Adapted Yoga: Kids with Special Needs Creating Salutations

Adapted Yoga: for kids with special needs Creating yoga salutations>>Stephanie: So today the kids are making
up their own salutations. So what they’re doing is they’re picking three
cards that they like. Each card has a picture of the pose- this
is gate pose- and an icon of how to do the pose. They pick three of these, and they have to
make a salutation that has six movements. Dennis’ Salutation>>Stephanie: Tree. Then? Then? Then? By creating their own yoga salutations, the
kids learn to abstract the poses and to order them in complex ways.>>Stephanie: Explain how you did the series. You did…>>Sarah: Number one, two, three, four, and
then I went back to two, and then I went back to one. 1.) Cat under chair. 2.) up dog. 3.) gate. 4.) see-saw. 2.) up dog. 1.) Cat under chair. As the kids progress, they can include more poses in their salutation and learn how to model and teach them to each other. Justin teaches his salutation to Dennis.>>Yuji: Sarah, what are you teaching her?>>Sarah: I’m teaching her how to do Eagle
pose for the first time.>>Yuji: Whose salutation is this, yours,
or hers?>>Sarah: Mine>>Yuji: So are you teacher?>>Sarah: Yes, I can!>>Yuji: How do you like her salutation?>>Spring: Yes>>Yuji: You like it? Are you guys friends?>>Sarah: Yes… together. Together forever. Teaching yoga creatively lets kids with special
needs learn how to understand more about their own bodies and their own minds. Over time the children learn to become more
confident with themselves and find yoga to be a place of creativity and awareness. Learn more about Adapted Yoga and our other
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