Beginner Pilates Exercises : The Saw Exercise  for Pilates

Beginner Pilates Exercises : The Saw Exercise for Pilates

The final exercise that I am going to demonstrate
in your Beginners Pilate Program is called the saw. Go ahead and stay seated on your
mat. Feet out in front of you and then you are going to separate your legs as wide as
you possibly can. So just go ahead and separate and where ever they land is where you are
naturally able to open your legs so keep them right where they are. Your feet are flexed.
You are going to extend those arms all in front of you over the legs. Navel to spine,
keep your spine lengthened, head, neck and back in one line. You are going to inhale
as you twist your body over to one side. Those arms are out to the side. Your pinkie finger
over your right hand and you are going to exhale as you reach down for the pinkie finger
of the toe and inhale, exhale come back center. Opposite direction, inhale, exhale pinkie
finger to pinkie toe. Inhale lift and come back center. Good. And again, inhale and exhale
reach, inhale lengthen navel to spine, exhale center and again. Inhale and exhale. Inhale
and exhale.