5 Steps to Make You Enjoy Aging | Easy At Home Skin Care for Youthful Glowing Skin

Hi guys! Welcome back to Wishtrend TV. It’s your sister Eunice in the house today! Today’s theme is youthful aging. Let me tell you guys why we recommend youthful aging, compared to anti-aging. Aging is something that is really natural, and it’s just a part of the circle of life. It’s something that’s really beautiful, so instead of rejecting it, pushing it away, or even running away from it I think it’s really important that we accept it in our lives and also better yet that we embrace it. Now aging happens regardless of our will right? However, when it comes to skin aging the
earlier you start taking care of your skin, you’re gonna have healthier and more beautiful skin for a longer time. So today, we’re gonna suggest a routine for healthy and beautiful skin aging. So guys, as we were on the search to find the perfest guest for youthful aging, actually researched a lot and we found
someone who has this concern. She really wanted to age gracefully and beautifully. Alright so let me introduce you to our guest who’s gonna try the Youthful Aging Skincare Box for 3 weeks. All right now! Here she is! Hi my name is Alex I’m 27 years old and I’m a student right now. So tell me what your skin type is or what your skin concern is. So I basically have combination skin.
So I’m really dry around my cheek area, I have a little bit of oil around
here, but it’s not like too insanely oily. Another weird thing is I have these weird not black head nor white head things on my cheek. Little enlarged pores in my cheek area. Same, same. in the butterfly zone! And dark circles. Can you tell? No noooo they are not bad! So yea those things! They’re my skin concerns. I totally feel you because I have so many skin concerns. Also it’s never just one or two things you know? It’s like four or five! But you are dealing with number 1: wrinkles Number 2: dull complexion, right? Yes. With my dark circle. For sure. And then number 3: elasticity of your skin. Yes. With my pores sagging. Yeah, definitely. All right so we’re gonna find out what
kind of condition your skin is in currently. Are you ready? This is always scary but it’s okay. Alright, I’ll walk you through it. All right Alex. We have the selection of
products for you! Please try them and let us know what your first impressions were. Thank you! Okay, you’re welcome. All right Alex so we’re gonna use these
products every single day for three weeks and you have to tell our wishtrenders
your honest review. Okay! I can do that. Alright. Pinky promise! The first product is the Blue Drop. I’ve seen some comments that say, “I don’t understand why people use this blue water” The watery texture delivers the peptide into the deep layer of your skin so it improves your skin a lot. So this is really watery, I think it’s kind of hard to put it on. I doesn’t really have a specific smell I think that’s good. Yeah right now, it feels a little bit sticky, but not to an extent that it feels uncomfortable. It’s fine. The second product is the Rice Toner. It brightens your exhausted and dull skin. Make sure you shake it well before you use it. This one definitely feels a little bit more oily than other toners I’m used to, but it’s got a pretty fresh finish. But it does feel a little bit slippery on the skin, but in a way that it’s super moisturizing. The third product is the Watery Oil Drop. With its enzyme extracts, you can experience this regeneration and youthful skin. I know that this oil-drop is being advertised as on oilless oil drop. So it’s oil but not actually oil. It does feel like that on the skin, it has the sort of protecting feeling of the oil but not the heaviness of the oil. No smell, which I like. I think my skin looks really glowy And the fourth is the Ginseng Eye Cream. It contains all three: ginseng, red ginseng, and wood cultivated ginseng, Providing nourishment to your eye area
and smoothing out your skin texture. It also helps to improve your elasticity. First of all, this one, I really like the smell! It’s got a really nice smell to fall asleep to, and you usually use eye cream before going to bed so that’s nice. It’s just like a very normal cream-like texture that you can see in any other moisturizer. I’ve never actually used eye cream so I’m pretty excited about its effects. But first feeling: just a normal eye cream. The last product is 75 Vitamin cream. It contains 75% of vitamin water instead of distilled water. It contains natural oil which is rich in vitamin E. it also helps your skin to become more transparent and brightend. Witt this one, I would say it has the lightest finish after the Blue Drop, which I think is really nice, because this is the last step of the skincare. I was a little bit worried that because all the other products were a little bit sticky. I didn’t want to have my face sticky for the rest of the day. But this has a pretty fresh finish. Texture-wise it’s almost Vaseline looking to me. But it’s surprising that it doesn’t feel that heavy on your skin which is nice. I know that you beauty gurus already know but the order that we put on our products is very important. So you’re gonna start from the most watery texture and then you’re gonna move on to a more viscous or even a little bit heavier, sticky texture. Hi everyone! How are you? So today’s the first day of me trying out the products that they gave me. When I was filming earlier at the studio I was really nervous and awkward so I didn’t know what to say… I still don’t know but I’m trying to figure it out haha Hi everyone! I’m back! Today is Friday so day five and I’m gonna get to my skincare now! Today’s Sunday so… day 7! Exactly one week of doing this routine now and yea! Let me begin. Hi everyone! Today is day 8! Hi everyone I’m back! and it’s day 12 I’m
gonna get to my skincare right now Hi everyone it’s day 14! and I just washed
my face now I’m gonna get to my skincare! Hi everyone! How are you? I’m back! and
today is the last day of the routine of three weeks I’m excited to go see at the studio how my skin has actually improved measurement-wise. I do feel a lot better I can see that it’s a lot better… emm so yea! I’m excited to show you guys the results. Bye~ Hi everyone I’m back. It’s my last interview it’s been three weeks since I’ve been all these products. And I am so glad that I decided to partake in this, because I feel like my skin has improved so much. I feel like this routine was so much
better for my skin because I feel like my skin has gotten stronger and more
nourished and another thing is all the fine lines around my eyes I felt like
they were more visible because my skin was always dry but they can’t really see
them anymore I feel like. and another thing is um my pores or a little bit like saggy like vertically But now I feel like my skin has become like more elastic, my skin has more elasticity than back then. The last thing is before trying out the routine, I was actually quite concerned that this is gonna make
and really oily because I have combination skin, right? So like this part is oily and then this is dry so I thought this routine seems like it was a little bit heavy I was worried that it’s gonna make this oily part even more oily, but that didn’t happen. So if you’re worried about that don’t
worry about it, it’s not gonna happen. So after three weeks of trying out the
routine I am extremely satisfied with the results! So yeah that’s why I’m gonna keep on using the routine and the products they gave me. So I hope you guys all try this! Bye~~ And all right guys remember that this discount rate and these amazing free products are only available for two weeks with limited stock. Okay and I know that
Wish Try Love is loved very much so we actually stock up back after the deal is
over but it’s never what the same discount or it’s never with the same benefits so keep that in mind. and I hope that you get it before the deal is over and if you want to see any boxes in the future on Wish Try Love Please leave it in the comments below. Thank you guys so much and I will see you in the next one! Hey everyone I’m back I’ve been trying
these products for a while now and today I just wanted to show you guys because I’m wearing makeup for the first time in the longest and I wanted to show you
guys how makeup looks on my skin right now. So I’m not even using foundation right now I’m just wearing a little bit of concealer, so I was I just put on some concealer but just like one little dip onto the center of my face. Hope you guys really try out the routine, it’s worked miracles of mine and I wish you guys experience that as well! Bye~