Bow Legs Yoga – Can You Correct A Bone Naturally?

Can you correct a bone naturally? I
actually get this question from you guys a lot and I’m finally ready to answer it. So
keep watching if you’re wondering if you can actually correct a bone naturally. My name is Chi and you’re welcome to The Body Conditioner. Here we work in, not out. If
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want to help you make structural changes in your body because I’ve learned that
healing, transformation takes time. I work as a private yoga instructor, I have
a PhD in communications and I am recording jazz vocalist and we will
explore the universe that is within you. Can you actually change a bone naturally? This is a very difficult question to answer but I’ll try my first part
today. In the second part we will try to explore what shape of legs can actually
be changed naturally and what shape of legs cannot really be changed naturally. And
today I want to introduce you to a different way of thinking about your
body. And I invite you to a meditation really. A meditation, a visualization so make sure
that you shut the door behind you, that you find yourself in a
very comfortable environment. You can lay on your bed, you can sit upright, you can
also stand if you find that more comfortable and then please close your
eyes. And as you close your eyes begin to feel the heaviness of your body. Begin to
feel gravity supporting you, begin to notice that gravity invites you that you
feel the sit bones on the surface of the ground if you are seated or you feel
your shoulder blades and the back of your head resting on the ground if you lay on
your back. So notice the heaviness of your body and as we begin to feel the
heaviness of the body, we actually begin to feel the bones resting heavily. The
leg bones, the arm bones, the skeleton, the spine, the back of your head, the head
that weighs 10 to 12 pounds. And as you rest on the back or even on the
shoulders, you can soften the soft tissue in the back of the neck. And I want to
introduce a new concept to you, the concept of biotensegrity. So let’s
make this very complicated term a little bit easier to digest. So we have bio
something that is alive and we have tensegrity, a blend of tension and integrity. And we
all know that the skeleton … if we go to a doctor, a doctor’s appointment, we can
see that there are wires in the body. Wires that
connect the bones to each other so that we can move the arm, the limbs, just to
imitate a natural body but we actually know that in the body we don’t have
wires or metal. So unless you had an injury or a severe accident that
required the surgeons to implant metal in your body, we are not born with metal in
our bodies. So everything is living tissue, everything is alive and what we
know about life is that it changes. It evolves. So picture your bones right now,
picture the bones and picture them actually swimming in an ocean, in a sea of tensegrity. In a sea of tension and integrity. In a sea of soft tissue. This soft tissue miraculously
holds the whole body in place. Isn’t that amazing? We don’t have wires in the body, we don’t have metal in the body. The soft tissue keeps our bones in the position it is right now. So what happens when we begin
to change soft tissue. We begin the yoga practice, we do that intentional. That
means we have a purpose, we want to change a specific
thing about the body. Once we begin to understand that the whole system is interrelated, is connected,
we actually begin to change the whole body. So as we change the soft tissue in one part of the body, let’s say your legs, we actually begin to change the whole body. Because as one part shifts, can you see that this changes also the way the bones rest in this sea of tensegrity. In this ocean of soft tissue. So can you see that nothing about the body is fixed. Everything is alive. Everything is connected and everything is changing, constantly changing. And as I have invited you to that concept I invite you to meditate on that. Bring it up from time to time. As you bring it up and meditate on that, picture your body changing, picture your bones changing. Picture the soft tissue holding your legs in this position changing. Picture straighter legs. Visualize the legs you want to have. But most importantly visualize the person you want to become. Thank you so much for joining today. Have a fantastic day! If you want to get your
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