Day 27  |  Flexible, Fearless & FUN YOGA  |  30 Days of Yoga

Day 27 | Flexible, Fearless & FUN YOGA | 30 Days of Yoga

Hey, everyone. Welcome to 30 Days of Yoga
with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and it’s day 27. Let’s hop on the mat and get started. Today, we’re going to begin with a little
cat cow. So get situated on your mat, find your alignment, press into your foundation,
and a little spinal flex with the breath to check in, to drop in, and define what feels
good. You’re only as young and as happy as your
spine, so take these moments, relish them. And then when you feel satisfied, we’re going
to actually walk the knees in, curl the toes under, and come up to a little squat here.
Go ahead and keep the knees nice and wide and the heels up, the legs kind of turned
out here. So we’re in a froggy position. And you can just find a little yoga for the feet
moment, even taking a gaze down at your feet. Sometimes, our feet can feel like two stiff
bricks, right? And so, we’re working on a little bit of malleability in the muscles
and tissues of the feet and the ankles here. So good! Also, breathing into the legs, of course,
breathing into the hips, and then slowly, we can maybe bring the gaze up, opening up
through the front body. And if this like a major balancing act for you, then hold on
to a focal point. Hold on to something to help you just stay hugging in towards center.
Cool! Now, I’m going to press my fingertips into
the mat, tuck my chin to the chest, and slowly turn my toes forward as I come into a nice
wide-legged forward fold, or not wide-legged, but at least hip-width apart. So no need to
zip up tight here. Bend the knees, one and then the other. Find a stretch. Eventually,
relax the weight of the head over. You might even figure-eight with the hips a little here.
Yeah, getting a little sassy! Day 27, and getting sassy. No, but seriously, having a
little fun today is what it’s all about, remembering to not take it so seriously and to just enjoy
the moment. Here we go. Inhale. Whenever you’re ready,
slide up to that flat back position, pull the elbows back, create length in the spine.
And then we’re going to continue this journey up. So soften through the knees, press in
your feet. And slowly, we’ll come up to a nice, tall, beautiful tadasana. You might
walk the feet underneath the hips if that feels better. You can even bring the feet
flushed together if you’re ready. And we’ll begin to loop the shoulders forward, up and
back. Find lift through the front body. Ground down through the back body. So the shoulder
blades, together and down; the sit bones, tucking in, lengthening that tailbone down. Find your breath, nice, long, smooth, maybe
audible breaths here in mountain to just get the juices flowing. Reverse the movement of
your shoulders. Find a little movement in the neck. Great! Now, we’ll draw the palms together, lift the
sternum up to the thumbs, take a deep breath in. Again, finding lift in the front body,
grounding in the back body, lots of space between the ears and shoulders as you exhale
out. Then interlace the fingertips, press the palms
forward, up and back. Soft knees here so we’re not locking. Again, lifting up through the
front, grounding through the back. And we’re just going to teeter-totter. So sending the
wrists to the right, draw your right shoulder underneath you, open your heart up towards
the sky, breathe into that beautiful side body, press into both feet evenly. Try. Inhale
in, exhale to center, deep breath in. Long breath out, and to the left. Drawing that left shoulder underneath, pressing
into both feet. You can maybe find that four-part equal standing here in the soles of the feet
if your feet are together, just play. Inhale in and exhale back to center. Inhale in, this
time carve a line with the nose, look up, and exhale. Break on free, fingertips rain
down. We come into a forward fold. Take a breath or two here. Let the weight of the
head go. And then if you’re at the front of your mat,
you can step the feet back, come into a plank. Or I’m in the center of my mat, so I’m going
to walk my palms out, walk my toes out, come into a plank. Inhale in, exhale slowly, lower
down. Inhale to cobra, deep breath in, smile. Exhale to downward facing dog. Inhale, walk
it in up towards your front of your mat to forward fold or the center, just again little
proof that we can break out of the box. We can do whatever we want. You can dance anywhere on your mat. You can
turn it around. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow, then inhale, reaching all the way back
up, all the way back up to your mountain. Deep breath in, and exhale all the way back
down. Awesome. Follow your breath. Inhale, halfway lift, and exhale, bow. Step or hop
it, walk it out to plank, wherever you are, come into that top of a push-up. Beautiful! Then we’re going to walk the palms out towards
the edges. Again, index fingers and thumbs, we did this once before. We’re going to stay
on the mat. The rest of the three fingers are going to fan out. We’re going to walk
the toes out a little bit wide or we can lower the knees and lift the toes up towards each
other. Inhale in, exhale, lower all the way down. Inhale, press up. Exhale, elbows left
to right, gaze is forward. Inhale. Exhale, lower down. And one more. Exhale, lower all
the way down. Great! This time, walk the palms underneath the shoulders.
Zip the legs tight together like a zipper. And then the inhale, lift up, cobra, maybe
a little bit higher this time. And exhale, release. Great. Curl the toes under, send it up, downward
facing dog. Deep breath in and long breath out. Great. Bend the right knee in towards
the center line, ground down through your left heel, turn to look underneath your left
armpit chest, breathe in. Exhale, breathe out. Switch, left knee comes to center, right
heel down. This is a little yoga for the brain, too. So no worries if you don’t get it quite
yet first. It’s a little confusing. And then turn underneath your right armpit chest. Breathe
into the lower back body, the sacrum, breathe, breathe, breathe. And then exhale back to
center. Slowly walking it to forward fold, we take a deep breath in, grab the elbows,
long breath out. Awesome. Inhale, halfway lift now, flat back
position, and exhale, release. Inhale, reach it all the way up to your mountain pose, reaching
as we breathe in, and exhaling, hands back to the heart. Great. Repeat, interlacing the fingertips, we press
the palms forward up and back. This time, press in your heels, slight back bend as we
draw a beautiful line or smear a line with our thumbs from front to back. So think up
as you smear maybe the ceiling with your thumbs, pressing your thumbprints into the ceiling.
Slide back in here. Remember that length in the side body. Press into your heels, lengthen
tail bone down. And then exhale, release. Head over heart, heart over pelvis, we release
the fingertips and then dive on forward. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Step, hop, or walk
it out to plank, you got it. Repeat the wide arm push-ups here if you want more strength.
Otherwise, we’ll just hold, plank hold. Other options here just for fun, you can drop
on to the elbows. Do your plank hold here. You can practice with a little movement, maybe
lifting the right toes, drawing circles with the toes, one way and then the other, and
then switching. You can lower the knees. So we have lots of options here in this little
plank hold. There are lots of plank challenges and stuff. But I just like to insert a little
plank into my home practice whenever I’m feeling it. And usually, right before I want to give
up, I give myself one more sweet breath in and smile, or I change it up to a new variation. So wherever you are, let’s do ten more seconds,
a couple more full breaths wherever you are in your plank. Enjoy it. Think of it as plank
play time rather than the plank challenge, unless that’s your thing. Then rock the plank
challenge. I love how I’m talking, and I’m not even in it. I’m like, “You’re doing it,
ha-ha.” When you feel satisfied or when you have totally
met your edge, go ahead and take a little vinyasa, either coming to cobra all the way
on your belly or to that upward facing dog. And then together, we’ll meet extended child’s
pose. Awesome work, my friends. Reconnect, forehead to earth, forehead to the earth,
heart melts to the earth, and maybe a couple of wrist circles. Find your breath. Great, slowly release the fingertips back
down. We’ll walk the knees underneath the hips, send it to downward facing dog. Inhale
in deeply, and exhale completely. Walk the toes up, find your forward fold. Keep it easy.
And then we’ll inhale. Lift that flat back and exhale, soften, and release. Send the
fingertips left to right. As you inhale, reach it all the way up, full body stretch, high,
high, high up towards the heavens. Stretch, stretch, and then exhale, reeling it back
in. Vrksasana tree pose, we zip the legs together.
We draw energy up. If you have a tree practice, you can go into this right away. Otherwise,
I’ll walk us through it, peeling the right heel up, finding that sternum to thumb connection,
so really energetic, lift up. So we’re keeping this energy hugging into the midline rather
than just dumping it all on to the left side. So, interlace the fingertips, catch the right
knee. Find that upward current as we press into the sole of the left foot firmly. You
might just stay here working on balance, or we’ll slide the right fingertips down, the
left thumb comes back to the heart. And we’ll lift this guy up towards the center
line. Press back with your left thigh so we have this meeting in the middle going on here.
You can also keep this foot down by the calf or even toes on the earth. We can walk to
a wall at this point or use a chair for balance. So find what tree pose is for you here today,
whatever variation feels best. Top of that right thigh rolling out as we press away from
the earth. Find that lift up through the center channel. Take a variation that feels rocking
to you, hands out, in, any which way. And then we’re going to take a couple of solid
breaths here. So if you fall, don’t worry. We’ll catch you. Right through every fingertip,
right through every toe. A little balance practice. Going through your
check list. Take one more breath wherever you are, and
use your exhale to cascade, now to back down. Feet come together, palms open wide. And we’re
just going to close the eyes here and stand nice and tall, observe the breath. Notice
how you feel. Notice what’s going on in the limbs, what your energy feels like. Then we’ll
draw the palms together and repeat on the other side. So tree pose, here we go. Peeling up through
the left heel, interlace the fingertips, catch your left knee. And before you go into the
shape what you think a tree pose is, find that action of pressing into that right foot,
that hugging into the mid-line. We grow up nice and tall. So yoga is about energy, yes, union, clearing
out those blocked passages, those energy meridians, the knotties. And so these balancing postures
are great moments because you can’t really hide. You can really notice when things are
blocked and things feel unbalanced and almost impossible. And so you just stick with it,
practice, modify as needed. Take whatever tree pose shape feels best for you today and
rock it out wherever you are. Find your breath. Find that resistance and go through your check
list. Cultivate good juju here and tree pose, no hanging on for dear life. That’s too stressful.
That’s the opposite of yoga. And if you are frustrated today, go to that
foundations of tree pose. And remember, it’s all about enjoying the ride. Take one more breath wherever you are and
use your exhale to melt it down. Follow this energy and release into a forward fold, uttanasana.
Last time, we inhale, lift halfway, and exhale, soften, and release back down. Walk the palms
out, walk the toes out, come into your last plank. Then we’ll lower the knees, swing the
legs to one side, and come to seated. Awesome, my friends. Come all the way on to
flat back, take a full body stretch here. Inhale in through the nose, and go ahead and
let it out through the mouth. Bend the elbows, cactus arms here. We’re going to let the armpit
chest really breathe here as we move into the final stage of our yoga ritual today,
either with soft, restorative movement or taking this time to fulfill meeting a pose
that we’ve been working on, whether it’s an inversion, a back bend, an arm balance, or
again, a restorative posture. Find what feels good. Listen to your body. This is the yoga.
This is what it’s all about, asking yourself, “What do I need, and how am I going to do
it?” in a nice, mindful, active, conscious way. Maybe dissolve right into a savasana here,
bringing the arms gently down at your sides, softening your breath, letting it return to
its natural rhythm, its natural ebb and flow. Connect to your intentions. Connect to your
current mantra or create a new one here. Nice work, my friends. Much love. Namaste.