day 2  | how to lose weight fast | learn yoga poses step by step | shoulder pose | Indian yoga |

day 2 | how to lose weight fast | learn yoga poses step by step | shoulder pose | Indian yoga |

hello guys and welcome to my channel
Indian yoga with Krishna i am your yoga guru Krishna so guys today we are
learning shoulder pose, in Hindi it’s called kandhrasana so first I will tell
you the benefit of this pose on this shoulder pose is very good particular
vfor female because it’s strengthened to female reproductive
organs it’s also strengthen the muscles of shoulder chest neck and also it’s
very good for your stomach and if you are suffering from you know
obesity and the overweight problem then its for you it’s also decrease your
back pain if you suffering from back pain then it’s good for you
so guys you must do it and how to do it I will tell you so guys please follow my
instruction step by step I will tell you and you will learn it it’s a very very
simple asan {pose} you can do it anyone can do it so lets
start now first just lay down on yoga mat down straight and then just
fold your legs as much as you can just hold your legs with your hands keep your now if you cant hold this very good is holy and if you can’t
then just put here good so now I can hold my legs so I’m just holding is but
if you don’t that it’s fine now you want just to breathe it and lift
your stomach after that let’s see now brilliant and then left holy bleep hold your disposition and
missed 10 to 12 seconds and then slowly down and breathe out
exam now mode I breathe it I live your stomach and now slowly down an exam that slowly but I must remember the breathing
pattern in yoga breathing is a most important part if you don’t focus on
breathing then you are doing it wrong but let’s give you wrong results so you
must focus on breathing pattern like then lay down just breathe in and lift
your stomach like I did and then when you just down your stomach then just
breathe out exhale relax your body so guys I hope you understand what I have
to teach you I hope you do okay guys so if you like my this video
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