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– Hey, welcome back to Yoga With Tim. So I get asked a lot how
to break up upper back and neck stiffness. I sit at a desk, I get so much pain in my upper back, my neck. Doing yoga is great, but is
there something else I can do? Yes. So I’m gonna show you
today a little sequence to help break up shoulder,
upper back and neck stiffness. You’re gonna need a foam roller for this. Let’s get started. (soft music) Okay, so the first thing
that you should know about stretching your
arms is that when we get really tight here in
the back of the armpit and all here in the side and the lats, this really prevents our
arms from stretching. So when we go to do our yoga practice, we might not even be getting
full stretch of the arm. So, to help to break up the stiffness we’re gonna do a little
technique with the foam roller. So I want you to try,
before you go and foam roll, sit up straight and
tall and then just raise your right arm up and
raise your left arm up. And notice any tension, any sticking. Okay, then take that roller
and I want you to lay the upper side rib right at
about in line with your chest down onto the roller. Then you’re just gonna
turn your chest up towards the sky or ceiling. And roll your chest down
towards your roller. So you’re just rolling back and forth. And you might start to
feel some like grisly parts if you relax and breath. I want you to really put
some energy into trying to roll out that little grisly part. And then you can even wiggle
up and down a little bit on that part. Then move up about an
inch and the same thing. Roll front. Roll back. And then roll up and down a
little on the grisly part. Go up another rib set. Roll back. Roll front. And roll up and down on the grisly part. Now we’re gonna move right here
into the back of the armpit. So you’re gonna angle your
chest up towards the ceiling a little bit and try to
get right into the back of the armpit. So these little external
rotators here when they get really sticky they’ll
really limit the amount that your arm will
stretch for yoga practice. And also all that tension
pulls onto your neck and your upper back. All right, then roll right
into the middle back armpit and roll towards, try to get
into it from a different angle. Into the back of the armpit
shoulder from the front. (breathing deeply) Good, and release. Come up to seated. Okay, now let’s do the test
and see if that did anything. Raise your arm up. (gasps) It’s like a
completely different arm now. Raise the other arm. Oh, it still feels all stuck and crunchy. Isn’t that crazy? So this is a really great supplement. I do this for my own yoga practice just because I surf so much. And I get really tight in
my upper back and shoulders and I drive a lot to go teach. So this is really important
for me to do for my practice. All right, so I start
right at about in line with the bottom of the chest. Just below the nipple line. And roll front to back. This side’s a little more grisly. So just breath into it. You can even just pin a really gnarly area and take a deep breath. (breathing deeply) And roll up and down against
the really stuck spot. Roll up a little bit, front to back. And this is a good thing
to do before you practice, because as you saw by doing
the test on the other side, you feel how much more the
arm was willing to move. So you can really get into the spots that maybe aren’t stretching when you try to do some of your poses. So just slowly working our way up here. (breathing deeply) Okay, now let’s get into
that back of the armpit spot. And we’ll roll up and down on that spot. (breathing deeply) Really important that you
do nice, deep breathing, yogic breathing to help
to release the tension. And then roll towards
the middle of the armpit and we’ll try to get into
it from the front now. Again, we’re rolling this little band here in the back of the armpit shoulder there. (breathing deeply) And then work your way back down a little. Hurts so good. Okay, sit up tall again
and raise your arm up. (gasping) It’s like a new arm. So cool. Okay, so if you think
about your upper back, how often does any of this get– Unless you do massage regularly. If you can do massage
regularly maybe that’ll help. But so often this tissue
all just gets stuck and it doesn’t get good, healthy movement. So we want to be able
to break up that tension in your upper back. Okay, so we’re gonna
start just at like the bottom of the true ribs. And we’ll just roll a little bit. And you can lean on one
side more or the other. (breathing deeply) And then bring your hands behind your head and start to work your way up and between your shoulder blades. And the elbows are in to
help to get into the muscles and in between the blades. And you can go all the way up
towards the base of the neck. And you can lean to one side to break up in between the shoulder blade. Or lean to the other side. (breathing deeply) All right, and then sit up. And as you sit up straight and tall just feel how nice the upper back feels. And let’s even do a twist
to see how it feels. Twist to one side. And I guess you could
have done a diagnostic pre-rolling twist to feel. And to the other. And come back to center. So, this is a great
tool for yoga practice. Do this every time before you practice if you have a lot of upper
back, shoulder, neck tension. This is a great fix. This is something I have to
use ’cause of all the tension that I hold. I think I have these,
link to buy a foam roller on my website Yoga With Tim in the Shop. But you can buy a foam roller wherever fine foam
rollers are sold by you. Thanks for watching. Make sure to integrate
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