Advanced Yoga Poses and Positions : Free Online Yoga Instruction : Side Angle Yoga Pose

Side angled pose, for side angled pose you
want to start by bringing your feet to a comfortable straddle distance apart and turning one foot
out ninety degrees and your back foot in at least thirty degrees. As if you’re coming
in to triangle pose, you’ll want to keep your hips turned forward enough so that your
front knee is facing out directly over the toes of your front foot and then bending your
front knee deeply you’ll bring your front forearm down to the thigh and above the waist.
So turning from the ribcage you can use one hand to help turn your hips a little bit more
toward the ceiling. And then, reaching your opposite arm out you’re going to make sure
you’re still pressing down through both feet so that you’re not going to lose your
balance as you reach up and if you want to go a little bit deeper into the pose you can
take your bottom hand down to the floor and then extend your top arm over head so it comes
down alongside your ear. And like all of these standing poses, you can look down at the floor,
you can look out at the horizon or you can look up past your top shoulder. And then to
come out of this pose, reaching up toward the ceiling, and looking down at your feet,
inhale, reach up, arms come out to the side and down, turning the feet parallel and as
lightly as possible stepping back to center.