5 Surprise Pool Challenge with my FRIENDS! Payton Delu

hey guys my name is this my friend Asia
and you might know why the yellow Power Ranger it’s my friend Bell and we want
to thank zuru for sponsoring this video it’s gonna be really fun because we have
to try to get these hoops around by surprise unicorn squad capsules okay
guys so here’s the ground rules first person to put all three of the Rings
three different by surprise unicorn win the first round so we can’t bend over
like do you have to stand right you actually you have to stay on this side
you can’t go on that side that’s a unless you’re grabbing your ready okay
guys round two is the best round cuz we get open the surprise ah but here’s the
twist since I want they have to keep throwing until you get three second
opening up ready yeah okay they can all wear whatever the winner is whoever puts on a ferry
the basket get ready here is so cute I love the crowd or new and totally gonna
win funny thing is I got Bella done my name
is I’ll give it to you after we’re done okay and I can show you my chips yeah
I’m doing Trixie right now I feel can’t believe I got the rare unicorn I am so
excited I’m excited too me too wish I’d be saying me three look guys, trixie got a little potion for Trixie guys so cold
whoa whoa this one the yellow can I smell it
oh I smell like lemon if you smell bananas to me there’s so much Jenny’s
guys on a swap accessories that’s it all interchangeable yeah I do
how about you fellas right but the mermaid tail good idea I was just gonna
ask you oh whatever I’ll just take off her attic cover detail
look at this at the queen up or down do you like my little tail guys I hope I’m
both on her bun is a little different from mine see we’ve got a cute little
twin and we have little triplets! yeah what do you say we have a bonus round! have to get one of these rings around
one of them by surprise mini brands and over 100 minis to collect I hope I get the glow
in the dark I meant rose and soy sauce this so tiny
Wow they actually do look like the real thing I love my hey guys you know there are
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