Cadence Training With GCN | Over/Under Interval Workout On The Passo Sella

– Welcome to our indoor session focusing on threshold, running up threshold, and taking us up the
beautiful Passo Sella climb, in the Alta Badia region of the Dolomites. It’s gonna be an intense session, a race-like session, focusing on riding at threshold and then holding it there. It’s a very simple session,
but we’re going to introduce midway through the session as well, is different cadences either
running at the same power, running at threshold but
firstly very low cadence, and then gradually increasing the cadence as we move through the session. So the first three minutes,
is a gentle warmup. Kind of perception level, between two and five,
gradually building up, as I said for three minutes, then we’re going to ride
for two minutes at tempo, and then we’ll have the first
of our threshold efforts, and that will last for two minutes, and then you’ll be very pleased to know, in between each of the threshold efforts, is one minute riding nice and steady, so you can recover, recoup, and focus on the next session. I’m riding on a CycleOps Hammer trainer, and I’ve got the resistance
setting set to 3%, so as you can see here, I’m riding on a little ring, a fair way up the block, actually, it really does replicate the kind of gradient on this climb, and it is an absolutely beautiful climb, nice smooth surface, the type of climb to really get your teeth into and set a nice rhythm, but as I say this session is going to be broken up into several two minute sections of
riding at the threshold. Now if you don’t know what
riding at threshold is, in terms of basically riding at a speed that you can
maintain for an hour, riding at roughly your
functional threshold power, if you’re not riding with a power metre, in terms of a percentage effort level, it’s like riding between
eight and nine out of 10, should we give it a kind of points score. I’ll help you through
as we go, at the moment, riding around an effort level of five. Coming into the last 30 seconds of the first part of the warmup. So if you just lift it
a little into tempo, for the moment focusing
on riding around 90 rpm. It’s very very important to that you make sure you keep
your fluids topped off. This is relatively short session, only about 28 minutes in length, but still pretty intense, so if you can, get a fan on, open a door, try and keep that core body temperature as low as possible within reason, and keep drinking. So, three minute warmup done, lifted now, gonna gear up, still keeping it at 90 rpm, two minutes of riding at tempo, so not quite riding at your
functional threshold power, a little bit below that, but kind of tempo is what we call riding at the sweet spot, so it’s probably sustainable
for a couple of hours, although after a couple of hours it would definitely start to hurt. And this would take us and phase us nicely into the
first effort of this session. So if you just bear with me, I’m just going to be
quiet for a few moments, set myself into the climb. We’re really getting warm. As you can see, the day I actually rode this climb on the previous evening, had a heavy snowfall. As we get deeper and
deeper into this session, you’ll start to see the snow
at the side of the road. It’s actually a striking
environment to ride in, it’s one of the best climbs in the world, and this sort of session, riding indoors, will prepare you really well to be able to go out into some of the climbs like this. It works pretty well for riding sportives or even races too. Work at improving your
functional threshold power, and obviously your endurance as well. So no flat-out sprints in this one, just improving that all around endurance, and trying to push your threshold up. So 20 seconds to go, before we do our first two
minute threshold session. And after this stretch, okay, three, two, one, here we go! Okay, high cadence for this one. Try and keep at 100 rpm, we’re going to play with the cadences. Take it down to 80, then to 60, and back up again through the session. Stay focused. Again, effort level about nine, eight or nine, the sort of pace you
should be able to sustain. It’s all about building endurance. And this sort of session
enables you to ultimately ride at a higher level, it will go quicker. Essentially like a series
of surges on this climb, with little moments to recover, almost like an old-school sort of racing we used
to see back in the 1980s, when riders would just attack, slow down, attack, and slow down. Different these days, but actually doing these sorts of efforts equips you well for responding to the footloose. Okay. 10 seconds now, keep the effort nice and even. You’re spinning that gear. And now, there we go. Okay, drop it down. Effort level of six. Give yourself time to
recover for the next one. Take a sip of your drink. Ooh! That’s pretty punchy already this 30 seconds ’til the next effort. Stay focused, yep. These sorts of sessions are really good, especially if you’re crunched for time, working on the job, full time education, so much bang for your buck doing these focused indoor sessions. It’s come around again,
lift it, come on! Level’s to 80 rpm now, so just slightly slower
cadence, replicating a little bit more, just like on a climb. Remember don’t be hard
out of the blocks you’ll feel that bite. Keep your breathing nice
and controlled, and hold it. Think about the most efficient way to put the power through the bike. Things that definitely help with your riding and your
application of power, working on your core,
working your core a bit, really comes over and helps
you keep that form on the bike. If you don’t do it already, I highly recommend and
if you do, thumbs up. Okay, stay focused. A minute down. So, seven of these in total, done one. 22 seconds to go, great stuff. Keep that form on the bike, alright? And the next one, lower the rpm again. Okay, knock it down, keep it 90, effort level of six, just above the warmup. It’s low te And that minute comes
around again very quickly, completely back off the watch, legs turning, give the
lad a little bit of time to recover, effort levels. Use this opportunity to take a sip. No harm as well gearing up for a couple of revs, ease yourself up the s addle, no at all with that. 10 seconds, just the lower back, glutes, and get back into rhythm, we’re round again, five to go, let’s lift it, come on! By this time, 60 rpm. So it’s like core work, basically, just like weight training on a bike. Now a lot of people say, or ask us, are we putting out the same power? Why not just stick to one cadence? That’s a good question. Basically because you’re
grouping different marker groups. If you’re trying to
determine a race, in a sportive, using different gears can offer opportunities for other muscle groups to rest up. So you might turn a big gear for a while, then launch an attack in
low gear, or vice versa. It’s a technique employed by many pros, although a lot of the
time they would default to a particular style, using torque work in tandem with high cadence work. And I used the word
tandem there, it’s great. It gives your muscles the
extra bit of versatility, and something I used a lot in the latter stages of my career. now knock it down to 60, I know you’re getting tired but stay focused. We just put in a lot more load through the leg on each pedal straight stroke, still putting the same power through, but delivering it quite with less efficiency, effectively, with a weight session. 20 seconds. Keep it going. Two, and one, okay, back up to 90. Keep those legs, feel the difference, going from a low cadence to a high one. With that release, because you’re pedalling
a different weight. There’s some pedalling dynamics. Using different gears,
and getting used to them, as I said before, gives
you that added dimension, the added versatility, and also getting used to knowing when to rest certain muscle groups and when to use them to fire. Okay, keep it 90. We’ve broken the back
of this session as well, it’s a short but sweet
session, 28 minutes. Four intervals to go. And here we go, it’s come
around ridiculously quickly. Two, and one, up to level nine, come on! Back up now to 80 rpm. So we’re going 90, 80, 60,
80, 90, and back down again through this session. The same power, same procedure, but, but a different pedalling style. Such a good session. Come on, you’re doing great. Keep it going. Try and keep the breathing even. The form on your bike, try and control you’re moving around. I like to think of the benefits, only half an hour, but stick a couple of these sessions, two or three of these in a week, you’ll definitely see improvements. Okay, nearly end this one. Like this scenery. Absolutely nice. Okay. Back to 90. You can keep sipping on your drinks. You can use this to recover, but don’t back off too much. Keep your legs spinning
up at 90, that’s it. You’re doing great, three more to go. And it’s just over 12
minutes this session, 11 sorry, to go now,
from the blink of an eye, but, it’s gonna be a investment
in your fitness for sure. Here we go again. Get focused, get ready,
change up again, come on! Lift it, 100 rpm now! Running at threshold, very uncomfortable, but sustainable. Use whatever gear’s appropriate, yeah? Wow, what a beautiful
day, worth filming this. If you’ve been there you’ll
know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t, it’s really worth it. A real treat. Right. Halfway through this one now. A minute left, you get focused, try not to rock your body too much. A bit uncomfortable, but
you should be in control. Okay, 30 seconds, come on. You’re doing great! Here we go, come on, last
few seconds of this one, only two more. Okay, knock it down. It will get harder and harder. Whew! Have to keep spinning, if you can. That’s it, effort level of six, compose yourself, in the little time you have, want to get that breathing back, so you can concentrate
fully on the next one. Only got two more. The finish line isn’t too far away now. Okay. Look like that motorbike moves, there he goes, he’s right on cue. Okay. Penultimate two minute
section coming up, guys. You’re doing so well. You’ve really dug deep, and you will soon reap the rewards, but first we’ve got a
bit more pain for you, here we go! Down to 80 this time. Keep it smooth. Effort level of nine, come on. Very uncomfortable, but sustainable. Think about most efficient way to get that power through, yeah? Recruiting different muscles. You really start to feel the bite, want to stay seated, allow yourself a bit of recovery in the next minute, before the final one. Come on! It won’t be long before
you see the finish, but come on, dig in! 45 seconds. 30, come on! 20. Keep that form! Five… Two, and we’re looking down. Pick the change as quickly as you can. Pretty brutal, going deep, recover, going deep, recover, seven efforts, and you’re very glad to know, as am I, there’s only one more now, so make one count really make this count, come to the top of the cellar, look at the snow. Just look at that,
absolutely awesome skyline. Actually you can’t see much, a bit cloudy. I think all this lactic
acid’s gone to my head. So focus now, bring it
back, one last effort. Effort level nine. Okay, five seconds. Two, and one, here we go, really low cadence now. Keep disciplined about this. Real short work. Feels unnatural, but really does build the strength. My only recommendation would be to kind of knock off
the low cadence stuff. Come on, you’re doing fantastic. Effort level the same, level nine. Very uncomfortable, about the last few hairpins at this time. You see the finish at the top. I was hurting this day I tell you. Pretty much like I am now. Try not to rock your shoulders too much, keep your form there. Last minute, come on! Come on, brilliant stuff! Great work, stay focused, all the way to the line, which is coming up very soon. Okay. Last little surge. 10… All the way, come on! Two, and one! Three minute warm down now, guys, give me a moment. Okay. Absolutely fantastic effort. Short, but not so sweet, I think is my summary. Do make sure you don’t forget to drink. And once you’ve necked the bottle on the bike, it’s a good idea to have one ready before you get off your bike,
before you hit the shower, to make another one, one of my favourite ideas, is to have a nice fruit smoothie. It really is well, to max out on that golden window, get those glycogen stores replenished. And drink plenty during, after, and get some very healthy food down you, that’s a little tip from me as well. Whoo, so I’m just a little bit more, enjoy the warm down, I’ve
enjoyed that session. So you go just coming to the
top of this iconic climb, used many times of course in the Giro d’Italia. In the Maratona dles Dolomiti as well, and I’ve been honoured enough, priveledged to climb it numerous times now. I never tyre of it, I tyre on it, but I don’t tyre of it,
if you know what I mean. You keep spinning those legs. Nice gradual warm down, from five all the way down to two. There ya go, to the cafe on
the right, if I was there, I might have a cappuccino
or a hot chocolate maybe, and here’s the top now, just keep spinning those legs, making the most of this session. Very nearly at the top now. So coming to the end of the warm down now, to the top of the climb, dropping down, a good opportunity to thank you for joining me. And here we are, we’re at the end now, I’m going to keep my legs
spinning for a few moments, and if you haven’t already, subscribe to GCN, the Global Cycling Network, you can do so for free, by clicking on the globe, and that way you will not miss another video, and talking
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indoor training session. I’m going to have to lie down now.