B00b Blasting Supersets | Female Muscle Workout

(Intro) I use dumbbells the majority of the time
to ensure both arms are doing their share of the work.
When using the dumbbells you will want to think about bringing your elbows
together instead of pushing the weights up to engage more of the pecs and less
of the anterior delts. Immediately after I do a dumbbell floor
fly. So when doing this on the floor it allows you to use more weight without
putting your shoulder joint into jeopardy. Even though when doing this on
a bench you’re able to bring your arms farther behind your body to get a
stretch in the pec it does put a lot of stress on the shoulder. This superset is going to target the
upper pecs first and then the inner pecs. Using the same cue of bringing your
elbows together instead of pushing the weight just up with your hands. Immediately after I grab two plates,
smooth side out and press them together as hard as I can.
I then slowly do a pressing motion bringing the plates down to my chest and
then pushing away. The entire time I’m thinking of trying to flatten the plate
with my hands. Last superset is a decline bench press which will get more lower
pec activation. When doing this you will bring the bar right below the sternum.
The barbell will let you use more weight since your arms will be working together. Afterwards I do a pullover and depending
on the execution the pullover can be used for the lats or the pecs. The setup
is the same but to engage more of the pecs; when bringing your arms behind your head you’ll want to try to keep your arms
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