BOYS try GIRL’S Gymnastics! Ninja Kidz Tv

Today we’re challenging these boys to drive women’s gymnastics. Good luck boys Come on Boys, what do you think you want to try out the beam? Come on I believe in you guys I believe in you guys. Okay. How about a cartwheel? That’s not too hard, right? Okay, so check these girls out doing a cartwheel on the beam So, what do you guys think got the cartwheel? All right boys I believe in you Okay girls, what do you think that the boys pass the cartwheel challenge pretty good? All right The boys actually did pretty awesome on the cartwheels I was impressed way to go guys nice job So let’s go to a harder skill. How about a back walkover? Let’s see ladies Okay, so they make that work super easy, what do you think Can’t do one on the ground You might have to sit this one out Okay, so I just found out that only two of our boys can do a back walkover on the floor So we’re only gonna have those two give a shot on the beam ready Paxton All right, keep working on a dude good job I’m spotting you if you want to go for it Scarier than it looks Alright Okay girls, what do you think did the boys pass the back walkover challenge? Yeah So that was a tough one because most of our boys haven’t trained back walkovers however most of our boys do have a great standing back tuck So a standing back tuck might be a skill that they can master on the beam here. What do you think boys? Where’s the confidence give it a try? Okay. We have Sparta ready to demonstrate for us. I like that attitude Okay, who’s up for the challenge Okay these boys are pretty awesome, but Doing their back tuck on the beam was a little out of their comfort zone so to keep them safe We’re gonna let them do this practice B right here. That’s only about three inches off the ground You guys up for this? Okay, I thought that was pretty good for the boys girls, what do you think did the COS Kind of maybe not quite ready for the high beam yet Okay more practice boys But I was impressed. Good job after trying the back tuck on the floor beam a couple of our guys are feeling a little more brave and have decided to give It a shot on this beam that is higher but it still has mats right under it for safety Okay, so that would have been disaster at these NASA not Not bad boys. All right anything showing how it’s done? Oh I think we do that all the time on that hard bar not going It’s gonna be easy Oh, yeah There’s a lot thicker than the men’s I see no problem. What are you talking about? No problem. You didn’t even do any Johnny Well, it’s slick, okay the thickest bar ever my hands will link over there Well, look how my hands and I can’t even do it. You’re used to it. Well I still haven’t seen any Giants boys. Are you kidding? If we did Giants up there snap like a toothpick? Yeah It’s not like you could do Giants on a man’s bar whatever I can totally do giant, I’d like to see you try Okay, next video you’re on. How do you think we did do you think we passed the girls challenge? Let’s let you guys decide vote on your screen If you think we passed the girls challenge, make sure to like and subscribe for more awesome videos