Chair Yoga for Seniors : Chair Yoga for Seniors: Legs Up the Wall Pose

So towards the end of your practice this is
a wonderful pose to do. I’m going to show you legs up the wall or a variation of shoulder
stand by using a chair for those who have limited range of mobility. So you’ll want
to have a few props near you. You can have a bolster for your head if you need a little
extra cushion. You can also use a folded blanket to cushion everything for the head and then
your chair and another blanket that just kind of softens the chair for your legs. So sitting
next to your chair on your sticky mat, you’re going to go ahead and lay on to your back
whichever way is the most convenient way for you to come on to your back and then prop
your legs up on your chair and go ahead and readjust however feels most comfortable for
you. This is a wonderful way to give the legs and the ankles a break to relax the back body,
allow the shoulders to drop into the mat, allow everything to just soften in the pose
and this is a wonderful way to aid circulation in the legs and the lower extremities and
just breath nice and deeply. Allow everything to soften. When you are ready to come out
of the pose make sure that you move slowly. So go ahead and take the legs off of the chair
first, bring the feet back to the floor, see if you can roll slowly over on to one side
and take a few breaths there in the fetal position. When you are ready to come up to
seated, go ahead and press the top hand into the floor, slowly come up and come back to
a nice soft cross legged position. That is legs up the wall or a variation of shoulder
stand for seniors or those who have limited mobility.