7 Min Meditation to Start Your Day  |  Yoga With Adriene

7 Min Meditation to Start Your Day | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi everyone and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this
is Benji and we have a super simple, super sweet
mindfulness meditation to help you start your day. So grab a blanket or a
pillow to sit on if you like and let’s get started. (gentle music) Alright my darling friends,
Good Morning. We’re gonna begin in a nice, comfortable seated
position of your choice. So you can come onto the ground, sit on a pillow or
a blanket or a towel. You can also do this sitting
up nice and tall at the edge of your couch or a chair. But we do want to come into a
position in which we can begin to sit up nice and
tall through the spine. And then begin to
relax your shoulders. Settle in and wherever the hands
fall naturally, embrace that. So explore what
feels good today, palms face up,
palms close in to your center. Maybe hands
together in your lap. Maybe you take a Mudra. So just start to
listen to you body. This is gonna be important
as we set ourselves up to have an awesome day. Present with what is,
open-minded, available for whatever
the universe has in store. Take a moment to begin to notice
your breath and as you do that, soften your gaze
or close your eyes. So we’re sitting up tall. We’re closing the eyes despite maybe feeling a
little sleepy, don’t worry. And we’re gently
beginning to deepen the breath. And as you’re ready,
nice and slow, you’re gonna drop
your chin to your chest. And then lift your
nose up towards the sky. Slow and steady.
Dropping the chin. And then nose to the heavens. Start to sync up with nice,
full, conscious breaths. Nodding the head. And then bring it back to center
stillness and you’re just gonna take it in the opposite
direction now, side to side. (clears throat)
Excuse me. Taking your nose to
the left and to the right. Nice and easy. And come back to center. Reset, sit up nice and tall. Close your eyes
or soften your gaze. You’re gonna take your
hands now to your belly. Just nice, gentle
hand to belly connection. Begin to breathe
downward into your hands. Nice, full, conscious breath in. Belly expands. Nice, mindful, slow exhalation. Navel draws in. Then keep the hands there or
you can replace them back to your knees or you thighs. Whatever feels best
this morning, today. But continue the
full diaphragmatic breath. Waking up with each inhale and surrendering
with each exhale. See if you can allow
this conscious breathing to affect your mood,
to affect this posture. Make adjustments as needed. But then each time you do
mindfully return to the sound of your breath, to the
quality of your breath. Soften through the skin
of the face and the jaw. Just be present here in the moment. Then remember how you move
matters so pay attention to the way in which you slowly
draw your palms together. Anjuli Mudra. A gentle, reverent bow
of head to heart here and an opportunity for you to set an
intention for your day. It can be a sentence,
it can be a quality. Something to be conscious of. Not something
on your to-do list but a sensation, an energy, an intention
that you can move with throughout the
rest of your day. Then breathe a little deeper,
more fully and repeat your intention and if
you can’t settle on one, simply choose love. I choose love. Whatever came up today,
embrace it fully. Take a deep breath in. Then a long breath out. Once more,
inhale lots of love in. And exhale lots of love out. Slowly release the hands. Flutter your eyelashes open. Tap into a little inner smile
and have an amazing day. Namaste. (gentle music)