Clothing Try-On Haul + Gift Card Challenge!

it looks so good hey guys it’s Lesley
Rowland and my mom in the other room has heard me repeat this intro a thousand
times cuz I honestly sometimes think I see my
name weird uh but I don’t really say it out loud very much and I figured people
like to call me Lesley but my name is Lesley and they say my last name like
Rowland but it’s Rowland figured you know we’re
at this point in our journey here my fam BAM should probably know how I say my
name as you can see from the title this is going to be a clothing try on haul
but I haven’t shopped yet so if you guys are someone that just love seeing the
clothing try on haul and that’s it you’re gonna have to jump further into
this video I’ll put a time code right here so if you’re into that fine but I
do kind of want to make this a challenge because I did it get some gift cards I’m
about to show you and I really want my spending to be in the parameters of
these gift cards and I definitely want to take you along shopping with me a
little fun vlog but let me show you what I got so August was my birthday and so
that’s the biggest holiday to ever exist to me so I did get some gift cards I
ended up getting to Cole’s gift cards each of number $50 my grandma is really
nice because one of these was even for my birthday is because she went shopping
at Kohl’s with my mom and then felt bad that I wasn’t there to shop with them
you know grandma’s they always make an excuse and then of course Boston Market
which I know is not clothing but hey you know you got to eat to fuel to shop so
I’m gonna take you guys along with me getting Boston Market Victoria’s Secret
haven’t shopped there in a bit but I do love a lot of their pieces like their
pajamas and I have this bundle that I am about to show you because I actually
just got back from bingo I was a guest so I don’t always talk about it monthly
because it depends on who’s host even if I get an invite but it’s
really nice but I get an invite I love it
so bingo how my mom and her friends play it is you bring a gift that’s valued at
$25 usually people just bring gift cards that are because that can be a flat-out
$25 gift card and then if you bingo you have the opportunity to pick a present
and open it or maybe you want to steal a gift from somebody else and so I ended
up winning four times and how they play is even if somebody says bingo you don’t
always clear your cards so you keep going and in one entire round I’ve been
good I think three times you know it’s kind of hard you know here I am the
guest and I’m been going in and taking all these gifts I was good I did not
steal anything because I figured as soon as I start stealing and I’m done this
winning streak people are gonna start stealing from me I did get one thing
stolen from me which was an Amazon gift card but all’s fair in love and bingo
but I didn’t get these to bring home so this Macy’s gift card I am going to give
to my mom this is the place that she’s been loving lately and then I got this
Nordstrom Rack card but then when you open it up it’s just a standard
Nordstrom card so I can do this at regular nor DS or nor DS rack sometimes
I kind of wondered because no people I obviously played dirty because they’re
all so nice but I’m also wondering it was this gift card conveniently the
Nordstrom Rack envelope just because maybe that person wanted to steal their
own gift away I don’t know and then this came together so look at this picture
frame I actually really like it I’m afraid it could look chintzy on camera
but I’m telling you in real life it looks really good this is just like a
sticker that’s on it but look at the framing on this this is really pretty
it’s like this little metal frame of how you can hold it down
I can’t balance it on my hand but I thought that was really cute so I
definitely want something do with this and another funny thing too
is actually so this came in a set this Target gift card and this picture frame
and somebody stole it from me and then my mom ended up being going and she
stole it back and since this she would have been the third owner of this gift
it was dead so nobody could steal it again after her so and the woman was in
the bathroom and she had to come back and find the gift missing proper table
but there’s no hard feelings and bingo that’s just how it is so as you can see
with all these gift cards that I have some shopping to do I’m a millennial so
it’s not like I have this huge income I’m also a youtuber this small youtuber
so I am really going to keep in the boundaries of these gift cards I’m gonna
take you shopping with me let’s go see what goodies we can get and then I’ll
come back sit down with you guys and show you a haul try on haul of
everything that I got so I am excited because I think this is kind of then a
challenge type of video but let’s get going
I’m gonna make this quick because I think this is copyrighted music playing
it’s gotta be so right now I’m at Kohl’s and I don’t know I can’t help it because
there’s all this fall stuff usually I go straight to the clothes but smelling
candles this one doesn’t smell too good okay I ended up not spending all of my
gift card so I am back here at shopping and look this is Candis it’s in the
front but it’s already on sale for 20 but copyright okay we’re here well that’s it stop sign
that’s car yet okay oh I’m just gonna walk underneath there okay so first off
somebody wanted me to check out a dress so I can have a matching dress with one
of my besties and also I might be okay I’m kind of shopping for clothes but I’m
also looking at the sins so let’s see oh man I realized I didn’t get footage
but for the best cuz I looked really pale in that dressing room but I
couldn’t pull off the stripes as well so there’ll be another time but really good
fabric I like that the dress had pockets look a lot it’s very nice you know me
mmm I like that too oh man I wanted a stuff pack but all
they have is the expansion packs like I don’t have island living but this is not
on sale and so it’s on for 40 bucks and I know it can go on sale like even 50%
off sometimes they have such good sales so I feel like it’s not worth doing that
I have all the other expansion packs but because they didn’t have the stuff packs
I asked about them and apparently they have like a partnership to with origin
on their online version and they sell stuff packs yes so now I’m not spending
any extra money on Island living when it’s at full price I’m gonna try to get
realm of magic think that’s what it’s called okay
heading back to my car so I can only say I’m disappointed because at least in the
end I think I’m gonna get exactly what I want and stick to the gift card
challenge it’s fun going to target can’t complain Wow my car is so dirty do you
see all that my mom always complains to me about how dirty it is it’s a
beautiful day to go shopping at the mall where there’s a Nordstrom a Macy’s a
Victoria’s Secret and so I am going with my mom and of course I’m going to be
vlogging for you guys but don’t be surprised if my mom is not in the
footage it’s kind of embarrassing I without a camera in public and start
talking to it but I’m talking to you guys my outfit for today is pretty
relaxed but this is actually a Victoria Secret pajama shirt so it’s extra cozy
but of course with an actual bran you can see it kind of cuts off right here
but I think it makes it kind of cute a little like 90s theme at some point I stopped vlogging I got
too tired so the main purpose of this trip with my mom was she needed a cotton
button-down shirt for work and I know you see white button-downs everywhere
but these days they’re like they’re really like soft ones where you scrunch
the sleeves and they’re see-through she needed one for work where it’s like COD
wear it when you fold the sleeves and stuff they’re stiff so we couldn’t find
any but we stumbled upon Macy’s and I was gonna give her my Macy’s gift card
you ended up treating me to some cute clearance swimsuits that I cannot show
you just yet but then I was funny because you know I told her like you
know on a whim just try on my button-downs that I have in my closet
and I had a couple of them and she put them on and they fit perfectly so he
didn’t have to go to the mall but he was fine so you got some exercise and I got
some goodies which I always loved adding some more clothes to this try on Hoss
I’m okay with it but somebody’s music is so loud I feel like you guys can hear it
and I hope I don’t get a copyrighted for that but it is a brand new day so I am
actually a part of like a Sims community Facebook forum I love it I can’t help
but it’s like my guilty pleasure anyway so somebody let me know there is a sale
in Target and I didn’t spend my gift card yet I was able to do a pickup order
so let’s go pick up our baby I don’t know where the pickup section is Sims 4 island living and you know what
this has its original cover this is the pack where you can make mermaids I’m
gonna pose for my game so cute mom and I are back at the mall and this time I’m
really gonna try to use the gift cards but we’ll see but I got to go back if I
accident like walked out here it is the most exciting part of the
video it is the clothing try on haul portion so if you guys stuck around with
me throughout this entire video I tried my best to vlog at the mall and do not
really reveal what I ended up buying I just try to do like maybe a little bit
of sneak peek but right now I am filming during a thunderstorm so you might hear
some rumbling don’t mind that and if the power goes out don’t mind that either when I went there it was kind of a
frustrating experience because it’s really hard to find something for $25
and whenever I did find something it just seemed like it could have easily
been replicated at forever 21 you know I wasn’t going to just buy socks from
there I found one piece of clothing that I really liked on the clearance rack
which was like 28 something dollars but then my mom saw it on and I don’t know
we had such a debate that I was kind of questioning if I were to buy it but I
really worn it I’m not for sure I’ll probably end up going back for her if I
if it’s still there but for right now for this video I’ve tried I’ve gone to
the mall three times and I haven’t fallen in love with anything to use this
gift card so I will be saving this gift card and trying to accumulate a few more
because you need about 50 plus dollars to somewhat go shopping at Nordstrom let
me show you stuff I have this Leslie did you even do the gift card challenge if
you didn’t have that much money to spend at Kohl’s but let me tell you that whoa
I’m dropping things Kohl’s is actually a bonding tradition I kind of have with my
mom we go there quite often because we get really good discounts in the mail we
always have Kohl’s cash so even if I did not have the gift cards I would have
still gone to Cole’s with my mom come back with some generous gifts from
her so that gets a little bit of a gray area when it comes to the gift card
challenge but I think her do you guys just want to see what I bought so
starting off with oh yeah let’s start off with this top now this this baby I
have yet to wear this out on a date isn’t this so kendall Jenner kind of
like have a little bit of high-waisted jeans and have this tucked in
you got like it’s not lingerie in any way but come on like you see this lace
and you’re thinking that loose get any straps it is just so cute I love the
plaid I’ve always been a fan of any schoolgirl ask type thing I don’t know
if I would match this with adidas or maybe some wedges I think it depends if
it’s day or night but I love this and then I got this top this was considered
like a road trip v-neck like I think that was the actual name and I got it at
a really good discount so I couldn’t help it this was like clearance prices
but I love to just wear this and tie it like a little knot right here it’s just
cute and it’s simple and it’s just really good coloring I love that then I
got this dress which I actually already wore to the Fort Worth Zoo to me I love
the style of this because it feels very vintage it’s something that looks really
cute with Adidas and it’s not too short not too long and this zipper oh that’s
so cute now I’ve always worn it with it up it’s not one of those dresses where
well I guess maybe if you guys were a little bit busty err than me maybe you’d
be a little peep show I’m not very sure but to me like how my body type is I
think it’s cute to have it all the way zipped up these are just your basic
black leggings these are not from the athletic department of Kohl’s oftentimes
like I spend so much time in juniors that I forget to check that out so
honestly if you’re looking for like intense workout gear go to that
department this is just you know what is this like
cotton it’s definitely not workout material this is kind of what you would
wear you know on a date or doing errand or whatnot because it’s cloth-like
texture and then the band is pretty thin I know some people really like a thick
band because it really pulls you all in kind of like high-waisted jeans so I
tried them on I liked how they looked but just as a heads up you guys are
gonna think I’m crazy but I got this skirt and I know right now I’m not on
the job market I’m doing YouTube because I get to hang out with you guys so the
only way that I’ll be wearing this is probably as a prop if I wanted to be
like a naughty schoolgirl teacher which I’m home with my mom probably hears me
those rolling her eyes I could probably wear this with maybe some you know dark
pantyhose or tights besides the fact that I love cheetah the
main reason for getting this was the fact that it’s long sleeves but it’s
pretty thin and I don’t know if you guys are like me but I’m someone where what I
hate about wintertime is it’s really cold outside and then you go inside and
people crank up the heat and I’m already somebody who gets hot easily so I can’t
stand it but I feel like I look like a fool with short sleeve shirts do you
hear that the rain is coming when I was driving into the house it was just
thunder and lightning everywhere so but real quick just note the bid is
scrunched at the bottom but this makes it perfect to tuck it in again I’m
someone that like I could tuck them into like the black pants that I have now but
those aren’t high-waisted so I’d have to double check that look but for sure
jeans look so good ok let’s close all the doors yeah ready
I got my phone sorry about that there was a tornado
warning the sirens were going and so I had to spend about 20 minutes in the
closet but it seems like it’s far away enough
this top first off it is really incredibly soft and I don’t know if you
can see that there are slight holes in it so it is ventilated which is perfect
for me if you look at the bottom you’ll see there’s these little scalloped
detail and it actually does cut off it has kind of like a 90s crop to it which
I love and I love turtlenecks but I don’t know if any of you guys are like
this like I am I’m someone where I go to the bathroom I do my hair my makeup and
then I come into my room and I decide what I’m going to wear so it is always
hard when I do that and then I realize I want to wear a turtleneck and my makeups
all done so I’m like having to like not stretch out the hole too much but just
enough and like have it go over my face and then I got an eyebrow check and all
that it’s exhausting being a girl these pants now these are not high-waisted I
know some people like that is a huge deal breaker for them but I really liked
how they fit they fit a little tight again I like because then it’s perfect
because then you can get right into like combat boots and tuck them in or any
other type of boot but what I like is that I don’t really look very good and
strong Reds so this was the next best step and this just feels so Hatem chic
like I should be getting a pumpkin spice latte wearing these pants now picture
wearing these pants and this sweater this might just be so fall chic it might
be too much for some of you guys I understand I get it now this top well
it’s a sweater it’s pretty thick which I do like because you know can get a
little nippy out but it’s one of those ones with the turtleneck it’s so cute
I’m just gonna briefly show it to you because obviously it’s not looking cute
holding it up it’s gonna look so much better when whenever it cuts to the
Tryon portion magenta must be the color of autumn
the CEO or at least it’s my color because I was also drawn to the sweater
it’s pretty simple but I do like the details right here think that is so cute
the stitching is really pretty and I love how it’s not just magenta there’s
some darker shades in there and that had some dimension now we’re going to move
on to Macy’s and what I had said earlier was that I was going to gift my Macy’s
card to my mom and that’s exactly what I did but then we stumbled upon the
clearance section because we were looking for swimsuits because last time
at Macy’s yeah right here I got this one piece and my mom got a different one
piece and we loved it so we were like you know what let’s take some time look
at this section to see if we can get some additional pieces because this this
is so cute it has some padding which I like and of
course it has the little Ralph Lauren logo on it just add to the fanciness so
then we went there mom didn’t find anything
but I found a few mix-and-match pieces that my mom was like you know well like
these are about five dollars each I’m gonna just gift them to you super sweet
so let me show you what I ended up getting it Macy’s so I got these bottoms
and I really wish I could find the top two these but a black top will just be
perfect it’s you can kind of see it’s very bohemian um maybe there’s some
paisley pattern I’m not all for sure it’s very dotted and textured throughout
that’s cute and then this top but just really neat how it has these stripes in
it and adds kind of a sporty feel but oh my goodness you know how strappy things
are they’re always a tangled mess when you’re trying to show them off to me I
almost felt like this was so Beach surfer chic even though I’m pretty sure
this would just fly off any surfer in a wave then I got this top it has a little
bit of a thicker pad but it’s not use not push up but you know when you shop
Victoria’s Secret swim those are like wearing little bras in the water
those are pretty intense but you have the little braids and I just don’t have
anything in this green style so my mom took a chance like right here it’s
saying the deal was four dollars and ninety three cents and this should have
been twenty dollars Victoria’s Secret and I don’t know about you guys but I’m
someone that I skipped the Victoria’s Secret section and I go straight to the
pink shop I’m all about it I’m all about those dogs now since this video also
covers the gift card challenge I do have to put a disclaimer in there that I was
successful only because my mom ended up having an additional $20 gift card that
she gifted me got this bra which I will not be doing a Tryon portion of this
because certain things can circulate the internet and I’m young and I don’t want
to make mistakes yet so but I just found that this perfect because I’m someone
that I always need to have a neutral bra so cute this I think was maybe once a
display because they rolled up the sleeves so cute and I just kept him that
way I got this not only is this so soft I just think it is so cute I’ve always
been a fan of heather gray this did come with matching pants but that would have
been an additional cost but I’ll tell you right now they’re just not as cute
like I couldn’t care less about those however there was actually another
heather gray outfit that was a matching top and bottom that was the exact same
like tone of gray and speckled just like this but it is somewhere else in the
pink department so if you’re wanting to get a full set out of this and you don’t
love the bottoms that comes with there’s hope just go find the other bottoms also
this was technically a qualifying purchase to get this coupon and it’s a
fall rewards and it’s only good for about a week but it’s $20 off a $50
purchase now I am going to conveniently give this to my mom to shop for me for
the holidays I do want to say that I remember in this
video I showed off a Boston Market gift card that’s something that I’ve done
with kaeleen and we’re now making that a tradition so we haven’t had time yet but
we’re gonna be hanging out super soon so I’m excited because I am all about their
mashed potatoes and gravy and the fact that it’s fall that means that they’re
gonna have a lot more to choose from as well just to wrap up this video I think
it was a very successful clothing try on haul because I think the pieces all have
variety they’re super cute they’re reasonably priced and they’re pretty
functional like I think you guys probably benefited from this haul now
the gift card challenge I’d say got a little shaky but at the same time can
you blame me if somebody’s gonna gift me more clothes of course I’m gonna take
and go beyond the spending limit of the gift card and Nordstrom is just one of
those places where it is frustrating and I think you girls know that that are
watching so I think for the fact that this was my first time doing a gift card
challenge I am pretty impressed with myself but I don’t know like you guys
have to let me know because I know this was kind of a hybrid video do you like
seeing the gift card challenge included in a haul video or just throw that out
like I don’t know it’s trying something new here but I need you guys’s feedback
in order for me to do the next haul video if you guys have made it this far
thank you I hope then you have fallen in love with me to the point that you want
to subscribe so join the fam BAM and I’m not gonna leave you guys hanging any
longer so okay well I love you I mean it bye guys