Beginners, get ready for the first yoga class!  Basic YOGA POSES for YOGA CLASS 10 minutes at home!

Beginners, get ready for the first yoga class! Basic YOGA POSES for YOGA CLASS 10 minutes at home!

Hello! My name is Yogini Rasa and I’m
certified Open Yoga teacher. Today I welcome you on the yoga mat. All
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This video will be on on yoga practice How to make the set of yoga poses for a
yoga beginner? What rules or concepts we should follow? There are different parts of the
yoga practice but in the very beginning the main thing is the beginning. How do we prepare? We prepare coming on the yoga mat, sitting down, closing our eyes and concentrating on
ourselves. Taking a few nice breaths in order to
come down and switch to what we’re going to do today. You can take as much
time as necessary, but now we will go on with the next exercises. When we are sitting down. We can do many different poses and will
do forward bend. This would be like this. Down on your
knees. You can put your legs a little bit of
apart, if it’s more comfortable and you can go down. If it’s too much for this moment you can also have a good forward bend by just
rounding your spine. Backward bend would be nice if you just go straight
back. Or also we go down. Have a nice crocodile position or go a little bit
higher and have a nice cobra position. Very well and leave the position and rest a
little bit. In between each yoga pose you find the moment to rest. We start of
the standing poses. There are two that we have to do. It is side bends and one
for the balance. That side triangle pose a very nice pose. Feet plate hands parallel to the
floor. Which was going to the one side and then that side. We bend down. A little bit by little bit we do! Then we turn to the other side. Bend down. Just find it very very
comfortable position for you. You know lower higher as you wish. O.K., this is very well in
between we rest and try to relax the muscles that are engaged in this way. The tree pose – this will be for the balance it is good.
To find a point. That is in front of you and then it’s not moving. Because one so
we put on the inner type or lower higher as you wish. We put the hands in
front of position and hold it for a moment. If you can close eyes your do it! It’s more challenging. Then switch.
Rest again. Find the pose and find the point and keep the balance.
Very well! So, that would be all for standing position. The next pose will be twist pose.
We’ll do twister the one side into the left like usual. One of the versions to
do. It is to bend the knee and put the other feet across. Then I turn to the
other side of the to the side where over leg is. Relax. Switch the sides. Again cross one leg with the
other across and go to the side of the one that is above. This is very
beneficial for your spine. Just be careful and find the best twist. We are ready for inverted pose or
the upside down pose. Many different versions again. I’ll show you the simple
one. We lay on the back knees bent and
good position and lift your feet up. You can stay in this position or if you
feel strong work you can go up stand a your sholders Just be very very careful. You get the idea about the inverted pose. One of the poses would do during your class is a power pose. It is more
challenging and a challenge is different for every person. Something like a frog pose and
will be stretching it. This will be my power pose today but of
course it can be different for each person. We have all the set with the
balance poses with the bending to the right and left. I was twisting, bending forward and
backward finding also all power poses and favorite poses. What we do it? We
rest. This happens very easily we go on the back and straighten up. Relax everything and completely. Close
your eyes and just try to feel how your body is feeling now after a good workout. Thank your body for the good work.
Appreciate it and relax. You can spend in this pose five or ten minutes.
Or just a moment but just point end of practice. What is done? Is done and you have
completed your yoga set. Thank you very much and I see you in the
next yoga class. Sorry it’s not there yet! You have to take your yoga mat and
let’s repeat which poses we had today. First you get in the mood and focus.
Then you do some balance pose. Like we did tree pose. You do the standing or the
seating bench to the right and left. We had a triangle pose. Then you can have
a child pose. Remember sitting down and go. Then
we can have a small cobra or crocodiles pose. For the back bend. Power
poses and some twisting. As well as in vertically poses. Get ready! Because
listening is good watching is good! If you have to do the action! LIKE & SUBCRIBE