5 Min Energy Boosting Yoga Routine | Quick Yoga for Energy | ChriskaYoga

Hello i’m christina and welcome to ChriskaYoga! Today, I will be sharing a quick energy boost Yoga routine this is something you can do when you need a quick boost. It’s only 5 minutes long You can do it perhaps after an afternoon slump at that time of the day when you need more energy So I hope you’ve enjoyed this one before we get started. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and hit the notification belt So you don’t miss out on my free weekly yoga videos? So if you’re ready grab your yoga mat or not? And let’s get started begin in Mountain Pose with your feet hips distance apart and parallel to one another Reach your arms up palms facing each other looking up reach Energetically upwards and hold here Take hold of your right wrist in your left hand tilt over to the left keeping your feet even and your hips even Just tilting your upper body stretching the right side of your torso Looking up and hold Switch sides take hold of the left wrist with your right hand tilting over to the right Looking up keep your feet even on the ground hips are even as well and hold Come up and clasp your hands together at the small of your back arch your back looking up Opening your heart center upwards reaching your hands down towards your heels Come to a forward fold bend your legs folder torso over allow your head to hang down Reach your arms up open your chest and shoulders Hold here Release your hands bringing them down and then come up to standing and reach your arms up Once again this time clasp your hands together above your head leaving your index and your thumb Out we’ll come into another arch look up Bring your hands pointing back behind you on the diagonal. Keep your feet even on the ground looking up open your chest up and Come back up to Center release your hands down by your sides quick quad stretch here Standing on the left leg lift the right leg holding on to the ankle with your right hand you can hold onto your foot with your other hand as well or use a wall a chair or a table to hold on to because this is also a balancing pose avoid arching your low back feel a stretch in the entire quad on the right side and the hip socket and hold Release and switch sides take hold of the left foot in your left hand or in both hands or if needed You can hold on to something with your right hand for stability avoid arching your low back Stretching the quad on the left and the hip socket Release your hand from your foot step out to a wide legged position with your feet beginning in a turned-out position get your arms all the way up in a slope here and Then on an exhale come down to a forward fold and bring your feet parallel Allow your head to hang over bring your hands to the floor if your hands don’t reach the floor Feel free to bend your knees further hold here And for one final movement come up to standing with a straight spine reach your arms up bring them down and turn your body To the right bending your right knee keep your left leg straight and left heel off the ground Plus your hands together above your head and come to an arch in your high lunge on the right side And then slowly come into the other side releasing that lunge Shifting over to the left and the left leg right leg straight clasp your hands together above you touch your back looking up lunging forward into the left leg And then release come back to the center and bring your hands down by your sides Thank you so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed this class if you liked it hit the thumbs up Leave me a comment letting me know how it went for you also Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for free weekly yoga videos for me Thank you so much again for watching and I will see you next time