7 Ways to Look Taller and Slimmer

seven ways [to] look taller and slimmer a Petite stature has its advantages for instance. You always look younger than your actual age however There are some drawbacks You need to choose [your] clothes and accessories carefully because some combination can shorten your figure and a private of all its gracefulness we asked top style is through advice on how to accentuate a petite stature and checked out their recommendations with the help of a lovely model now you can watch the result the last fashion trick has Transformed our Model Beyond recognition tops and skirts To look stunning you should remember about maintaining the right figure proportions your choice of clothes plays a significant part in this Wearing your top loose cuts your figure in half making your torso look massive and longer and shorten your legs It’s better to wear the top tucked into the skirt as this will highlight the waist lengthen the legs and make your figure Slender and more fragile Another option is to wear a crop top and skirt set can you see the difference? Belts and shoes when it comes to shoes Clashing colors or bulkiness can make your legs appear much shorter if you like wearing shoes or sandals that buckle at the ankle the straps Should match the tone of your [skin]? Also, [you] should avoid wide belts a belt creating a visible horizontal line makes the torso look wider Meanwhile vertical Lines [address] without a belt and lighter colored shoes make you noticeably taller and slimmer Just compare these two models looks which one do you like the most? jackets and blazers Petite girls shouldn’t wear large or elongated jackets suits or blazers. They? visibly Shorten the legs and make the Silhouette Blurred and unwielding Choose jackets and blazers that are small and volume cropped and fitted up to the waist or slightly below You should [also] choose your bags carefully they’re currently fashionable shopper bags will make your overall image more cumbersome the best option for petite girls is a Small bag of a width not exceeding 10 to 11 inches if you prefer backpacks they too should be small and have neat Geometric shapes [Cardigans] I’ll keep in mind that your Cardigans mustn’t be too bulky or have conspicuously large details such as sizable patch pockets Long Cardigans present an easy solution to adding a few inches to your height without the help of high heels Such clothing does a perfect job [of] creating that all-important? Uninterrupted vertical Line which visibly enhances your stature would you agree? dresses Voluminous dresses look best only on tall girls when worn by miniature beauties. They press the wearer’s figure down to the ground Shortening your silhouette and in particular your legs. What should you do go with waist vintage sheath dresses? They suit petite ladies. Just fun giving correct proportions and stretching the silhouette up work contrasts and monochromes Contrasting colors in clothing such as a bright tough and dark bottoms separate the figure in half Creating a horizontal boundary line that emphasizes your lack of height in Comparison Monochrome sets noticeably lengthen the silhouette moreover brightly colored clothes look more voluminous Can you see it the same pink sweatshirt looks a little larger? jeans and tops An ordinary t-shirt and jeans might divide your figure in half however a cropped top is the perfect choice for women of small stature Combining it with high-waisted jeans helps don’t lengthen your legs significantly Another option is to wear a crop top and skirt give it a try and the results will leave you pleasantly surprised Did you enjoy the video then hit the like button below? Don’t forget to share this video and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life