Sit in the base position or cross-legged pose
with hands resting on the knees. Close the eyes and keep the head upright
Sideways movements Exhaling, gently turn the head to the right
so that the chin is in line with shoulder Inhale and bring the head to the centre
Exhale and turn the head to the left Practice 10 times on each side
Tilting movements Move the head to the right, while exhaling,
and try to touch the right earlobe to the right shoulder, without raising the shoulder
or turning the head Inhale and come to the centre and repeat to
the left side Do not strain, touching the shoulder is not
necessary Practice 10 rounds Up and Down movements
Move the head as far back as possible, while inhaling
Exhaling, slowly move the head forward and try to touch the chin to the chest
Slow movements with deep breathings, without any strain Slowly rotate the head downward, to the right,
backward and then to the left side in a relaxed, smooth, rhythmic, circular movement
Practice 6-10 times clockwise and 6-10 times anti-clockwise
Do not strain