this had passed to all of us, that suddenly we go to the gym
and we are like Meh, You see a machine in the gym and you do not know its use or what they serve and its like Put your arm up and the other back and push it’s all wrong for us to see machines that we do not know so they work and normal people like me do not take the risk to occupy the machine if you do not know how it works so I look at the machine and say no
I prefer not to be ridiculous but there are other people who have their self esteem way too high 100% security and occupy the machine although they have no idea how it is used and end up looking totally ridiculous and I end up grabbing a video of them and we all just laugh as well as asdhdntunywdas of people we’re going to see, let’s get started Okey *Laugh* *Snif* Ahh I have two thoughts about this

first let’s see the guy is a giant guy who probably measures … 6 meters and a half or more or less it must be up to here, and the guys about that big if the guy is grabbing that in the gym, I do not bother him I tell him, is everything alright? I am not interested in that,… well with your eagerness an exercise… i dont want to fight please do not break my face
but the guy said I want to have a muscular neck
there is a marked neck well sexual like look babe I have a vein in my neck and I want to exercice like this e eh and the guy is fully aware that there are three people watching him and one recording but he fully consents Hey, they’re going to see when I have my sexy neck Uuh ight alright i-ghh what was happening there is sexual movement here and sexual movement there imagine the guy who is in the gym with his friend hey hey let’s go train Okay okay train train the guy is about to lift the weight and says I need you to put your crotch on my face It is important for this exercise that you put your crotch on my face please This is important for this project
Trust me
I mean replace this sound with some nice sexy music
And See this video in slow mo it looks like an adult movie there what is he trying to do there is he practicing to get more powerful look the guy is obviously using it wrong its an exercise for the back and all that but I’m not 100% sure if its actually used like that phhh *heavy breathing* ha ha ha ha ha this guy right here is preparing For the night there is the appointment this guy after going to the gym with his girlfriend said I’m ready babe GUAH GUAH GUAH This motivated is how Maria is worth today today ok I can not aaa aaa what’s happening here aaa the guy is quietly holding his exercise and appears this little Brother there are we going to say jose Jose appears there is and starts to burn back and says do it… do your exercise, I help you i help you Another more than cool with people who like to grab than people for back! in the gym is than it’s like a familiar maneuver in the movies at least it’s like when the person is teaching the person, for example, to play golf to the girl hey hey so it is played so it is played eee eee is an excuse just to put you for get behind the girl to make contact and the girl says uuhhh but not in the good gym in either of the two places is acceptable but in the gym is not good either Okay, this guy is angry like I do not want to go to the gym do not want to come to the gym I want to be skinny bitch
there’s come on let’s go now all right oh no oh oh no Nah nah this must be a joke there’s nothing that tells you it’s a punching bag my brain at this moment is thinking this person wanted to make a video trolling the world like that uh uh I’m going to make a video like I record another person but not the guy can not think that in his healthy jucio that that’s one thing to box I do not think I’m not reusing that video is real my faith in humanity still exists Okay here we have another guy enthusiastic about his date at night practicing there are your movements there go maria im training for you maria okay here we have a guy who is multi tasking grabbing two things at once ahmmm woooww this is a prank no? I mean, look at that guy’s arms look at the arms marked very powerful of that type if the guy grabs an exercise in the gym I’m not going to question as well as hear your exercise is probably wrong if the guy has those arms probably what the guy does in the gym works but look at how much weight you are lifting with your legs I mean how much that will be the guy thinks he’s on the beach or something like that? ajam another one jaja because people go to the gym because people are going No sense will make you want your fences to strike the machine because you start striking the machine there are many people striking machines in the gym let’s make this stop this image will appear in your nightmares here we have a guy raising pretty Fact weight What what’s the guy who touches his mouth? I think that personal trainers throw exercises for you to have fun I need to touch your mouth every time you lift the weights I mean, the guy is trying to lift a giant weight. the only thing he wants is someone and starting touching you moutch leave me alome please is heavy this please all fine for now Okay, that’s incredible, dangerous mind who is grabbing BECAUSE! NOOO *laught* noo okay
I’m going to be a mortal with weights in our hands ok im record for the internet no this guy has to be trolling to there’s this is trolling the people aff laughs aa that guy is trolling there’s no way this really to vote go everywhere if you know the name or channel of the type to see more videos of him this great Okay, that’s not bad, it’s not like t’s not like he’s grabbing anything another plus another more striking the gym lease friends of mine when they go to the gym do not hit anything pls what’s going on in which he venefice the guy to be hung I do not understand who is holding the exercise the type that is pumping the type or the other type wich legs or the fact of the kind of hanging or is a multi exercise one practices with his legs and the other keeps his abdomen firm oh no no no no no no I mean the guy is about to achieve the sjj phase 3 he is starting to leave all ki for create a best hameha ever why why! okay ayudenme a traducir no puedo mas!