Hello Yogi’s, my name is Michael Toru, and I’m a brand warrior for Warrior Addict today We have an awesome practice and start for you five poses to start out your day so the original article was written by Alicia Inca, who is a talented writer and Yogi and she wrote the full blog post so you can go check out where she really breaks down these five poses that we’ll be exploring today in this practice So what I’ve done is I’ve created a flow around these five poses that it’ll be about 20 minutes in length Let me do it any time in the day to really give yourself a boost of energy just to feel good It’s practices probably best more for beginners to intermediate We’re not going and doing any sort of really crazy type of flows here So it’s really appropriate for people who are just beginning their practice But really anybody should be able to get a lot of benefit out of this Okay, you guys let’s begin come to a comfy seated position Whatever that looks like for you, you may want to put something underneath your bum to prop up your hips Hi nice tall spine Soften your shoulders down your ears and close your eyes and just take a moment here before you begin Just to connect with that sweet breath I or inhale start deep at your little belly fill all the way up your collarbones As you pack snow on the inner top load and the top to the bottom It’s a few more here on your own Will they open your eyes Let’s just stuff from your seat I’m doing all fours position So we make sure those hands are stuck under the shoulders knees underneath the hips I’m going to solid base there It’s really press the ground of the way firm as you do So see if you can really squeeze your chest up and create a little bit of a dome position in your upper back so nice stable all fours on your next inhale sweep your chest forward as you gaze upwards find your Cal about it then exhale take your chin to your chest and around so this is our first pose our first sequence There are five poses on your next inhale come forward And you exhale round it In l4 arch your spine as you exhale tuck your chin as you round back To neutral position take the fingers point outwards Well, this find a different expression of our CAC out here as you inhale. Milt’s are hurt down towards the left Heard that arch and then you exhale take your chin to your chest round towards the right So an inhale takes you down towards the left Aksum rep up towards the right So if you’re moving around a big old barrel Come back to Center and then take it the other way. So I Melt that heart down towards the right and then exhale round up towards the left. This is opposite directions, whatever you did last night They explored the edges of your wrist here side side So come back Center This your hands back to your neutral all fours tuck those toes Send your sit bones high into a Down Dog position So we’re down dog for those beginners here Make sure your legs are too far back. So one really make sure that your legs are in enough That your bum is highly crate almost like a triangle shape with your body here We press that ground firm away from you So you do so see if you can make the tightest your forearms and your wrists together Or you keep your heads in place and see if this can wrap Those triceps back and then feel that broadness of the upper back here Maybe next inhale begin to walk your hands back towards your feet find a floor full of deep bend in your knees. I Mean I said no straight your left leg is you fold over top of the left leg You know back to Center exhale straighten a little great leg full overtime You know come back to Center on an inhale rise up stem Exhale back to Center You know reach both arms up clasp your left wrist with your right hand on an inhale reach up and over towards the right really push that left hip Towards the left you spiral your chest and your shoulder up towards the left Any will come back Keep those arms ups with opposite directions to clasp that right wrist And you’ll reach up and then over Towards the left Let me take the breath that right side body massage those muscles And you’ll back up to Center exhale bow down for full a moment You know halfway lift we’re getting to crawl your heads for almost make it like animalistic hair Come back to a down dog position inhale, right leg raises high Exhale draw your eat your Center, please your right foot between your hands spin that back foot flat and then reach your arms up towards the left side of the room into warrior two So make sure that your knee is a lot of that second big toe you really press into the outer edge of that back foot Reach those arms long hair Your next inhale reach that right arm up and over as your left arm comes down the back of your leg Maybe next inhale reset great arm for place. It’s here in your leg Exhale, press your arm against you ladies you reach that left arm up above Side angle it up Inhale rise back up Interlace your hands behind your back leave draw that left hip forward be short your sense a little bit to Your next inhale really puff your heart up here as you excellent dive for is you take your right? Shoulder to your right in your leg Hold your for a moment in your humble warrior One exhale release your hands quarter has towards the left side of the map toes pointed heels point out slightly on your inhale bend at your knees gaze up halfway and as you exhale fold We come into our wide legged forward fold, this is another one of the poses So many benefits in this pose We get the back of our hamstrings into our hips as well as get a little bit of an inversion quality here, which I Hope the digestion reverse blood flow push yourself a trainer blends. It’s amazing One more deep breath cycle here On your next inhale halfway lift crawl those heads back to Center back to that warrior two sense That back foot is flat plant your right hand Your inner right arch left hand comes up to your left hip really grab that left hip with your head and draw it upwards On your next inhale open back up warrior two You know reach forward that right arms your inner leg as you exhale, press hand against link as you revolve into triangle pose So you straighten the leg press the arm against the leg really use that strength that action to scoop that left hip and Shoulder over to the side of the road On your next inhale bend your front knee come back up to reverse warrior as you exhale straighten that front leg You come in a triangle. Let’s make it flew in here on your next inhale back acts up porch You know Backs up You know warrior two EXO hurtle those hands down to the earth You know the step back to find a plank position Exhale lower your knees And your chest and your chin fall? Oh wow, straighten those legs out Press into your hands you come to a little baby Cobra Maybe a full core if you want to straighten the bottom or if you have the back mobility Another deep inhale here as you exhale Come back down It will rise up throw try to round off your knees or on your toes Rise up to the plate and then send those sit bones back find down dog You know left leg raises up high this time exhale draw your knee through with power place your foot down with the grace Spin that back foot flat Open your arms up to face the right side of the mat Coming to your breath here your next inhale left arm reaches up and over fiber verse Breathe into the expansion in those left side body ribs down Next inhale left arm comes forward reach for then Exhale place your arm to your inner legs reach that right arm up above Next inhale rise back up warrior two Interlace those hands behind your backs. You remember which were you interlaced? So we come into office of always finding balances Yogi’s here All right, you know really puffed that heart up and as you exhale dive forward left shoulder to inner left leg Exhale release your heads down crawl your heads towards the right side of that Pick those legs out longer to knock down writing point the toes out heels slightly an inhale halfway lift bend into those legs acts a mulch Also do see are your hands backwards Can depressing the outer edge of both feet as you lengthen you come your head down Inhale rise back up halfway Acts up for all those hands back to the front spin your front foot flat space for back foot Is flat place the left hand to the inner left our right hand comes to your upper, right? Yep, really use that hand to grab that haven’t run upwards Our next inhale rise back up warrior two Stay for an x-up In your left arm for Your inner leg as you exhale open up find your triangle So our triangles another one of the poses Again so many benefits in this pose not only in the physical body but really to Open us up in our internal body as well Your next inhale bend into that front knee To reach that left arm up and over As you exhale smoothly go forward back try annual up Acts up porch Enough back so a Male Warrior too as you excellent her meal those hands down step back to a plank you put on your knees on your toes lower down Chaturanga push up on an inhale rise up for your Cobra pressing the top of your feet and your pelvis spread abroad Your collarbones deep inhale here as you exhale fold In your to rise back up and exhale Shift those hip back down dog lower your knees down You should goes back toes our tops here I’m gonna stand up on her knees. Take your heads and place them about your Kind of mid back area here On your inhale really lengthen up First then exhale press your hands into your back is to reach up and over It’s almost like you’re coming over a high jump bar So you’re gonna think of this action up and then over as you come here this back then Exhale release down so you’re bumping your heels. So chill for a moment Release down Your bum after a background it’s really nice to come to a twist we’re gonna come into one of the other poses To really start out your day Or any point in your day So left leg goes long right leg crosses over top hold ardha, matsyendrasana Seated spinal twist. So wrap your hands around that right leg. Inhale really ground your sit bone and then as you exhale twist Towards the right If you want to go deeper you have the option as well to bend into that left leg make sure we’ll toes are flexed And this is a little bit of a deeper expression then make sure that right hip continues to route down As you twist continue to lengthen your crown the crown of your head upwards There’s some openness into that outer right hip Next inhale come back to Center take those legs out in front. Give them a little bit of a shake Keep that right leg long left leg cross it over hug your arms around that left leg inhale find elongation in your life and as you exhale twist Again you can always bend into that right leg if you want to go a little bit deeper. You’re feeling good You make sure to continue to squeeze That right leg in draw that left hip down And really twist around the axis of your spine You know come back to Center keep your legs up you gotta give them a little shaky boo turn the soles of your feet together Bring your legs out a little bit further to have a little bit of a wider or longer diamond here on an inhale elongate your spine and as you exhale, press your Elbows into your calves as you fold You’re trying to create a nice long spine hair Bring some space of that inner groin area Soften your shoulders down you see if you can beam your heart forward here Your next inhale roll yourself up Plant the soles of your feet as you bend in your knees lower yourself with control Down or not you about? Extend your legs send your arms as you come into shavasana it was a great weight and any practice here just take a few moments just to breathe Just release to really allow yourself to integrate everything from this short practice Your next inhale drawing a deep breath you acts outside out ah Yeah deep inhale Again exhale, ah Now next two breaths get too weak in your body Roll yourself up to a seated position. Ah Thank you guys for joining me for that sweet short practice Hope you’re feeling ready to start your day or wherever you’re at in your day Let suppose this feels so darn good. I’ll see you guys again on the mat namaste