Complete Beginners Yoga Class and Easy Workout – Ease into it w/ Sanela

Hello everyone, it’s Sanela here and
welcome to PsycheTruth. Today we’re going to be doing basic yoga, so if
you’re a beginner this flow is perfect for you. Before we begin I suggest maybe
have a towel near you so that way when you in a lotus posture will be able to
have less tension in your hips and you will be able to keep the spine in nice
and long and the whole time. So go ahead and place it right underneath your booty,
right here, and then lift your heart. Shoulders are relaxed down away from
your ears close your eyes and let’s bring all your attention to your breath.
So gently taking a nice deep inhale through your nose, and exhale through nose, and just align yourself to come to this present moment and when you’re first
beginner in yoga practice it’s really important to understand that connection
between the breath and the body and the flow and the present moment. So allow
yourself to really connect with your breath here, so again, deep inhale here, and gently exhaling. Quieting your thoughts. Again, one more time, deep inhale here, exhale. And just take a second here to see what
your attention is in this practice. Is it to really get better in yoga practice? Is
it to connect with your breath) What is it? just take a second to hear
yourself out. Meanwhile, if you have any destructive
thoughts, bring attention again to your breath. One more time, deep inhale rising both
hands up, shoulders are relaxed. Keep your eyes closed here as you relax your
shoulders down again we’re going to take four deep inhales here, and exhale. Inhale deep, exhale. Inhale deep, exhale. One more time deep
inhale here, align your body to just let all the tension go as you take deep inhale, going all the way down into your belly here and exhale through your
mouth. Bracing your right hand here, and then moving into that side stretch;
you’re just bringing awareness now into the body. Taking a nice four deep inhales here, keeping your eyes closed, and just keeping the connection within your
right now at the beginning- really noticing that energy with your breath,
and the present moment in the body. Exhale. Inhale deep When you take a deep inhale, take just
the gentle little pause there. So then exhale. One more time deep inhale here. Exhale. Gently coming back to center with your eyes closed here, again, switching sides here. Same thing here, take a deep inhale, nice
long body, relax your hips down, exhale. Inhale deep, exhale be gentle with your
breath. Again deep inhale, exhale, one more time. Deep inhale, you taking your time here be patient with yourself. Good job, coming back up. Now we’re going to move into that seated spinal twist. So gently moving into your right side of
the body, as you place in your left hand on your right knee keeping your spine
nice and long, heart is lifted here; and then looking over your right
shoulder; you can even close your eyes and keep that connection with a new here;
and just allowing me to guide you through this practice. Just following
what I’m saying, and taking a deep breath here, letting go of any judgments, letting
go of everything. Taking the time for you; this is your time here, s,o just allow
yourself to come to this present moment. Take a deep breath here, again deep inhale here, exhale. This is a really good stretch for the
spine here. One more time deep inhale, let’s switch to the other side. So same
thing here, be gentle with your body be gentle with your breath. Just let
go of any judgment- just really allow yourself to be here now and really be
connected with your body here. So stretching out, releasing tension, and
getting familiar with our own energy, with our own breath. Breath is really
powerful. It releases so much tension to the body and bring so much awareness to
the present moment. Here you go, take a deep breath here again. Each time trying to, a little bit as you exhale, actually try to go to deeper into this twist here. As you’re looking over that
left shoulder. One more time, deep inhale, exhale, coming back to center. Nice. Maybe smile gently, and then we’re
going to come into that little forward fold here. Now going in your own pace; you
follow your body, listen to your body, listen to your breath here, just right
here, just align itself to just relax for a second. Closing your eyes and taking a deep
inhale, exhale. Inhale deep, exhale. One more time. Exhale. Good job. Walk back to center. Now, I’m gonna take this towel out
because I’m okay- but you can go ahead and keep it there if it works better for
you- perfectly. So I’m just gonna go a little bit into deeper into Lotus, half Lotus I should say. Right, again, keeping the heart nice and
lifted, a nice long spine. Tuck the chin, relax the shoulders down, placing both hands on
your head knees right here. And from here we’re just going to make a little like a
spoon here, with our stomach here, and tucking your stomach, and-
just like that, curving your lower back and your upper back here. Exhale, lifting your shoulders up as you
lift your heart- pull, come forward. Push your shoulders back here, and repeat
this flow here. Just awakening the spine bringing the fire into your core here. Repeat; move at your own breath here. Smile. Rising both hands up, palms together, bring it to your heart. Good job. Again placing your hands on your knees, now we’re going to make a little circles just like that, right? See that? Nice and gently- just don’t do
the best you can. Going at your own pace. Guys, again, listen to your body moving
with your breath and really align yourself to really come to this present-
know why your attentions- what’s your attention here doing this practice with
me? And again thank you guys so much for allowing yourself to come and do this
practice with me. I promise you it’s going to help you so much. Go ahead let’s switch sides. Nice and
gently, moving to those circles, mmm, bring attention to your breath, again
close your eyes here. Good job. One more time. Coming back to center, rising both hands up- deep inhale. Exhale, coming to center. All right, now we’re going to come to all fours here. Nice. Maybe, if your legs are feeling a
little bit falling asleep here, just kinda move it a little bit, shake it if you
need to. Again, listen to your body, know what works the best for you. Go at your
own pace. Now we’re going to go moving to that cat
and cow here. Again we’re going to bring attention to the breath, and just
understanding the base of Yoga, and just understanding the energy and the
connection: what it means to come to the present moment, allowing yourself to come
here and connect the breath with the body, and your mind. Okay, so from here, make sure those arms
come directly down from your shoulders right? Your knees are hip (width) apart here. All right and from here, we’re going to take a deep breath, you’re going to tuck your tailbone and suck your stomach in, just like that. Then, last thing is going to be tucking the chin in here- hold here, and then exhale, and push your shoulders back as you drop
your navel towards the ground here. Maybe close your eyes moving to your cat again.
We’re going to do about 10 of these here, and just again, moving with your breath. Pause for a second; exhale. I really love doing this one because
this one is also really good stretch in bringing mobility and flexibility to the
lower back as well. Maybe wiggle your tailbone just a little bit. Wiggle your tail, I say. Exhale. Have fun with it, you know. Allow yourself not to take everything so seriously- smile leaving the process letting go of judgment, and just being here knowing that
you’re doing something amazing for your body, mind, your spirit everything. Let’s do one more time- cat here, and then
exhale. Nice gentle breatjhe here. Good job Alright let’s move into that child’s
pose. Now in the Child’s Pose, if you have a bigger thighs have your big toes touch each other, and then place your hips apart nice and gently
bring your heart down, and extending your arms in front of you here; and just
taking a nice deep inhale here. Allowing yourself to just rest your arms here for
second. Take a deep breath. Exhale. One more time, deep inhale, exhale. Good job, now gently start to come back to all four’s. Now we’re going to move here to what’s
called spinal balance. I love spinal balance because you’re
really building strength in your spine, and your core, in your arms and just overall
your breath and the body becomes really connected. So from here you’re going to
extend your left leg back, and then extend your right hand, as you look down
towards your mat with a nice long spine. Tuck that chin in, so you’re always lengthening the spine here. Just like that as your arm comes directly down from your
shoulders, and then resting your left foot down, just like that. And we’re going to
take four deep breaths here. So go ahead take a deep inhale, maybe close your eyes,
taking an exhale, keeping your core tight here. Again, deep inhale, exhale. One more time, deep inhale, exhale. Good job. Coming back to center, go ahead let’s
switch sides. Same thing here, extend that right leg back, and extend your
left arm in front of you. Pushing feeling really all four corners of your
arm here, just like that’s a nice equal weight here. it’s supporting your
shoulders here in your arms. Let’s bring the attention to the breath here.
Now you might feel a little bit shaky, and going to feel a little bit muscle
activation, but just allow yourself and know- you know- it is ok feel a little
burned. It means that it’s working the muscle in the body is being
activated, and just again bringing the attention to the breath here and
relaxing it through your breath. Letting go of that tension. Two more breaths here, come on you can do it. Take a nice deep inhale, exhale. One more time, deep inhale here, and exhale- good job. Go ahead move into a child’s pose again
here. Extending those arms in front of you. Relaxing a little bit, maybe move
your arms, your hands in a little circle- releasing some tension from your wrists.
Noticing your energy. Notice how you feel at this moment Good job. Let’s come back, all fours again. Now from here, we’re going to move into that side plank. I like side plank because it builds a
lot of strength in the body, and just overall can fight through that
uncomfortable feeling; like getting out of that comfort zone. So go ahead let’s
extend that left leg, as your right knee is bending. Your foot is standard just
like that- and make sure again the arm come directly down from your shoulders
here. And then you’re going to lift that left arm off- just like that, and we’re going to hold here
for four breaths. Maybe close your eyes if you want to- listen to your body know what works the best for you. Keeping your core tight here. Guys, as you notice, you can take a look at where my feet are at as you see this my bottom
leg is the foot is just kind of gently extended here. My weight is more on my knee, and then my top leg is coming to that 90 degrees on the mat just like that so that’s going
to allow you to hold it here, and have a little bit of a better balance. As you
can see just like that. Let’s take one more deep breath here. Exhale. Good job. Let’s come back to center. Again let’s move to your other side. Again make sure that arm comes directly
down from your shoulders, as you can see i’m placing my foot flat down, and gently
kind of rolling onto my left side as I place my left foot all the way down to
90 degrees, and gently looking towards the ceiling here. Keeping your core tight.
Let’s take four deep breaths here. Fighting through it: you can do it here. Again, breathe through it- don’t hold your breath. One more time deep inhale, and exhale. Good job, coming back to center. From here gently coming all the way down. Alright, now we’re going to lay on our
belly here. You’re going to extend your hands directly from your shoulders. Imagine you’re making a letter T here, as you lift your left foot up and gently kind of roll to
your right, as you place that left with over. So this is a really good again stretch
for your lower back, your hip flexors, just overall really good release throughout your spine here. Let’s take two more deep breaths here. Really try to breathe through this. Good job, and gently, let’s roll back to center here. Go ahead lift that right leg again here up and roll over to your left, as you’re placing that
right leg- right foot down. And placing your head down here, just like
that. Taking two deep breaths deep breaths. Good job. Gently roll back to center. And from here, plant your hands onto your mat, and you’re going to roll. onto our back here. Alright, now we’re going to lay down on
your back and you place your left leg straight down bending your right foot.
Bend your knee, gently start to bring it towards your chest here, and take
two deep breaths here. Inhale deep, Exhale, let it go. Relaxing your hips. Deep inhale all the way into your belly, Exhale. Gently place it back down. Bending your left knee, gently bringing it towards your chest, and pull in here. Again, take a deep breath, exhale. Really letting go of any tension. Gently placing it back down. And now from here, we’re going to take about 30 seconds. Allow yourself to really just let go. Placing your hands all the
way down. Your palms facing the ceiling, and we’re going to just relax here for maybe the next thirty minutes here. Observing your body, noticing where you are at and how you are feeling here. You may be quieting your thoughts. If you have any thoughts still going, any self-judgement, let it all go and bring your attention to
your breath align yourself to be here now. Notice how amazing it feels. Relaxing your feet, relaxing your thighs relaxing your hips, relaxing in your stomach. Relaxing your chest, relaxing your
shoulders, relaxing your eyes, Relaxing your chin, relaxing your neck. Relaxing your entire body. Scanning your
body. Maybe listening to your heart. Take a deep inhale here, exhale let it go. One more deep breath, exhale gently start to wiggle your toes, your fingers. If you need to take a little bit longer
time here in this meditative posture- do so. If not, when you’re ready, keep your eyes closed and go ahead and
lay on your right side of your body here. Keeping your eyes closed and
keeping that connection here right now. You can take a nice deep breath, and
exhale gently. Noticing how you feel very know maybe putting a little smile. When you’re ready, placing your left hand down, and gently
lift yourself into a lotus posture. You’re being gentle keeping your eyes
closed here. Good job. Rising both hands all the way up, palms together and bring it to the
center of your heart. Just take a second and notice how you feel. Notice your energy here. Maybe taking a second giving yourself thanks for coming and doing this awesome flow with me. Some thanks for doing something amazing for body, mind and soul. Put a little smile on your face. Take a deep breath and exhale, open your
eyes here. Beautiful. Thank you guys so much for doing this with me. Again, do
this flow as many days as you can- you know- for to really get to know your body
your breath and the connection. What it means to really come into surrender and
take the time for you to take care of your internally and externally. Share
this video, make sure to favorite this video, subscribe to psyche truth for more
videos like that. Again thank you so much i’ll see you guys in the next video, and
have a beautiful day.