Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga Chaturanga Pose

I’m Linda Black here to show you Chaturanga.
This is not a simple pose, but, for beginners we’re going to show you a nice way to get
into it. Starting in four limbs staff pose, out from your hands and knees, extend the
fingers, the feet back to the back edge of your mat so you’re in a high plank position.
Very nice. There’s a lot of stress and strain on the shoulder so we’re going to do this
from the knees. So gently bring the knees to the floor. Notice how the hips are still
in line with the shoulders. And the movement is going to go forward, so inhale, take the
crown of the head forward and on the exhale bend the elbow in towards you’re snugging
to the waist. So as you lower down, hold right there, very nicely done, shoulders are lifted
and then release all the way down to the floor. Awesome! Coming into a Low Cobra, lift the
head, neck and shoulders, our hands don’t move, the fingers are wide, press into the
first knuckle of your first finger and feel the elbow squeeze on to the back. Shoulder
blades engaged, lift the shoulders and rotate them away from the floor. It’s nice to have
a length in the back of the neck so you’re not strain to look for some, looking up, but
just at the ground in front of you. And then release to the floor. Nice.