ASMR Yoga For Stress Relief, Peace & Relaxation

welcome this is a gentle yoga routine to
help us find more peace and relaxation we will be utilizing the yoga block
today so if you have one go ahead and set it aside if not you may use a few
books and a pillow case and simply lay a blanket on top for a little extra
cushion let’s begin come to your back feet mat with distance and begin rocking
the knees side to side see how low you can draw the knees here next go ahead and throw out the right
foot and place the left foot on the inner right thigh or calf option to
place a pillow or block under the left knee for extra support right hand on
your belly left hand on your heart to help keep you present feeling your
heartbeat acknowledging your inhales and exhales moving slowly through the body
here notice if you’re pressing into the upper back creating an arch in the lower
back utilizing your exhales sigh Oh any of that tension as the lower back sinks
and the spine finds its natural position you may notice the hips get a little
heavier maybe the outer hip and the groin begins to soften and the knee
starts to relax release switching legs take the right
foot on the inner left thigh option to utilize a block or pillow underneath and
be right knee go ahead and place your right hand on your belly left hand on
your heart we get to surrender here and invite
calmness into the body utilizing your exhales to release any tension from the
upper back shoulders hips how that needs be heavy here you go ahead and release bending both knees begin to open the knees bottoms of feet
to touch option here to add a few pillows or blocks under the knees for
added support right hand on your belly left hand on
your heart and once again stay really present here connecting with the breath
and the heartbeat begin working through the body take your time
checking with the shoulders and the upper back of the spine soften here relaxing the groin the outer hips if at
any point you feel yourself lifting out of this pose maybe in the knees the
upper back maybe even in the the ribcage just come back to the breath sigh it all
out just fully surrendering here release go ahead and give Annie’s a good
squeeze here when you’re ready cross the left leg
over the right rest here go ahead and hug the knees into chest feel free to
grab the knees or opposite ankles option to rock side to side if that feels good release switching legs and feel free to
hug the knees into chest you release grab your block and place it
underneath the sacrum I like to have the tailbone in the center of the block so
it’s not too high not too low but play around here it will feel different for
everyone feel free to let the knees fall inward inhale exhale softening the lower back
allow the hips to become super heavy here it will sound a little silly but
envision the hips melting over that block fully surrendering here rest here or begin to rock the knees
side to side rolling over the glutes if you’re rocking here go ahead and find
some stillness remove the block and set it aside hug the knees give yourself a generous
squeeze here big squeeze option to rock it out release the feet to the bottom of the
mat hands to your sides palms facing up and
open give yourself this moment out of your day to fully surrender no flexing stretching tensing or
engaging just being and feeling the body and it’s fully relaxed state working
from the crown of the head all the way to the root of the body the feet begin
to soften the forehead keep it gentle gaze with the eyes or go
ahead and close the eyes softening the jaw the back of the neck draw the breath into the chest expanding
the chest maybe begin to expand the ribcage nice deep breath
full exhale sighing out any tension in the upper back softening the shoulders
maybe the ribs begin to fall inward notice if you’re holding any tension and
the elbows on an exhale begin to soften the elbows maybe as the elbows begin to
soften and relax the hands become slightly heavier maybe the fingers begin
to naturally curl inward towards the palms you may notice a numbness or
tingling in the hands to observe here enjoy this is the body surrendering draw the breath into the belly taking
the biggest breath you’ve taken today filling the belly exhale big sigh here allowing the lower
back spine to soften maybe as a spine begins to relax the hips become heavier draw your attention towards the hips
groin hamstrings observe any sensations here begin to soften the knees maybe as
the knees begin to soften the feet get a little heavier toes more relaxed you may
start to feel a numbness or tingling in the feet as the body begins to surrender
deeper here again just observe and enjoy we’ll rest your few more moments
continue working through the body observing the body slowly begin to wake up the body
wiggling the fingers toes maybe start to rock the head side to side being bending
the knees rocking the knees side to side when you’re ready roll to your right
side give yourself a pat on the back some gratitude for showing up to the mat
today for dedicating this time to not only feeling your best physically but
mentally as well you are so worthy of that on your next inhale slowly come to
seated we’ll go ahead and NDL hands overhead
grab all that love all that light exhale draw it into heart center
one more time inhale reach up overhead take it into heart center thank you for
joining namaste