low lunge, reach your
arms up towards the sky. If you’re lucky enough
to be outside doing this in sunshiney day, and
then bend your elbows, squeeze your elbows down your back, squeeze your elbows together
behind you, four more. Inhale, lift from your belly. Exhale, use your back
muscles, squeeze it back. Open your chest, inhale. Exhale. Two more, inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale, I lied, I think we have one more. Get to five. Inhale, exhale, squeeze
it back, lift your chest. Great. Reach your arms back up, lower
your hands to the ground. Step right in a plank. You’ll once again recognize
these from part one, but today we’re gonna
do ’em up on our toes. So here we go, five
suicides, plank suicides. Right elbow, left elbow,
right hand, left hand. Four, right, left, right, left. Elbow under the shoulder,
hand under the shoulder. Elbow under the shoulder,
hand under the shoulder. Last one. It’s all the way up and
lower to the ground. Whoo. Uncurl your toes, and
slide your hands back to your elbows over your wrists. Ideally, I want you landing
like that every time. Roll your shoulders in
the back of the body so your upper arms are
parallel to the ground. Cobra push-ups. Press your thighs in the
ground, firm up your kneecaps. Lift your chest, inhale,
draw your shoulders back. Exhale, slowly lower. Pretend you’re trying to drag
your hands toward your feet. Slowly lower. Three more. Three. Slowly lower. Keep your thighs on the ground. Elbows bent. Slowly lower. Hold this last one up,
pull your chest forward. Again, elbows in, shoulders back. Long spine, long neck. Lower down. Downward facing dog. Here we go. Second side, step your left foot forward, either from all fours or down dog. Stretch your arms up, open
up the front of your body. And then squeeze your
elbows down your back for the lat pull-down. Lift your chest. Open, open, open and
work your back muscles. Inhale, use your abs to lift. Exhale, use your back to squeeze back. Inhale, exhale. Inhale from your belly,
exhale pull through your back. One more, inhale. Exhale, squeeze. Really squeeze those
elbows together behind you. Reach it up, lower your hands down. Here we go, step to plank. Let’s see those plank suicides,
this time leading with the left arm, here we go. Left elbow, right. Left hand, right. Elbow underneath the shoulder,
hand underneath the shoulder. Three more. As little movement through
the hips as possible. Up, up. Down, down. Last one. Keep your core tight,
and elbows over wrists, land all the way down. Tops of the feet on the ground,
tops of the kneecaps down. Firm up your kneecaps so they
actually lift off the ground. Five cobra push-ups, slow. Use your back muscle, so
we’re hitting that back. And it’s a hard area to
get just using body weight. So I need you to really focus
on pulling your hands back toward your feet and
reaching the chest forward. Slow. Last one, hold five. Four, three, two, and down. Downward facing dog, up and back. All right, nice job, you guys. So step your right foot all
the way between your hands. This is gonna be the same
flow we worked in level one, so reach your arms up, high lunge. Open up right into warrior two. This is just our flow to keep up moving. Reverse your warrior. Lower your hands, step to plank. Here we go, five push-ups. Five, four, three, two, all the way down. Cobra pose just one time. Three, two and one. Downward facing dog. From your knees or toes, push up and back. Second side. Step your left foot all the way through. Pause here, find your balance. From your belly, lift
your chest up, lunge. Here we go, warrior two. This is our flow to keep us moving, reverse the warrior, bend your front knee, and then lower your hands. Five push-ups from your knees
or your toes, here we go. Five, four. Lift from your belly. Three, two, all the way down. Uncurl your toes, one cobra pose. Open the chest, work your
arms, work your back. I know. Downward facing dog, up and back. Right into dolphin. So for this first one, let’s
set it up nice and slow. Come to all fours, forearms parallel. Keep your forearms
parallel, lift your belly, pull your chest forward. Lift your belly even more. Dolphin within hold. And we’re just gonna hold this first one. Shoulders over your elbows. Rest your chest up and back. Take some deeper breaths. You’ve got about 15 more seconds. Try not to let your shoulders
creep up towards your ears. Shoulders down the back, lift your belly. Okay, child’s pose, rest it on down. All right, flip it over onto your back. Tricep dips. We did these again in level part one, and now we’re gonna up
the ante a little bit. So we’re gonna go hands behind you, fingers point straight
ahead towards your feet, so not backwards. Want the fingers pointing
toward your feet. Shoulders back and lift your head back. Okay now crawl your feet
all the way together, lift your right leg, stretch it up. Here we go. Eight, seven, six, five, bend those elbows back. Keep squeezing them in. Three, two, one. Done. Sit down, rest. Shake those arms out. Woo. Just getting warmed up. Here we go. Second side. Fingers point toward your feet. Roll your shoulders back, lift your hips. Crawl your feet all the way together. Bend your left knee
and lift your left leg. Here we go. Eight, seven, six. Hips up. Five. Bend your elbows. You gotta bend the elbows,
you gotta work those arms. Three, two, one. Done. Flip the back over, dolphin, okay. So those tricep dips are great, you work the back of the arms. So that way when we’re waving
goodbye, we’re waving with our back of our arms, we’re
just waving with our hands. (chuckles) We don’t want that. Forearms parallel, shoulders over elbows. So we gotta lift your
belly and at the same time glide your shoulders down the back, hold. Three. Now, pretend you’re trying
to drag your elbows in toward each other, work your pec muscles. You want your back muscles really working to glue your shoulder blades on the back and not let them lift. Lift your butt up high, lift your belly. Three, two. Child’s pose. Rest it on down. All right, come on up
into downward facing dog, we’re gonna go into our
flow again and add on some things that we just worked out. So, lift your right leg up, big inhale. Step the right food all
the way through, lunge. Stretch your arms up, inhale. Exhale, open to warrior two. Reverse it, inhale, stretch up. And go, lower your hands,
five push-ups let’s add on. Push up, hold, lift your right elbow. Do it again. Push up, hold, elbow. Really squeeze that
elbow up, use your back. Two, and up. And one. And squeeze, hold. Okay, side plank. Lift your right arm up, hold. Five. Four. Told you we’re adding on. Three. Two. And flip it over, here we go, triceps. Flip it all the way over. We did these last time but
now we gotta up that ante, lift your right leg up, you got this. Eight, seven, six. Five, four, bend your elbows. Bend your elbows even more. Bend your elbows (chuckles). And lower down, flip it back over. Plank. Five cobra push-ups. Here we go. Use your back muscles, everybody. Five. Pull your hands forward,
pull your chest forward. Three. Keep your pinkie toenails
down on the ground. They’re gonna wanna lift up. Pinkie toenails down. Hold. Here we go, lift your elbows. Hold. Three, two, put your right arm forward. Lift your left leg up, hold. Three, two, squeeze it back, lower down. Wee. Downward facing dog. Okay, second side. Big inhale, fill your
lungs, lift your left leg. Exhale, step your left
food all the way through. Crescent lunge, inhale. Exhale, warrior two. Reverse, you got this,
we’re in it together. Exhale, lower your hand, hold your plank for your five push-ups, this
time the left elbow lifts. Five, up. Four, keep your neck long. Three, lift your belly. Ugh. Two (exhales sharply). Up. Just remember, you’re getting
stronger with every one hold. Okay, side plank, hold. Up, up, up, and here we go, flip it over for those tricep dips. Hips up, fingers point towards your feet. Lift your left leg up
this time, here we go. Eight. Seven, bend your elbows. Six. Bend your elbows more. Four. Three. Two. One, hold it. Okay, flip it back over into plank. Whew. Lower all the way down. Five more cobra push-ups. Elbows over ribs, shoulders back. Thighs on the ground,
firm up your kneecaps. Let’s do eight this time. Seven. So our back muscles get
really weak as we sit and we slouch and we’re on our phones. So we want really good posture. It’s good for your back. You’ll instantly look
like you lost 10 pounds, but really overall it’s
just good for your health. Hold it up, pull your chest forward. Pretend you’re trying to drag
your hands towards your feet. Three, two (exhales sharply), one. All the way up and back,
downward facing dog. Okay. Now, we’ve already done
dolphin, let’s do it again. This time you’re gonna
set it up from down dog. We did this in part one,
so hug your elbows in, bend your elbows a couple inches. Don’t let the elbows come out to the side, I want your forearms parallel. Bend your elbows two more inches. I’m in this with you. Bend your elbows ’til they
hover above the ground and try and touch both of
them down at the same time. Dolphin. You made it. Now, try and lift both
elbows at the same time. Spread your fingers, press down through the inner edges of your palms,
push back up to down dog. Here we go, five more. Tap your elbows, five, four. This works those triceps too. Three, two, one. Lay it all the way down, whew. (chuckles) I know. All right. Here we go, you’re gonna start
with your arms by your ears. We’re gonna work those back muscles again, so really big on working the back, okay? I had low back pain for many, many years, and I worked on strengthening my back, and it’s since gone away, totally. So here we go, just like
those lat pull-downs we did in lunge, hold. Like your arms are making
a W, lift your hands. Squeeze your elbows together behind you. Hold. Okay, here we go, reach arms by your ears. Eight pull-downs. Seven. Move with control. So, momentum is not a muscle. Five. Four. Three. Two. Hold. Ugh, press it down. (chuckles) Momentum is not a muscle and
fat is not a feeling, okay? Flip it over. I’m full of all my little sayings. All right. Bend your elbows, make these robot arms. Press your elbows down into the ground, keep your neck long. So we did these before, we’re
gonna up it a little bit here. I call these reverse push-ups. Press down through your
elbows, and slowly lower. Press down, slowly lower. Keep your core tight. Down. Lower. Down. Lower. Four. Three. If it’s too much, you can keep
your low back on the ground. Two, and hold. Push down, use your back muscles. Slowly lower. Okay. Now to up it. Knees up. Hold. Belly tucking in, here we go, eight times. Push down through your
elbows, reverse push-ups, go. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four, belly tucked in. Three. Two. Hold. (groans) Flip it over (chuckles). Downward facing dog, everybody. Okay, all the way back to our flow, let’s add on even a little bit more. Inhale, lift your right leg up. Exhale, step the right foot through. Crescent lunge, inhale. Exhale, warrior two. Reverse the warrior, inhale. Exhale, here we go, five
push-ups with the elbow. Five. Four. Right elbow only, three. Whew. Two. Whew. One, hold it up. Side plank. Oof. Flip over (chuckles). Tricep dips. It helps me if I make sound
effects, like grunting and groaning noises
totally works (chuckles). Lift your right leg. Eight, seven, six. Hips up. Three more. Two, one, hold it up. All right, here we go, back to plank pose. Whew. And lower all the way down. All right. Now, instead of those cobra
push-ups, I want you to make a pillow with your arms. You’re gonna rest your forehead down. Lift your legs up. Now lift your legs. Now the pinkie toes are
gonna wanna lift higher. I want you to try and lift your big toes higher than your pinkie toes. You should feel your
erector spinae working, and all these muscles along your spine. Now try and lift your legs
up a little bit higher. Lift those big toes, spin your
thighs in from all the way up in your hips, less butt, more back. Five, four, three, two, done. Downward facing dog. Now before we do the next side, we gotta get our pike push-ups,
our down dog push-ups. So from downward facing dog,
crawl your feet a little further forward, lift your butt. Now your elbows are
gonna go out to the side like you’re doing a shoulder press. Nose dive into the ground. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three. Press down to the inner
edges of your palms. Two. Root down through your hands, one. Down dog. Okay we have a whole second side. Left leg up. Exhale, step it through. Crescent lunge, inhale, fill your lungs. Exhale, warrior two, this is
your break from your arms. Inhale, reverse. Exhale. Here we go, five push-ups
with the elbow lift. Five. Go. Four. You can do this. Build your way up, don’t get frustrated. That’s not gonna help you at all. You’ve gotta stay
positive, keep coming back. Keep practicing. Whoops, hold this last one up. Try to make you do more. Side plank. Long, long, long spine. And flip it over. Lift your left leg up. Hold. Belly sucked in, hips up. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, hold, get up. Flip it on over. Plank. Whew. Lower all the way to the ground. Okay. Now this time we’re gonna
lift and lower the legs, so rest your forehead down. Remember, I don’t want your
butt doing all the work. You’ve gotta make your back do the work. Here we go, we’re going eight times. Lift and lower the legs, keep the legs straight, straight, straight. Eight, seven, six. Use your back. Use your back. Focus on what you’re doing. You’ll get so much more out of it if you give this some
attention and some focus. Three. Two. Hold. Lower down. Downward facing dog. Whoa. Up and back. Okay, round two for our dolphin push-ups. Here we go. Bend your elbows so your
elbows land at the same time. You gotta squeeze your
elbows in, use your back and your pecs. Eight, seven. And of course your triceps. Six, five, four. Suck your belly in. Three, two, one. Hold it up. All right, nice work, lay down. Lat pull-downs, here we go. Reach out through your arms. And use those back muscles. Eight, seven, six, remember
focus on what you’re doing. We’re not just checking
this off of our to-do list. I won’t let you live like that, right? We don’t live by just
checking things off of a list. Get engaged in what you’re doing. Two, hold, hold, hold. Hold, okay. All right, let’s hit that
back a little bit more. Flip it over, reverse push-up. You guys know this now, either feet down, or if you’ve built up and
you’ve been practicing this for maybe a few weeks or
a few months or a few years, whatever it is, whatever
it takes, here we go. Eight, seven, six, five, four. Push your elbows down,
focus on working your back. Remember, if you give this
a little focus, awareness, I promise you’re gonna get
so much better results. Hold. Hold, hold. Bicycle your legs, go. Eight, seven, six, five, surprise. Three. Two. One. Down. (chuckles) Surprises are good. All right, flip it on
over, downward facing dog. All right. Now, we worked on crow in our first part. Once again, we gotta built
on that a little bit, right? Always looking for improvement and growth. So plant your hands on the
ground in front of you, feet together, knees apart. Squeeze your legs on your outer arms. I don’t want you elbows
going out to the side. Hug them in, right? Hug your elbows in, just like we were in those dolphin push-ups, okay? So we’re putting that
to work now for crow. Okay, look forward,
pull your chest forward, shoulders down in in the back. Lift your butt up. Lean your weight forward,
now you might stay here. Suck it in through the belly. Spread your fingers, your
finger pads or your brakes. Maybe this time, remember
we did one foot at a time the first time. Maybe this time both your
heels lift up toward your butt at the same time. Hold. Five, four, three, two, and done. All right. Next time, we’re gonna do crow push-ups. And next time is now, so here we go. Place your hands and you work your way up. Great idea to put a
pillow in front of you. Fear of falling. We have the fear of falling on the mat, we have the fear of falling in life. Put a pillow. If you fall into a pillow,
you’ll be just fine. Here we go. Lift those hips. Look forward. Now, for crow push-ups I’m
gonna squeeze my heels up toward the butt, bend your
elbows, sink down, push up. Sink down, push up. Three more. Bend your elbows, squeeze it up. Two, squeeze it up. And don’t fall. One, up. (groans) Child’s pose. You deserve it. (chuckles) Hold it. Take some deeper breaths. Okay, what do you say we
go all the way through one more time? And maybe add on just a little bit. We can do this. Here we go. And if not, just stop this and you can go all the way through again. Then another day and you try and add this part on the next time. Here we go. Right leg up, inhale. Exhale, step it all the way through. Crescent lunge, inhale. Warrior two, opening up. This is your break from your arms. Reverse. Exhale, lower your hands. Five more push-ups with the right elbow. Five. Four. Three. Two. One, hold it up. Side plank. Flip. You got this, you know this. Right leg up. Bend your elbows. Eight, seven, six, five. Every breath counts. Stay focused with me. Two. Something good for your
body, for yourself. Flip it over. Here we go, lay it all the way down. This time, let’s put the
hands behind your head. And put it all the way together. So you’re gonna lift your
legs up, lift your elbows. Eight. Seven. Six. Remember, lift those big toes. We worked on it earlier,
just with the lower body. Now we’re adding on. Three. Two, hold it up. Squeeze your elbows back, take the lat pull-down just
for three, two, and done. Push it on up, down dog, pike push-ups. Crawl those feet a little further forward. Head dive forward, here we go. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Root down through the
inner edges of your palms. So don’t dump into your wrists. You’ve gotta distribute the weight. It’s like the difference
between wearing a high heel and a tennis shoe, okay? Step or hop your feet forward. Crow pose, adding on. Hold. Five. Four. Three. Now, you can step back, or
think up with your butt. Think butt lift. Butt up, let your legs get light. Butt up, land with your elbows back. Chaturanga (chuckles). Work up to that. Think butt up. Cobra just for a breath. Downward facing dog. Ooh. Here we go. Last time, left leg up. Exhale, step it all the way through. Good. Inhale, crescent. Exhale, warrior two. Excellent. Reverse, stretch. Lower your hands. Here we go, five push-ups. Last five with this elbow. Here we go. Five, left elbow. Four, left elbow. Three. Two. One, hold. And side plank. Someone has to count how many
push-ups we did in this video. (chuckles) Flip it over, triceps. Here we go, fingers
point toward your feet. Hips up, you know what to do, left leg up. Eight. Six. Bend your elbows. Do your best. Four, three, two. Keep looking for improvements,
and flip it back over, plank. Lower down, elbows over wrists. Hands behind head, elbows wide. Here we go. Work those back muscles,
right, always good to look good when you’re leaving a room,
so work those back muscles. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. Hold it up. Elbows out wide. Add on, interlace your fingers. Open those shoulders. Woo, this should feel good. I think I just cracked in
like four places (chuckles). All right, lower down. Elbows over wrists, down dog, up and back. Okay, here come those pike push-ups. Crawl your feet a little further forward. Hips up. And let’s go, bend your
elbows out to the side. So we don’t want the shoulders like this, shoulders down the back. Head dive, eight. Seven. Six. Five, keep your core tight. Four. Three. Two. One. Look forward, step or
hop your feet forward. Crow pose, again, now with
or without that shoot back, it’s gonna be your choice. I want my elbows tucking in, look forward. Lift your hips up. Your finger pads are your brakes. Look forward, look forward,
don’t look down at your feet. Look forward. Your feet look great, but look forward. Your finger pads and your breaks. And if you’re just working your way up, you don’t have to lift
your feet, you just try. Over time, these things happen, right? I didn’t get it my first time either. Now, either step back or shoot back, land with your elbows bent. Think up with your butt,
land with your elbows bent. Downward facing dog. We’re gonna be sore tomorrow, together. Go ahead and rest in your child’s pose. All right, come on up. Back to down dog. From down dog, you’re
gonna lower into dolphin, and this time we’re just
gonna hold it there, okay? So shoulders down the back, right? I don’t want your shoulders
all up in your ears’ business. Make some space. Use your back muscles. Now, both elbows touch the
ground at the same time. Hug them in, hug them in,
hug them in, hug them in, and touch the ground soft, okay. Now look forward between
your forearms and try and crawl your feet a little further forward. So this is our upper body
one, so I want you to use your upper body. So align your shoulders down
the back, use your muscles, lift one leg up. Now instead of all the way being back, shift the weight forward,
look forward, freeze. Spread your fingers, plant your hands and maybe a little pop up. Do it again, little pop up. Do it again. Little pop up, you might
find some hang time. Now I like to keep the
legs split like I’m doing. This gives you more balance. Over time, someday you
join the feet together. Reach up, reach up, reach up. Spread your fingers, plant your palms out. Breathe and look forward. Slowly lower down and rest. Okay, now that takes an
incredible amount of strength and courage and you’re gonna
get there someday maybe, some may not. You can practice it against a wall. If you have a nice
friend you can have them help you come up. Maybe someday I’ll see you in class or in your city and I’ll help you. Wherever we are. Let’s switch sides, here we go. We gotta kick up with both
legs, so you know what to do, both elbows slowly bend. Eight, seven, six, five, both touch the ground at the same time, and you’re down. All right, look forward,
spread your fingers, lift your other leg up. You gotta pay attention and
make sure we do both sides. Look forward, shoulders down the back. Now your upper traps
are your fear muscles. So I know this is scary but don’t let your upper trap turn on. Little pop up. Look forward, little hop up. Back down. Little hop up, spread your fingers. Back down. And you just keep trying and
you might find that hang time. Again, keeping the legs split is gonna give you more balance. Maybe one day, they come
all the way together, and slowly back down, child’s pose, rest. All right. One more time. Crow push-ups, and then we’re
gonna burn out those arms as if they’re not burned out enough, and then we stretch it out, okay? So here we go. We’re a pro at those crow push-ups now. Plant your hands. Elbows hugging in,
shoulders down the back. Use your legs on your arms. Get low to start, then lift
your butt and look forward. Here we go, feet together,
squeeze your heels up toward your butt. Now, bend your elbows like
you’re doing a regular push-up, lower down, squeeze it up. Lower down, use your belly, squeeze it up. Lower down, squeeze it up. Two more. Down, from your belly and
your arms squeeze down, squeeze. Oh. Rest it, good. Here we go, planks hold. Here’s your burn out. Hold, hold, hold plank. Take a little walk, four walks forward. Four, three, two, one,
back for three, two, one. Four, three, two, one, four. We’ve got two more. Four, three, try and crawl
those hands out as far as you can go. Hold. Phew. Three suicides on each
arm, just like we started. Right arm. Right hand. Right arm. Right hand. Right arm. Switch your sides. Left elbow, left hand. Left elbow, phew. Left. Hold. Down dog. All right, let’s finish
it all off in down dog. Bend your knees. Now, knees bent, like you’re
gonna like attack (growls). But instead of attacking, you
shift your weight forward, right into a Chaturanga push-up,
right elbows over wrists, push back up into your attack mode. Here we go. Five. Back. Four. Back. Three. Two. Last one, you got this. Aah, child’s pose. Rest. (sighs) All right, have a seat. Let’s stretch out those arms a little bit. Stack your right knee on top of your left. Now your feet are gonna
be towards the outer hips if that’s available, and
then bend your elbows, right arm underneath left. Lift your elbows up, press
your hands away from you, and just ground your back on down. So we’re stretching your
back, your shoulders. And you’ll get a hip stretch here too. Lift all the way up. Lift your elbows up, arch your back. Three, two, and lower down, unwind. Here we go, switch sides. Other knee on top. Left underneath right. Lift your elbows up, and
then hinge it forward, so we’re getting a hip stretch bonus here as well as getting a stretch in the back. Relax, we worked really hard. So just make sure you’re taking
those extra couple minutes to stretch it out so you’re not as sore. And then it helps keep that
range of motion, right, as we get stronger, it’s great. We wanna keep that range of motion, too. Lift all the way back up. Lift your chest, arch your back. Three, two, release all
the way down, unwind. Do the same thing with
your legs, again, switch. So we’re getting a hip stretch here. Stack your knees, feet on the outer hip. Right arm up and down your back. Left arm out, flip your
thumb down, and reach back and join the hands together. Hug your right elbow in, slide it back. Even out your shoulders. Now take a little tip over to the left. Stretch your right side
body, maybe even look up towards the sky. Here in California it’s beautiful
and sunny and a blue sky. Very lucky. Lift all the way up, unwind. Switch your sides. All right. Left arm up, and the elbow. Right hand by your side, flip it back. Now your sides are gonna be different. So on one side you might feel a touch, and on the other you might not. Lift your chest, and tip it over. Up towards the sky,
hug your left elbow in. Stretch your lat, your triceps,
come all the way on up. Good, unwind. Okay, here’s a fun little stretch. Lay onto your side, knees
bend, stack your knees. Now, your legs are gonna move. We did how many push-ups, like
800,000 million bajillion? (chuckles) So we gotta stretch our pecs. Now the goal here is
not to move your legs, it’s not a twist, this is for your chest. So don’t move your legs, open your chest. Don’t move your legs, and
come back to your center. Now every time… Try and open that pec
muscle a little bit more. But try not to move your
legs, I’m trying my best. Hopefully I’m not. Three more. And open. Oh, this one’s so good. Two, and open, keep those knees together. And last one. This time you’re gonna hold it open. Bend your elbow 90 degrees,
and just a little bit, squeeze your right
elbow towards your butt. Whichever elbow you’ve got, squeeze it down towards your butt, and try and press the back of
your hand towards the ground. So you get a bit stretch
through your pecs. Three, two, and just
flip it right on over. I’m gonna flip over so
you can still see me, but you can just flip it
over onto your other side. Here we gotta keep those knees together. Stack your knees. Press your head down. Keep the knees together, open. And close. If you’re not getting the
stretch through your pec, you’re probably sliding your knees. Open, and close. Three more. And two. And one, hold. Bend your elbow. Ooh, this is my tighter side. I can definitely tell,
I broke my collar bone a couple years ago, and this is the side I broke my collar bone on, so
it’s much, much, much tighter. And you’re gonna find
that in your body too. Bend your elbows, squeeze
it down towards your hips. Try and press the back of
your hands towards the ground. Three, two, and down. Okay. Press it all the way up. Stretch your legs out in front of you. Stretch the back of the body
here, so reach it up tall. And fold all the way down. Five breaths, stretch your
hamstrings, stretch your back. And all the way up. Take a wide stance. Stand up. Interlace your fingers behind your back. So all those push-ups
and pike push-ups we did are gonna really work the
shoulders and the arms just break and wanna open it
up and stretch it out too, so interlace your fingers or grab a towel, or whatever you’re gonna do. Shoulders back and then hinge on forward. Now keep your shoulders
away from your ears, and you’ll wanna creep up. Move them away from your ears,
work towards straight arms. Maybe forehead comes to the
ground someday, maybe not. Oh, that’s a good one. Open, open, open your shoulders. Remember, you can always
grab a towel or a tee shirt and hold that between your hands. That really helped me for a long time. My shoulders were always so tight. Come onto your knees. Sit it on down. Now if you have time, you earn
a few minutes in Shavasana. It’d be so good for you
to rest a little bit, even just a couple of minutes. Otherwise, I will see you guys next time. Awesome, awesome work, namaste. (relaxing music)