Bhagavad Gita Chapter 12 – Part 13 – Gyan Yog 3

so if anybody can conquer this Maya
myself effort that person has conquered God who can conquer God nobody he’s
urgent similarly nobody can conquer Maya
so then Arjun says my lord then how will I be saved sri krishna says in the second line of
this verse it’s the fourteenth verse of the seventh chapter mam eva ye
prapadyante mayam a tantrum TT I return if you surrender to me then by my grace
I will get you across Maya I will indicate to Maya hey Maya
release this soul he has become mine now when Maya Patti gives the director myers
obliged to follow and strim i’d be hindi remind say so da si Raghuveer a key some
UJ Matias or P true tanara Kripa vino Nautica ha Hoopa rupee that you may call
maya media an illusion but it’s not going to leave you until you get God’s
grace so by the process of self effort that Johnny reached a very elevated
state of Atma gun not Brahma beyond and in that state he or she experiences a
great bliss the Bliss of the soul not that tamo guna so cough the world
tom who buries hook which you get from smoking drinking rajo-guna sock which
you get from bollywood hollywood sattva-guna sock which you get from
cultivating material knowledge he is getting when the mind has focused upon
the self it is experiencing that Atman and the Bliss of the self it is
innumerable times bigger than the happiness we get from this world and
that is the reason why great kings in our history they renounced their Kingdom
and all their kingly delights and pleasures to go and practice austerities
in the forest and the Himalayas they only were motivated to do this because
there was a higher bliss performing austerities in the forest when the mind
was concentrated upon the Atma so that Southard does get a tremendous bliss in
the state of at mcgann in the samadhi of gain yoke which is called nirvikalpa
samadhi but then he realizes the material energy is still there as long
as I keep my eyes closed the world is shut out I opened my eyes in the world
has come back so his guru D says that now you need the grace of God man Duke
cognition has got a beautiful month the Mecosta we Mucha D
macht means liberated the macht means liberated same so the Mecosta remove
deity that person who is liberated will have to be further liberated what does
that mean it means in the salade he he has liberated from a with the amaya but
not fully liberated so when he receives God’s grace then complete liberation
from Maya will take place that is why the hikita says mot Prasad o upload he
shot Rotom padam avyayam Arjun this param pod salvation reward liberation
God realization what Prasad not it will happen by my
grace not by your repeatedly saying unmask me Umbra must be the Admiral ion
says man bhakti beam economy Shastra got a sumo vietnam not Yanam not a moksha
Ciotti sharm janma cetera p without surrendering to God one may keep
endeavoring in innumerable lifetimes one will never attain knowledge of Brahma
and non liberation from Maya so that sad hook by the guidance of his
brother ganni guru he surrenders and receives the grace and then by God’s
grace he is liberated from Maya he attains Bromberg God and reaches God
realization so the person following the path of jnana yoga also reaches god
realization the person following the path of bhakti yoga also reaches God
realization they have both reached there Shri
Krishna mentions it in the ninth chapter a Katrina Praetorian Abajo Darvish photo
become Arjun you know if you come by the a cup to a path or the Pritikin prophet
finally you’re going to reach me they ultimately get that final realization
the part of yan yoke is a little difficult but then the realization is
also a little different God is like the wish-fulfilling tree kalpavriksha he
says in the fourth chapter as you surrendered to me I shall reciprocate
accordingly that is his law yatama proper debate
dance the type of atom Yama if the devotee says Oh God you don’t have any
form you are just formless light cancer is all right I’m willing to meet you as
formless light and you will realize me thus if the devotee says that’s all
right God you may be formless light but I want to see and interact with your
personal form God says all right I’ll meet you as Vishnu has Rama chef as
Krishna if the devotee says my lord you know I’m not satisfied by just seeing
you I want you close I want to be your friend and put my arm around you
Shri Krishna says Arjuna I have got no problem with that come on you’re my
friend if the devotee says God you know my love has grown so selfless I don’t
want you to take care of me that that is tinged with selfishness I want to take
care of you are you willing to be my child
so that I can feel that it’s my obligation and duty and responsibility
to take care of you God says of course mother Yashoda I will
forget I’m God I will hide all my almighty nests
you will also forget I am God and then we will engage in these pastimes of
watts and live off as mother and son if the devotee says oh God
I am totally and exclusively yours you are my soul beloved I love you more than
my life airs and I warn or distance with you are you willing to be my beloved
shri krishna says of course copies i am willing to be your beloved so this is
the nature of god as you surrender to me I reciprocate accordingly chaitanya
mahaprabhu express this egg protein yeah krishna raja poverty
yes Hari Krishna tar body Titan Kripalu ji maharaj expresses this he says yes or
GVR there so carry pure yeah as you love him he loves you cunningly man Thiru son
– yeah brother Raj Kumar you mind your true friend is Brad Rajkumar that
Supreme Lord so if that is to be God reciprocates the devotee says I want to
meet you in your personal form so I can serve you God says all right I’m coming
to you with my flute the gyani says no I want to meet you in your formless
all-pervading form which is inconceivable and
Manifest without beginning without end the Supreme Lord says Velan good you
will realize me thus so the one realizes God in the formless aspect one realizes
in the personal aspect within these two also there are innumerable partitions in
other words God realization is not one undifferentiated mass God is infinite
his realization is of infinite varieties knowledge may be material knowledge of
infinite varieties imagine spiritual knowledge its branches but then how to
explain these things so always the attires the scriptures they simplify it
compartmentalize it and give it to us alright understand one two three okay
that makes sense understand ganyo bhakti-yoga okay okay
now I can mind Allah can grasp it enough to give us 1000 factors we’d say
impossible so when it is simplified it doesn’t mean it’s that much but for
working knowledge it is good enough so to simplify it one has realized the
formless and the other has realized the personal form so Shri Krishna says Arjun
they also reach me finally so if that is the case then which one should we choose which one of these is suitable for us so
this is the question that Shri Krishna addresses in the next verse