Calisthenics BACK WORKOUT – NO GYM EQUIPMENT – Street Workout

Hello guys and wellcome back to Street Brothers channel Today we’re gonna be doing a back workout. Here with my is Angelo yeah guys , you heard it right today we’re gonna be doing back workout In today’s workout , we have 5 exercises but before we start, let’s do some warm up Will you do some combo ? yeah I will piece of cake Ok guys , before we start with training we need a preeworkout ME:FIRST STORM by Polleo Sport great preeworkout you get crazy right now Ok guys , let’s get into the first exercise Wide pull ups so starting position all the way up and down make sure you activate back muscles try to do a movement with you’r back full range of motion 10-15 reps , 5 sets Angelo are yo ready ? so uys , try to do full range of motion don’t do half rep you will not achieve anything with that so full range of motion activate you back , feel the movement in that way you will do best if you can’t do 10 or 15 reps like we did you can do how much you can it doesn’t matter it’s important to do it properly and all 5 sets after 5 sets we can go to the next exercise so we’re going to the second exercise second exercise is tuck front lever pull ups make sure you lock your spatulas don’t let them fall down try lock them make sure your lower back is bent forward Ok guys , let’s go to the third exercise we’re gonna be doing close grip pull ups close grip we’re gonna be doing 10-15 reps 5 sets let’s go when you go up bend your back and chest up then you will hit more back this is a killer let’s go to the fourth exercise we’re gonna be doing neutral grip 10-15 reps make sure you lower back is bend do it properly don’t focus on speed try to do properly lock your elbows and lift yourself all the way up let’s go we’re gonna to the next exercise australian pull ups we’re gonna be doing 10-15 reps so what is important make sure your body cannot fall down also your back connect the spatula bend your lower back up then we’re doing a movement so we’re here not this this use the grip like your shoulder width apart