Best Ever Gym Prank of The  World | Allama Pranks | Lahore TV | Pakistan | India | UK | KSA | UAE

Best Ever Gym Prank of The World | Allama Pranks | Lahore TV | Pakistan | India | UK | KSA | UAE

Allama: Aslam o Alikum Totla: Walaikum Salam Allama: This is our friend “Nadeem Boss” We Came here today at Boss Gym This is a nice gym located in Anarkali Lahore We will do a Gym Prank here with Allama Allama Will show you his Body Like this we hope you will enjoy it We Also thank this man for providing us opportunity to prank in his gym kindly say Subscribe ‘Lahore TV’ Boss: Subscribe Lahore TV And Press the Bell Icon Wow Waaooow…Clapping, Chanting Too Good Allama: You all please do workout Why are you wasting your time Start your workout Do it bro don’t watch my face Trainer: Look at him, he is our inspiration Look at this fat boy working out with small small dumbbells you watermelon yes do it faster Up, Down Up, Down Like this Hey, you are at gym you cabbage doing it with small plates Look at this hero Hey why are you sitting down stand up and do some exercise yes hey yes watermelon come on old engine Boy: Allama sahib go to hospital mind your age old man Allama: i am trainer you don’t look like a coach yes i am your coach no you are not you didn’t here about me ? no never go to graveyard and book your spot listen you drum of charcoal go to hospital please you start workout, take the rod and begin he wont be getting any tricep he may lose his natural triceps he looks more a quack than coach i am also a quack, see please brother go and feed some birds look, you don’t came here to act in a drama, do your exercise let me teach you pick this up look hi face you look at your face yes we have seen your face now bury him you are coach, then take off your shirt and let us see your body he is less coach and more a coachmen who let this watermelon enter into the gym What is this bro? you guys do your stuff from here you find this thing ? he is coach Allama, the Arnold Chivas Regal Allama, the Arnold Chivas Regal Hello Schwarzenegger, go and sell some sugarcane, go Listen, i have a job to train you people you have a job to make us mad? i will teach you you have ruined your muscles due to wrong angle is it turned on back side ? yes this is turned muscle This muscle is bigger than your face That’s why i am saying this is not good please take this Dengue’s father from here am i entered into a comedians’ gym listen don’t become comedians do your exercise in a right way he is not Allama, but a curse where i came ? you came here look you have one triceps bigger than the other your arms are less balanced look at him, this is right take him to a eye specialist look at this rhino please ask him to leave, what is this ? brother you go i won’t go without teaching you what will you teach me? body building am i a bread maker? he says he will teach me ? coaching is my job, i have to teach you God forbids, check the coach brother, angle of death is searching for you look at the coach hey, you look like a Russian Pistol your face is like a elbow of a bus passenger Allama sahib, you ask them to exercise properly look he is again doing it incorrect no balance in arms, fat man pull it up brother, do it later, first punch him yes tell him nadeem, yes you do it no need to tell him he is our senior coach i am senior coach he is senior coach that’s why i am telling him to do it correctly brother go and watch some designs for your grave listen, leave it here, you come with us this body builder has a very creative mind we both start teaching i will teach you correct exercise you make me laugh with your comedy Rhino, you are still here go, he sees his grandfather in you i don’t want to see anybody sitting here, everybody start workout yes don’t sit, come here and slap him Fat man, what is your name? why do you ask for my name, You want to make my ID card? listen you didn’t came here for comedy I Am Allama Allama you should start praying Is he mad ? You are mad not me I am coaching you No please don’t coach me i am myself a world champion body builder Check his balance His balance is out Everything is out in your opinion you people need a doctor don’t point your finger at me how can you talk to your coach like this this man will be beaten, take him away how can you beat me like this I am Allama from Lucknow And body builder of Delhi how much desperate body builder he is do it like this bring him some matches to work with you do your work don’t play around Body builder of Delhi is wondering in Lahore come i will help you yeah, like this yeah yeah, this what do you want? this is perfect exercise please go away go away i am doing my job go away listen you bodybuilder of parrots. i won’t go away i will punch you don’t punch an elderly man you came here to get beaten i am here to teach you now please go listen to me go from here listen to me no go from here pick him up listen to me (indistinctive chatting) this was a prank this was a prank this is Lahore Tv prank (kisses him) this is not free there is the hidden camera Subscribe Lahore Tv Allama come here take off you shirt take it off clapping very good where is your fat ?