Couples Try Sensual Yoga

(laughing) – [Ella] I can’t. The size matters. – Okay. (light music) – Today we are teaching
partner yoga to couples. It creates a space to be a
little bit more intimate, to laugh, and it’s a
very different experience connecting with someone
else versus connecting just to yourself when you’re
practicing on your own. – I have never seen
couple’s yoga done before, but I’m imagining, like
watered down acrobatics. – Feels sexual, already. – Yeah, can’t wait to get into it. – I’m assuming there’s
gonna be a porn star, I’m supporting her and stuff like that. She’s probably gonna fall at least once. – You calling me fat? (light music) – [ID] Look at your thumb and index. Remember, push it down,
pull your stomach in, lift your knee caps. So just think, plank is
a long line of energy. Good. – You’re good. – [ID] Then men, do a push-up, the person that’s on the bottom. Good, and on the top. – Oh, very good. – [ID] And switch partners. (laughing) Then the partner, take
your hands to their ankles, – [ID] Oh, geez. – [ID] And now do a push-up. – No. – [ID] And up. (laughter) – I’m dying. – Do you want to start from there? – I’m so sweaty! – Ready, one, two, up. – [ID] Oh, good job! (light music) Take your palms up, getting ready to grab their shoulders and then grab their shoulders, and once your have their shoulder blades, start to straighten out your legs and now keep reaching. (laughing) – [ID] Now straighten your legs. – [ID] This is like mega trusting. – [ID] Okay. [ID] Good. Now grab her and push her forward. There you go, good job. Nice. Now switch partners. – [ID] I have legs of steel. – Chest up. Keep your chest up. (laughing) – [ID] Timber. Alright, we good? (light music) – [ID] The person who is
going to support them, take your legs over and
get really close to them, but your butt is still on the floor. – [ID] I was like, get on this. – [ID] The person that’s lowering, go as far down as you can go. At the top, give one another a kiss. Wow, I feel that I
shouldn’t be here right now. (laughing) – [ID] Alright, so one person go back. Keep the chest lifted, Nice. or one last French kiss. (light music) The partner just step outside of them and sit your butt on their butt, then time to take a child’s
pose on top of your partner. Good. From there, bring your butt to your heels and then walk your hips forward. – [ID] She’s tickling my butt. You’re tickling my butt. – I’m tickling your butt? – [ID] Your toes were. – [ID] Good, slowly climb
off of your partner. The partner sit on your
butt on top of their butt, knees wide, good, butt to your heel. (light music) – It was fun. – It was cool. It was nice. – Yeah. – I enjoyed it. – I enjoyed doing it, thoroughly. – Yes. – Yeah. – It was nice. – She’s got me wrapped
around her right now, so I think the – Yeah. – We feel closer. – Getting close in contact
is a whole nother level and having to trust someone to carry you and flip you over. – I had no idea you breathe
so much slower than I do. – I think it’s a good way
to kind of take a step back and take a moment and
appreciate each other and enjoy just being with each other. – It’s very sexual. I was like, I am ready to go right now. (laughing) – Maybe set some time aside after. – It’s here – It’s here – [all] It’s here. – It’s here. – [all] It’s here. – Get it – There – I think they got it. Get it. – Yeah, you get it – It’s here.