Connect with Spirit (Guides) Guided Meditation

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pardpardeftab720ri720partightenfactor0 f0fs24 cf0 Take a moment and lay down in
your most comfortable position.
In this meditation I want to ask for you to not really force and do anything, alter or
make happen, but to surrender into the unknown, into a surprise of the experience as it happens.
I want you to fall into your body’92s sensations as it feels right now and let the other part
of you take over that does not come from effort or the mind. Allow yourself to simply go with
the flow.
I want to ask you to just hear my voice and follow it, like a trail that takes you into
tonight’92s experience and if and when you repeat this mediation the trail and the experience
will vary in its outcomes, sensations, surprises, messages and feelings.
If you want to fall asleep during this meditation
allow yourself to drift into your dream and rest state. Your guides, your loved ones,
angels and anyone in spirit will surround you through the night, embracing you in their
energy of light and will cradle you in their embrace of their abundant love. There is absolutely
nothing to fear, you are so safe in their hands so allow yourself to sink deep into
this experience wherever it may take you. You may experience an encounter, messages,
dreams of spirit or simply feelings of connection – it’s all equally a gift that I want to invite
you to enjoy.
Gently close your eyes. Rest your head on your soft pillow, feel the soft bed sheets,
drape your whole body over your bed. Let go in your back, let the back muscles sink into
your bed, let your arms gently melt from shoulders, elbows to fingertips. Feel the gravity supporting
you and letting you sink deeper and deeper into the relaxation as you completely let
go. Relax your chest and your belly, let your hips become weightless and invite the same
sense of ease into your thighs and through your knees right down into your toes as you
breathe gently and surrender to gravity to catch you and to let you sink deeper and deeper.

Breathing in’85 Breathing out’85 This is time for you and your Spirit, just to relax,
to be at ease and to go with the flow. I want you to feel your breath as it moves in and
out of your body. Feeling the breath expanding in your chest and lungs, the rib cage, and
as you breath out’85 let it all go. l want you to let go of all the things that have
happened and to release any future plans, ideas and to do’92s. Recognising that you
are being supported, that the day has gone, the only present moment that you have is right
now, recognising your beautiful spirit, feeling your breath, breathing in, breathing out,
just relaxing deeper and deeper, allowing for the mind to find a few moments to relax,
to be at ease’85 it is a time for you and for your spirit and in all that you are.
Release your neck and the back of your head,
feel it dissolve with the release and pull of gravity and as you do that let go of any
gripping around your eyes, your forehead and temples. Make your jaw super light, unhinge
it slightly, maybe let out a breath in a form of a sigh if it feels right, releasing any
information or tension in your mouth and jaw, letting go of all spoken words today and leaving
your whole face and body clear as a blank canvas. A canvas that you will colour with
new inspiration, ideas and dreams, but for now keep letting go, keep clearing your canvas.
Tune into the cosiness that you are experiencing and make it as cosy as possible. Tune into
your body’92s quietest space that looks like the space when you look up at the sky at night
’96 dark and silent, beautiful and powerful, enchanting and one that feels like home.
Take a beautiful breath in’85 Drop in the
intention into the waters of your body, the powerful waters of your body that act as a
conduit and carry your intention through and puts it into each cell, membrane and your
DNA. Make an intention of effortless connection to those in Spirit. And now take a breath
out and focus onto your third eye, the space between your eyebrows. Now imagine your breath
coming in and out of your third eye and as you do that relax your forehead, let the breath
be gentle and soothing.
As you breathe through your third eye, you may start to feel a light tingle, keep breathing
like this and in your minds eye start to form a beam of light coming from your third eye
out into the space that connects you and those in Spirit. Choose the colour of this beam
light by asking your body what it needs in this moment to bring you healing and alignment.
Let this colour to penetrate your body through your third eye to any area of the body that
needs it. Make an intention for the far end of the beam light to connect to those in Spirit
as they are awaiting you for you right now.
Play with this beam of light, make it as dense
or light as you want it or need it to be.
Test it, weave it, maybe even add more colours
to it, make it as strong as you need it to be. It could be as solid as an electric cable
or it could be as light as the ray of light through the clouds. Let it act as a type of
communication line between you and those in Spirit. Allow for
the mind to be completely relaxed and allow for
your connection to take place.
Feel yourself drifting into this experience fully and take another breath in and a breath
out and allow for the healing energy to surround you.
Everyone in spirit ’96 your beautiful guides
and angels, loved ones that have gone on before – let them bring their healing and their light
to you and just listen to the voice within. Just relax’85 just relax’85 Allow the healing
energy of love and connection to surround you. Allow spirit to guide you, to help you
and to encourage you.
Relax and take a few moments in silence listening and being quietly aware. Relax into the silence
into your sacred place’85
Take a beautiful and even breath in and out’85 you may want to choose to stay in the experience
where you are, you may allow yourself to fall asleep or you may in a few moments make the
journey back to the physical awareness and to feel your surroundings, being aware of
the energy that you have created. Sensing the healing that has taken place and knowing
that you can return back at any moment.
You are really loved and accepted, cherished and supported. Wherever you may choose to
take yourself next, those in Spirit will surround you, support you, send you signs and express
their love for you.