Bhramari Pranayam II भ्रामरी  प्राणायाम  II By Yoga Guru Shambhu Sharan Jha  II

Bhramari Pranayam II भ्रामरी प्राणायाम II By Yoga Guru Shambhu Sharan Jha II

Namaskar.. Come, today we will tell you about Bhramai Pranayam That what is Bhramai Pranayam By doing Bhramari Pranayam Penis raises on high level Veerya a gland or the organ or the part of the body with which we do sex with that our penis get discharged so this penis is one of the most amazing energy when it raise in the high level then we get ready for higher energy level that is why our elders keep say that stick to your underwear so those who is true to that they become winner only and that becomes master only and he only does the big deeds in the world So, let us discuss about Bhramari Pranayam So, by doing Bhramari Prayanam penis get raised and our bone marrow get cleared and our mind gets focused that means our concentration power becomes very strong special for the students this pranayam is very beneficial Let us how to do this pranayam, multiple myths are their about this pranayam what do discuss about those multiple myths we must discuss with which normal person can do with open eyes and closed eyes But i will tell you that how can you do it in sukhaasana also So, that was Bhramai Pranayam. So you have seen that how forcefully we have inhale the breath and we have breath out on the humming rythm. so, keep this process in mind, that it we will do more humming or will increase the vocal length then we won’t be able to breath out so the synchronization between our breath and vocal length the rythm of ours which we will only found at the time of doing as it can not define in words and after doing this we will notice, that our intelligence level is very calm those who don’t have control on their thoughts those who have lots of tension and stress then they can get rid of that even migraine can be ruled out with this. that means all type of mental problems can be solved with this Bhramari Pranayam. if you will do this under master supervision, (Moolband,Udiyan band & jalandarBand) then nothing like this and you may do all the pranayam by doing purak rechak and kumbhak then your Agya chakra gets open. so discussion and debate on this we will do but on any other day, But right now will give a pause on our wording. Namaskar..