A Day in the Life of Ronnie Anne 🛹 The Casagrandes | Nick

Hey, it’s Ronnie Anne. I’m gonna show you a typical day
in the life of me! Let’s roll! Every morning I wake up
to the world’s furriest alarm clock! Gah, Lalo, what the heck, dude? Time for breakfast,
early bird gets the chilaquiles! Up next, abuela’s breakfast. ¡Andale, eat, eat! I love her cooking
but I’m not the only one. Mine! Now to finally eat! [whining] You are really laying it on thick,
aren’t you? Go ahead, I’ll grab something
on my way to the park. Just don’t tell abuela. Oh, Lalo. At least my favorite hot dog cart
is just a skate away. Morning, Bruno.
I’ll have the Great Lakes City special. One dog dragged through the garden. – You want a hot dog with the works?
– Yep. After breakfast,
Sid and I meet up at the Glart station, where we catch the train to school. – Oh, Sid, watch out for the–
– Gum? Saw it. Woah, woah, woah, woah! Banana… I was gonna say banana. When it comes to Glart,
there’s no such thing as a boring ride. Especially on holidays! [groaning] Welcome to the Glart ghost train! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! – Hey, dad!
– Hi, girls! I wanted to wear a costume
but the Glart said no! It’s not like it would interfere
with my job! My hands would totally be free
inside a taco costume! Um, dad…
shouldn’t you be driving the train? Oh, right, sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry, sorry. Our wild ride brings us to school, which is a blast since we’ve started
our Lucha Libre Robotics Club. Alright, bots. I want a good, clean battle! No hitting below the fan belt! Woohoo! Let’s do this! I’m gonna take you down, Sid. Come at me, bro! When I get home from school,
I chat with dad, hang with the fam, eat a snack, feed Sergio, groom Sergio,
do yoga with Sergio… Living my best life! Anyway, after all that,
I usually stop by the mercado. Do you think anyone notices that
I stack the soup cans in rainbow order? No offence, Bobby, but… probably not. Nelson, heel! Oh, Bobby, I– I’m so sorry! I know you stacked those cans
in rainbow order. No problem, Mr. Nakamura,
I’m just touched you noticed. Some days I even help out. But it can get a little hectic. Oh, hi, Maybelle. I need your help
with everything on this list, and I am very particular! Two pints of strawberries. Make sure you check
the bottoms for mould! Seven cans of cat food. No, I want the fresh ones
from the back! I need everything double bagged,
and don’t you bruise my bananas! OK, thanks, bye! [clearing throat] Hector always brings
my groceries home for me. Of course! When I leave the mercado, Sid and I meet up to discuss
the more important things in life. You were right, Sid! 12 is Midnight
is great skateboarding music! ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Told ya! K-Pop makes everything better! After that, I head down to the skate park to work on some new moves
with Tio Carlos. Ah, yes, the Wooly Foot Rail Slide. Now, the key to this trick
is simple physics. Yes! Woohoo! That was sick and tight! Did I say that right? And after a long day,
there’s nothing better than the peace, quiet and comfort
of my own bed. [yawning] I thought this day would never end. Finally a break from– [screaming] Carl, what do you think you’re doing? Oh, I’m sorry! Would you rather I slept on the floor? No, I’d rather you sleep in your own bed! I already share this room with a bird,
that’s my limit. I’m right here. And that’s just another typical day
in the life of me! Tomorrow is probably
gonna be even better! Smell you later!