Cockroach Cuddling Challenge

(playful theme music) – Welcome back. – We are hanging out with Jean Franzblau, founder of the Cuddle Sanctuary. Can I call you Cuddle Queen Jean? – I would love that, thank you. – So you’re saying that the cuddle process can actually reduce stress? – Yeah, it lowers cortisol levels, and it also increase
oxytocin, which helps you feel relaxed, chilled out,
peaceful, stuff like that. – Okay, well we’re gonna
conduct our own study. We are wearing heart rate
monitors, which is basically our way of monitoring our stress level. And we’re going to lie down on this bed, which has a fortress of
plexiglass around it, and then we’re gonna get
into some cuddling positions when we experience elevated stress. Now how Rhett, are we ever gonna
experience elevated stress? – We’re gonna have Chase the exterminator, he’s not really a freakin’ exterminator, because he’s gonna come
in and dump roaches on us. – Well he’s collected them
over the course of his career. – Let’s get into just a normal position, and kind of just lay
back and relax and see. – I’m at 77 BPM, you’re at 69, so you’re– – I’m already more relaxed – You’re more relaxed
than me, so we’re not gonna cuddle yet. – Okay, okay. – Okay Chase, bring ’em in. – No, no, no, no, – Oh my goodness.
– No, no. – No, no, oh my god, oh no. – They’re huge. – They’re really big. – Okay, I’m already at 81. – Okay, no one is near
your mouth or your nose, just don’t look at them, that’s just not gonna help you at all, look up. And just being to breathe. Notice the weight of your body– – Why did you put so
many right there chase? – What’s the first pose
we should get into? – I recommend you get
into the zipper coat pose. So that’s link your arms, Link. – Linking, oh, you’re
creating a leg bridge. – Why are they so big?
– Looking up would be amazing, looking up would be great. – Okay, I’m cuddling hard. – Now I’m gonna recommend baby bear. – Baby bear, yes.
– Just don’t look down. So sit up quickly. And baby bear, – Oh my gosh.
– Golly. – Rhett is gonna be in the
back, Rhett’s in the back. – There’s a whole clump of ’em. – [Jean] Just don’t even
look, look at me, smile. – Oh, Cuddle Queen Jean, – Breathing in.
– Help me. – They feel so hefty. – I know, I know. – Alright, throw your,
– Just oh my god, okay. Alrighty, okay, all is well. And then just lean on
back into your friend. (Link screams) – What happened? – I was trying to trick
your hand into thinking there was a cockroach there, but there actually was a cockroach there. – Yes, yes, yes, there really is. – Just choke me, just choke me hard. – No, there’s a cockroach right there. – Choke me out, come on. – There’s one going down. – [Jean] Wipe it off, wipe it off. – No, no, no, there’s one going down. – Use your hand, wipe it off.
– There’s one going in me. It’s going in me.
– Just wipe it off. – He went in! He went in! – The momma bear is losing it. – Take your left hand and
get it off your neck– – No.
– No really, you can do it. – He’s inside me. I have one inside me. – I feel so bad for you. – Oh that’s Jean. – I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll do another one, I’m
sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Okay, now is a good time for the pretzel. This is an excellent time for that. – Pretzel me. – So you’ll remember, is just
you’re gonna slide around, – But there’s one inside me Jean. – What do you mean inside
of you, that’s horrifying. – Link is the planet. – I don’t know how deep he is. – Rhett is the satellite. – Link is the planet, – Okay, I’m the planet.
– Rhett, coming around. – Where’s the one here? – It’s gone, I flicked it right off you. – No, no, no, Chase. – Nothing bad is happening. So once again, satellite, you go around. That’s right.
– My heart rate is high! – And I’m feeling really bad about what’s on your right shoulder. – Why did you have to crotch
me with the cockroaches. They’re called cockroaches not, well, I guess that does make sense. – Crotch-roaches? – Is this relaxing,
– No – Is this better, okay, so now the hug– I know, I know, I know, I know. – I didn’t know they were all over me. – I know, he didn’t know either. – I gotta put my head right
there next to that cockroach. – And then, just hug it out. – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. – Ahh, there’s one on the back of my neck. There’s the one on my back of my neck. – Okay, okay, okay, I’m getting it, oh, it was horrible. – Let’s evaluate, hold on,
hold on, hold on, hold on. (Jean screams) – Look, look, look, look,
look, look at my heart rate. – It’s just sticking there, oh no. – My heart rate was down to 75. – I’m about to burst. (Jean screams) (Link hooting) – No, no, no, no, no, oh god, oh god. – Where is it, where is it? – I’m sorry.
– It was in my ear. – But it’s no longer. – What do you, no, no, no, no, but where is it? Is it on your face? – Just cuddle me. Just be quiet, and hold me. – So just breathe.
– Oh, I activated that one. – [Jean] Just breathe, just breathe. Just breathe. – Stop, stop, okay. – I blew him inside you. – He’s coming, he’s coming back up. – Oh my god, it really
is, it’s just so bad, help him out, help your brother out. Make that go away. No it’s not, no.
– No, no, no, no, no! Alright click through to the
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– An alpaca? – Oh gosh, get it off, get it– – [Jean] Get it off him, get it off, no! – Get it off! Get it off! – I’m not going to get him off. – Get it off, mama bear! – [Rhett] Buy your new
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