CAN WE DO WEIGHTLIFTING?!?! | We Are The Davises

– What am I supposed to do? – [Connie] Uh, stand there and jiggle. – That’s it? – [Connie] Yeah. – Why? – [Connie] I don’t
know, does it feel good? Want me to turn it up? – Oh my gosh. – [Connie] That didn’t do anything. Oh there you go. (both laughing) (rolling tongue) (rock music) – Hey everyone, it’s Connie
from We Are the Davises. And as you can see behind us, it is the rest of the Davises. – Hey! – Shawn is attempting to
take this lock off our door. – I failed. – Because it’s been on here for weeks, and I’m starting to think it’s gonna be there forever. I’m thinking we might
have to get a new door. – It’s kinda like earrings for the house, is what it is. – It’s really annoying. – I have workout gloves. – Tyler’s excited. We’re actually on our way to the gym. We just joined a gym that
we really, really like. And the kids are super excited because- – I haven’t gone yet. Tyler has, but. – So they have been
– Like three times – too young to actually work out in a gym, and now they’re finally old enough, so we’re gonna take them with us and we’re gonna give them some pointers, so we’re gonna take you guys with us too, and we’re gonna see how
well Kayla and Tyler can do at the gym. Do you guys think you
can lift some weights? ‘Cause we’re gonna see if they can. – We’re here to pump you up. (Kayla laughs) – We’re gonna get pumped, yes. – Yay, let’s go. – Alright, we’re outta here. Gotta get some water
before we get started. There’s some smartwater up here. – ‘kay. – Make ya feel smarter. I brought my water, so Kayla just has to get some water. – I wanna open, what’s this? – Gotta be hydrated if
you’re gonna work out. Not glass. Is that glass? – No, it’s plastic. – Oh are you sure? – Get some water. Gotta be hydrated. That’s a very important
step to working out. – Workout! – We made it to the workout section, and the first thing we’re gonna do is warm up, so I want everyone to pick a machine to get warmed up on and you only need
– Treadmill? to do it for a couple minutes. – Okay, treadmill. – Okay. – Kayla, let’s get on
the treadmill, c’mon. (electronic music) – I’m trying to get it to incline more. – Oh, more of an incline, yes. Incline’s really good. – I don’t feel it though. – [Shawn] What has Tyler
got going on over here? Alright, good job, buddy. – She’s going up up a hill. – Oh man, I feel it now! – [Shawn] It’s like climbin’
a mountain right there, look at that. – Like she’s hiking. – Slow and controlled so
your muscles feel the burn. – Fine, I want to go up. (electronic music) – What are you gonna do? – I’m gonna just train today. – I think me too. – I’m a personal trainer today. – We’re still unpacking and we’re up like really, really late every night, so we’re actually totally
exhausted right now but we’re trying to be peppy for you guys. – We actually went to
DMV earlier this morning. We were there for almost six hours. No joke. – It took forever. – We got there at
eight-o-clock in the morning and we didn’t leave until
after 1:30 in the afternoon. That’s when we were done. – Eee, it took forever. – Just to get our driver’s licenses and register our cars. – And I’m sure most of you guys don’t even know what we’re talking about. It’s like where you go
when you get your car. You get your license so you can drive, and because we moved to California we had to get new California licenses and the cars needed new
California license plates. It took all day. – All day. – Which is not fun for you guys, I know, so that’s why we didn’t video that. (laughing) – We should’ve videoed it in line, like next, next. – Oh my gosh, it was like, it was murder. So glad it’s over with. So now we’re gonna help pep up the kids a little bit here. – I feel it in my calves. – [Connie] You feel it, you feel the burn? The burn, the burn. Do you feel the burn? – Yeah. – [Connie] You feelin’ the burn? – Yeah, ’cause I’m at 3.5 and 22. – [Connie] Okay, so once
you guys get to five minutes we’re gonna stop. – Tyler, I’m going faster, going faster. – [Connie] That’s a good warmup. If you feel, like, warmed
up, then we’re good. ‘Cause you’re doing legs anyways today. It’s not about getting crazy. It’s about being healthy and safe. (electronic music) Okay, so the first exercise you guys are gonna do is called doing squats. – Okay. – [Connie] So maybe you
could bring your arms, or how do your arms feel? Do you want them out or in more? – I don’t know. – [Connie] I kind of
like ’em in a little bit. Whatever’s comfortable. You want kind of, yeah,
resting right there. How ’bout you? You’re good. Okay, so you guys, gotta
show you the movement. Stick your butt out and then you gotta come down and don’t let your knees
go over your ankles. That’s very important. And then breathe out when you go down and then breathe in when you go up. – [Shawn] Kayla, you’ve
got great form right there. Look at that, perfect. – [Connie] That looks good. – [Shawn] Tyler, looking good. Yes, yeah. – [Connie] And you do that 12 times, and- – Oh I haven’t been counting! (laughs) – [Connie] That’s okay. So then you take like a
break for a few seconds and then you go back into another set. And a set is 12 reps unless it’s really heavy, then the reps go down, you only do like eight. (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) “Roller Coaster” by
Dirty Audio & Max Styler “Roller Coaster” by
Dirty Audio & Max Styler “Roller Coaster” by
Dirty Audio & Max Styler “Roller Coaster” by
Dirty Audio & Max Styler – What am I supposed to do? – [Connie] Stand there. And Jiggle. – That’s it? – [Connie] Yeah. Why? – [Connie] I don’t know. Does it feel good? (Kayla laughing) You can turn it up. That didn’t do anything. – Oh! (laughing) – [Connie] Oh there you go! (both laughing) (rolling tongue) (both laughing) – [Connie] Uh oh, watch out. – I’m scared. – [Connie] It’s gonna get you. – Go? – [Connie] It’s not going. – It’s not doing anything. – [Connie] Ah, it broke. You broke it. – Go! (rolling tongue) (both laughing) – I can’t see! My ears tickle. – [Connie] Your ears
are tickling? (laughing) (rolling tongue) – It feels like… – [Connie] Let’s see if I can show ’em. There. Kayla’s on like a jiggle machine. – I don’t like that anymore. – [Connie] Did you try that yet? – No Go on there. Now hit go. – (rolling tongue) What does this do? It like tests how ticklish you are. – [Connie] It’s for your circulation. – All my circulation- – Is that what’s that for? I always wonder, I always
see people on there, and I’m like, what’s that do? – [Connie] Yeah It’s good for circulation. – I can’t see. (Connie laughing) – Ah, I’m going cross-eyed. (laughing) – [Connie] Have you had enough? – Yeah. Don’t look down, that feels weird. – [Connie] Okay, so now your legs are gonna feel tingly Wet noodle? – It tickles my ears. – Alright. Are you pumped? – Pump! – Pumped. – Pumped for what? – Um, pumped up, just pumped up. – Okay. – I think we better, we’ve done quite a bit of working out. – Yeah, I’m exhausted watching them exercising. If they’re not done, I am. – I think, you guys, we should go and do some shopping. – Yeah, I still have a to get a ra… I almost said a rag. A rug. – Shag. – A shag run for my room. – Yep, so maybe you’ll get a sneak peek, a sneak peek of what
Kayla wants in her room. – You guys have already
gotten a sneak peek – We got a few sneak peeks in there, but pretty soon she’s
gonna do a room tour. So- – Room tour, spoiler
alert, room tour comin’! – Alright, so let’s go to Costco and see what kind of shag rugs they have. – Yup! Let’s go! – Okay, we’re looking for some rugs. – Wow, they have a lot. – I think they’re straight ahead. See them? – Oh, I do see them. They’re big, that’s a big rug. – I think that might
be just what you need. – That’s a big rug. – So if you guys haven’t
seen Kayla’s floor, the carpet’s actually the
same throughout the house but it’s kinda, hmmm,
like it needs a little bit of sprucing up, so Kayla’s looking for a rug that will be comfy and fresh and new and spunky. – Spunky? – I need like a plain white one. – You don’t like? – I don’t like. – Uh oh. We’re never gonna finish Kayla’s room. She doesn’t want one of these rugs. I don’t know what to do. – There’s some at Home Depot. Yeah, we saw some at Home Depot but you wanted us to wait. – Oh, so should we go to Home Depot? – Yeah, let’s rock, let’s roll. – Alright, off to the next place. (electronic music) – What are we gonna do, Kayla? – Dunno. We like this one ’cause it’s really soft but Mom doesn’t like this color. – Yeah, this is like
kind of a weird color. – I think it’s fine. – This is the color it should be. It’s like an ivory, and this is a shag, it’s just- – It’s not comfortable. – Now Kayla’s feeling the soft one and she like wants the soft. I don’t know, Kayla. – I always wanted something soft. – Shag’s not, like, this is a shag, but it’s not like really soft. – Like this soft. – I don’t know. That’s a rally hard decision. I don’t know what to do. – Well, Home Depot’s got a
pretty good return policy. We can always take it home, and if it just doesn’t work, bring it back. – This sounds like a sponsorship video. (everyone laughing) – Well, we know what the
material is right there, so maybe we can look online and order something that’s made out of this. – We gave up. We’re not getting anything from any store. We’re ordering it online. So we went to Joss & Main, and Kayla picked out the perfect ivory rug. – Its’ really fluffy. – It’s really fluffy. – It’s really fluffy. And it’s gonna be here in two days. – It said three, actually ’cause of our area. – Grr – We’re in a special area. Possibly two. They couldn’t guarantee it. But we got the rug figured out, so when Kayla gets the rest of her pieces together… I think we’re still waiting on the chair, then we’re gonna do a Kayla’s room tour, which you guys should like if you’re into that girly stuff. – My legs hurt. – What do you guys wanna do? – I want to go home. – Can we go to trampoline park? – Okay. – I don’t know, I think it’s dinnertime. We’re gonna have to figure out what we’re gonna do for food. – Melting Pot. – I don’t know where that is. Where should we go to eat? We still haven’t found our silverware. You remember we said
we’re still unpacking? We still can’t find our silverware, our plates, or our bowls. – Or our water jugs. What else can’t we find? You know what I did find? 9,000 Ziploc bags. Apparently we like buying Ziploc bags. We have an entire closet full of them now. – Tons of baggies. – Yeah, so. – The kids used to pack lunches. – We can store stuff now. – Well, it’ll come in handy again when school starts, right? But we need silverware, so I don’t know. I think we’ve just gotta go somewhere to eat again, and then when we get home, tonight we should find the silverware. – That’s our mission. Everybody gets a box to dig through. – Yep. So I think we’re out of here. We’ve got the rug dialed in, Kayla’s got all the rest
of her furniture ordered. – Yay! Should be coming up soon. – Yep. Room tour coming up soon. So let’s go find some food. We’re in the garden area. – That is so cute, oh that’s so cute. I can’t, I have to resist. – So we almost made it to dinner, but Kayla needed a plant pot lid, or not lid, plate. – Because we forgot the
plate that I bought. – So her little plant’s
sitting on a plastic plate, and we just can’t have that because her room’s trying to be cute. (Kayla laughs) I wonder what other kind of flowers they have here. – Really cute ones. – Let’s see. (“Late Nights” by Johan Borjesson) (making flowers talk) – How do you know it’s
not going like this, Why are you pinching my throat? Leave me alone! (laughing) – Look at these! – I love snapdragons. – These are pretty. They’re so pretty. (electronic music) – We’re off, off to dinner. – Off to din-din. – Yum yum – Yum yums – I didn’t know that Whole Foods had a restaurant. But apparently, the Whole
Foods has a restaurant. And not only is it a
restaurant, but it has sushi. – Yay! – Look at the sushi menu! – It’s like an everything restaurant. They’ve got like burgers. – Burgers? – And sushi. – What are you gonna get, Tyler? – (background noise drowns out vocals) – He’s a little sore from the workout. He’s like, Dad, I just want to sit, enh. We worked him out pretty good today so I’m sure tomorrow’s gonna
be even more fun for him. – Uh oh. – Yeah, can’t wait. – You’ve been dying to go to the gym, so there it is. – No pain, no gain, brother. – Yeah! – So they got their
workout, and they’re ready to eat some good food. I think we’ll order… I don’t know, I think I’m
gonna order some sushi. – I’m gonna order some sushi. I love sushi. – Kayla’s gonna get some sushi. – I might have to get some
sushi too, I don’t know. – So that’s it, guys, we’re done today. We’ve done our shopping, we’ve done our workout, we’re gonna eat dinner. Thank you guys so much for watching! – Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Like, subscribe (background
noise drowns out vocals). Until next time. – Bye! (upbeat music)