Best Indoor Plants | Cute House Plants That Clean The Air 🌿

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Lavendaire. It’s Aileen. If you follow my Instagram, then you know
that I am obsessed with my new plant. It’s a fiddle leaf fig that I named Lila. Anyway, I thought that today I’d share the
best the best indoor plants that you can get for your home that will look
beautiful, aesthetic, but will also purify the air in your home,
so it’s a win-win situation. I just did some basic research and handpicked
some of the best-looking ones, in my opinion, and easy-to-take-care-of ones because I’m
still a plant beginner. Most of these are on NASA’S list for the best
houseplants to purify the air, and the other ones I chose
just because they’re so aesthetic. You see them on Pinterest and Instagram, and they’re just too beautiful to not include on this list. Please not that some of these plants may be toxic, so it’s not recommended if you have pets or
small children who might eat them. In this video, I’ll be sharing some basic
info on the plants, but there will be more info, details, and
links down below, so check that out. Alright, so let’s start with my fiddle leaf fig. The fiddle leaf fig is known for its large,
glossy violin-shaped leaves. It’s an interior design favorite and you can find it literally all over Pinterest
and interior design blogs. Mine is a small one, but these grow really tall, and I love that they look like a whimsical
tree out of a Dr. Seuss story. These fiddle leaf figs love bright and indirect sunlight, and you know when to water it when you stick
your finger in the soil and the top one inch is dry. I usually water mine once or twice a week,
depending on the season. I also take a microfiber cloth to wipe any
dust off of the leaves, maybe once a week or so, so that the leaves
can absorb the sunlight better. Fiddle leaf figs love humidity, so because
it’s dry in California, I take the time to mist the leaves every morning. If you have a humidifier, you can also use
that to regulate the humidity in your room. The leaves will grow towards the light, so
if you want your plant to grow evenly, you should rotate it whenever you notice it’s
leaning in one direction. Proper drainage is also very important to
prevent root rot, which is when the roots sit in the water for too long. I just got this self-watering planter from
Target, so if there’s any extra water, it just flows into the reservoir on the bottom, but if you have a pot without holes, I recommend putting rocks or pebbles at the
bottom of the pot under the soil so that any extra water will flow into the
rocks and not stay in the soil. Okay, so because I’m not a plant hoarder yet, we’ll have to go out and find those other
plants together. But before we go, I want to take a moment
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and start using Ecosia, the more trees will be planted around LA. How awesome is that? So start using Ecosia by clicking that link down below. Alright, let’s go! First, I decided to go to a local plant shop
that is the cutest place. The first plant that caught my eye is another
one of my favorites. It is the Monstera Deliciosa. This plant also goes by other names such as
“Window Leaf” or “Swiss Cheese” plant. And of course you see it’s known for its unique leaves with those beautiful cut outs and splits. I actually have an artwork of this plant in
my living room because I love the shape so much. This one’s a younger one but these plants
can grow up to be so beautiful and make a big statement in your home. Similar to the fiddle leaf fig, they like
indirect sunlight and you’ll also have to mist the plant and
wipe dust off of its leaves occasionally. There were so many cute plants at the shop, but I’ll wait to show you them in order along
with the ones that I found at the next spot, so let’s go to the next location. I basically hit jackpot at this next spot. I found all of the plants that were on my list, all but one, and so I spent a good couple hours here filming
each of the plants. Let’s start, shall we? First, let’s talk about Peace Lilies. The Peace Lily is a super easy-to-care-for
medium-sized plant known for its fresh lily flower and beautiful leaves. They’re on NASA’s top list of plants that purify the air, because they’re known to reduce the levels
of toxins in the air. My mom actually has one of these plants. You’ve seen it in my How to Meditate video
or my Back to Basics series. Peace Lilies do well in shade and cooler temperatures, and they also tolerate low humidity. This makes them great for dry areas or apartments
that get less natural lighting. What’s cute and convenient is that
their leaves will droop if they’re thirsty and perk up again after watering. Next is the snake plant, also known as
“Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”. These plants are so popular. You’ve probably seen them on Pinterest or Instagram. They have this clean structure, so it goes
really well with the minimalist vibe. Snake plants don’t need much light or water to survive, so they’re great for beginners. They basically grow anywhere. They’re an easy choice for any corner of your home. They’re also on NASA’s list of air-purifying plants. This plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases
oxygen during the night, while most plants do that during the day, so you could put one in your bedroom for an
oxygen boost at night. Moving onto the Golden Pothos,
also known as “Devil’s Ivy”. These are a fast-growing vine, so they’re
great for hanging baskets. But if you don’t want to hang them, you can
also put them on a shelf and let the leaves hang down. Or put them on a table and let the leaves
spill over onto the table. I love the cute, heart-shaped leaves and the
different varieties of variegated leaves, which means the marbling on the leaf. It’s so beautiful. Next is this Chinese Evergreen plant with
its beautiful leaves. These plants are also very easy to take care of. They thrive in low light and will grow in
places where other plants won’t grow. Because they’re tropical, they do like humid air. So if your air is too dry, their tips might
start turning brown, so you want to mist the leaves occasionally. They also do a great job filtering out a variety
of air pollutants, and if you care for them right, they can live
for ten years or more. Next we have the Spider Plant, another very
common, very easy-to-grow plant. Most of the plants on this list are toxic
for pets and small children. The Spider Plant is not, so this is a safe houseplant if you have pets or children in the house. Spider Plants thrive in cool to average home
temperatures and prefer dry soil. They also like bright and indirect sunlight,
so keep them close to a window. Now let’s talk about the Rubber Tree. This tree has big, dark green shiny leaves
that definitely make a statement. To me, they’re like the perfect minimalist,
structured plant to have in your home, especially if you don’t want things to be
too colorful. They also like bright and indirect light. And keep in mind: These trees can also
grow pretty large. Here we have Aloe Vera, another one of NASA’s
top air-purifying plants. This is an easy-case succulent
that has elongated leaves. Aloe vera actually has a history of being used for medicinal purposes, dating back to ancient Egypt. The gel inside of the aloe plant can help heal cuts and burns and has multiple other benefits too. Aloe vera loves full sunlight, so it’s a great
choice for a sunny kitchen window. Lastly, succulents are super cute and super
easy plants to bring into your home. There are so many different varieties, so
I’m just going to be general here. Succulents love bright and direct sunlight,
and you barely need to water them. They’re the lowest maintenance plants on this list. You could basically neglect them and they’ll
still be okay. Alright, so after filming the plants yesterday,
I could not come home empty-handed, so I just want to show you my little plant haul. I got two of these pathos. I think they’re so gorgeous because of the
variegated leaves, which means it’s marbled-looking. And then I also got this guy. This is an aloe and I’ve named him Mr. Aloe Black. And I’ve named the two plants the Gemini Twins. I really couldn’t decide which one to get,
so I decided to come home with two. I might give one away or I might keep both. I still haven’t decided. But I hope you enjoyed this video about plants. I hope it inspired you to bring some life
into your home. And don’t forget to check out Ecosia
for a search engine that plants trees. Everything’s down below. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye!