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How to teach yoga to kids

In today’s fast pace society we all want to spend quality time with our kids. Our kids want to spend quality time with us. So, I wrote a book called Yoga Stories with Coco and Friends, that helps me and actually anyone to do 30 minutes of Yoga with children. You read a paragraph, and […]

Natural IBS Treatments – A Low FODMAP Diet Versus Yoga, Which is Better?

Hi, this is Dr. Ruscio. Let’s discuss natural treatments for IBS, irritable bowel syndrome. Most namely, a low FODMAP diet, and how that compares to yoga. A study was recently published that examined this question and I’ll put the abstract up here on the screen, entitled “Randomized Clinical Trial: Yoga versus a Low-FODMAP Diet in […]

Yoga Poses & Equipment : Prana Yoga Mats

Hi my name is Ashley Ludman from Seaside Yoga and I’m here to review the Prana yoga mats. The Prana is a company that offers yoga and outdoor apparel as well as yoga accessories. On their website, you’ll be able to find different styles of yoga mats. Those of you who are interested in […]

Yoga Basics for Better Health

[Ambient yoga music playing] Oh, my goodness. That was a little bit of yoga. How you guys doing? Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. So good to see everybody. How are we doing, today? Yeah? We’re good? I was just doing a little bit of yoga, a little bit of yoga. Before we get started, […]