Back to School FITNESS Challenge 💙 Get Fit and Look Bomb for School! 🤓

what the remedy is welcome back to my channel oh my god August is here feel like this year to screw by so fast and it’s almost time to go back to school so for the month of August I have a fitness challenge for you guys in how we get in shape before school starts in September so the goal of the challenge is to help you slim down and get lean and toned before school starts in September however feel free to start this challenge anytime you want the PDF with all the daily workouts is going to be in the description box down below and if you’re new here and you like monthly fitness challenges and for your workout plans tap that subscribe button and join my t2 fam and become my next work company anyways let’s get into the details of the program we’re gonna be working out six days per week the workouts from Monday through Friday are gonna be about 30 to 45 minutes each I’m gonna push a little bit harder on Saturdays and go for an hour it’s also gonna be a bonus workout that you guys can also do it’s basically the hit workout that I filmed with Chloe teen followed by the yoga cooldown the bonus workout is gonna be there anytime you want to burn some extra calories for the day or just boost your metabolism up for example if you know you’re gonna go out to eat with your friends and you kind of know you’re gonna pick out you can do this workout before you go to kind of wrap up your metabolism during the bonus workout will really help you reach your goals faster and stay on track I say this a lot I’m going to say again eating a nutritious clean this diet is gonna play a huge role in helping you achieve a healthy and lean body you can workout a lot but if you also eat a lot of junk chances are you’re probably not going to reach my fitness goals however I personally do not advocate extinct dieting I think they’re very dangerous and harmful to your body from my own personal experience they were only temporarily effective and it only resulted in me having a lower metabolism than what is normal for me which took me years to reverse so what I suggest to do it instead is to eating nutrient-dense balanced diet definitely eat lots of vegetables lean proteins and some healthy fats you don’t have to force yourself to eat healthy foods diet on life just choose the healthy foods that you enjoy eating and be a little bit mindful of the portion size I’m actually starting to get my fitness nutrition specialization so that I can answer your nutrition diet questions better but for now I will link some articles in the description box down below about how they recommend you guys read that were written by registered dietitians anybodies drop a thumbs up if you’re with me this month and leave your questions and concerns in the comment section down below anyways I love you guys so much and I’ll see you guys are really really soon [Music]