Dedicate – Day 13 – Space | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi everyone and
welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey. It’s lucky Day 13. And today’s an awesome practice because we remember, we remind
ourselves and each other that we are worthy of good and we must practice
making space for that good to come rollin’ on in. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Okay friends, let’s begin on all fours. Take your time as always. Pay attention to how you move, even here as we begin. Setting the tone
for our practice. Set yourself up for greatness by paying
attention to the fingers. Bye Benji. (laughs) Your hands, your feet. Finding your foundation,
your nice base. And then when you’re ready,
we’ll start to move. Inhale, dropping the belly,
open the chest. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, rounding through,
chin to chest. Inhale, drop the belly,
open your heart. Exhale, chin to chest. Press into your
hands and your feet. Okay, considering our
theme this time as you inhale, making space in the front body. Big breath in. Exhale, think of
making space in the back body. Now continue with
the sound of your breath. Just gently waking up the body. Noticing how you feel. Observing. Just taking stock of whatever
you’re arriving with today. And then I think it’s
just important to remember on a day like today where
we focus on creating space. I think it’s
important to just remember, let this be a little reminder that you are beautiful and
perfect just the way you are. And a lot of
times it’s just about us carving out the
time and dedicating space for ourselves to get centered
and find what feels good. So you’re doing great. We’ll come to Tabletop Position. Nice and easy. We’re gonna bring the
right hand up to the sky as you press into the left palm. Big stretch as you open up
through the heart of the chest. And then exhale,
right hand to the earth. And inhale, left
fingertips to the sky. Exhale, left hand to the earth. Inhale, right
fingertips to the sky. Exhale, right hand to the earth. Inhale, left
fingertips to the sky. Now keep this going. You’re gonna start to feel a
nice opening through the chest. Through the shoulder. Start to deepen your breath, sending big
inhale into your belly. And then go ahead
and even it out here. Awesome. Then slowly
walk the hands forward, curl the toes under. Try to keep this opening in
the front of the shoulder, the chest that you just created as you find that external
rotation in the upper arm bones and send the hips on up high. Downward Facing Dog. So today, rather than
focusing on getting it right, or as we’ve been talking about,
doing the yoga, just allow your mind to
focus on creating space. And it’s through this practice
that we begin to settle in to the experience
of our yoga asana instead of our kind
of constant ambition to do things right or perfect. Cool. Then find stillness
in your Downward Dog for one cycle of breath in. Here we go, big breath. And out. Awesome work. Bend the knees, belly comes
toward the tops of the thighs. Just do your best. There’s a tilt
in the pelvis here that we wanna pay attention to. And then on an inhale,
we’ll look forward. And then on an exhale,
we’ll make our way to the top. Make your way there in a way
that feels good for you today. Take a couple of
deep breaths here. In Uttanasana,
standing extended Forward Fold. Just checking in,
letting any stress or tension, any heaviness that
you might have shown up on the mat with, be open to
allowing it to kind of dissolve or let go during this practice. Space making, creating space
for fresh opportunity. Transformation, reconnection. Maybe something
new coming your way. Good, and then when
you’re ready, tuck your chin. Ground through the feet, start
to wake up through the legs. Bend the knees and
then slowly roll it up. As you rise up into
your Mountain today, soften the skin of the forehead, deepen your breath. And open yourself up
to new possibilities. Take a deep breath in. A long breath out. Just continuing to arrive
here in the present moment. And then on
your next big inhale, spread the fingertips
and gently reach for the sky. Breathe in. Exhale, soft bend in the knees as you float it
all the way down. Left hand to the rarth. Inhale, right fingertips
all the way to the sky. Straighten
through the right leg. Bend you left knee generously. Great, inhale in again here. Reach a little higher.
Connect to your core. Exhale, soften and release. Switch sides,
right hand to the earth. Left fingertips
reach to the sky. Left knee straightens,
right knee bends generously. Breathe in, breathe out. On your next breath in,
reach a little higher. And then exhale all
the way down, awesome work. From here inhale, halfway lift. Find length, create space. And exhale
to soften and fold. Beautiful. Plant the palms. Step one foot back,
then the other. Plank Pose or Half Plank. Take a deep full
loving breath in here. Try to create space
between your shoulder blades. And then remember, you wanna
create a nice wide base here. So toes about hip-width apart. Can also have the
knees lowered here. We’re here for
three, two, on the one we’ll look forward. Squeeze the elbows
into the side body. And slow and with control,
lower down to the belly. Great, draw the
shoulder blades together. Press into your foundation. Inhale, rise up,
opening the chest. Exhale to release. Press up to all
fours or a Plank Pose. Follow your breath. Downward Facing Dog. Take an inhale in here. And then use your
exhale to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Cool, on your next inhale, lift the right leg up high. Keep the hips nice and square. On an exhale,
shift it forward, knee to nose. Great, from here
step it all the way up. We’ll lower the
back knee nice and easy. Inhale, Crescent Lunge,
reach for the sky. Exhale, float it down. Pull the right hip crease back. Take a deep breath in. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, forehead
towards the knee. Breathe. One more cycle of breath here. Bend your right knee generously. Sweet, and then rolling through. Pick up that back knee. Find your nice big open twist. Pull the right hip crease back. Try to find something new here. As you inhale in reach for the
sky, right fingertips wiggle. And then exhale, bring
it all the way back down. Plant the palms, step it back. Belly to Cobra or now maybe
Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. Move with your breath. Use your inhale to
create space in the front body. And use your exhale to
make your way to Downward Dog. Inhale in deeply here. Exhale completely. Good, inhale.
Lift the left leg up high. On an exhale, shift it forward, squeeze knee to nose. And then step it up. Take your time. Lower the right knee,
and when you’re ready, with nice strong lower body, we’ll reach the
fingertips forward up and back. Big breath here
to find expansion. Exhale, slowly release. Following your breath, inhale.
Pull the left hip crease back. Left toes
towards your third eye. Look forward, find extension, and then on an exhale, bow. Generous bend in
the left knee here. And then rolling through
that left foot, here we go. Lifting the back knee,
right hand to the earth. Big breath to take
the left fingertips all the way up to the sky. Wiggle the left fingertips, and then slowly
bring it all the way down. Follow your breath
here as you plant the palms. Step it back. Belly to Cobra or
Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. Move with your breath. Meet in Downward Facing Dog. Take a second here. Tap into that inner smile. Try to focus on
what’s going on right now in your body, with your breath. Let any thoughts that
come to your mind, let them be. Acknowledge them,
but then come back to the sensation in your body. And the quality of your breath. Yeah, okay. Bend the knees,
inhale to look forward. Exhale and make
your way to the top. Inhale halfway lift,
find length. So take all the wrinkles
out of the back of the neck. Then exhale to soften and fold. Root to rise here. Find what feels good,
enjoy this transition. As you inhale,
reach for the sky. Stand up tall. Big beach ball up and over head. Take up lots of space. And then exhale,
back to Mountain Pose. Hands to heart, Namaste. Pause here. Close your eyes. Observe your breath. Alrighty, take one
more loving breath in here. As you exhale, use it
to relax your shoulders. Then bat the eyelashes, open. It’s a whole new world. Okay. We’re gonna
turn on your mat so that you can step
the feet nice and wide. Then, to start we’re gonna just send the fingertips out. And you can just kind of
gauge the length of your legs by imagining your ankles coming somewhat underneath the wrist, just to give you
a little more curve, particularly if you’re new to the mat in this way. Okay, awesome. Then we’ll
slowly release the arms. Toes are gonna
turn just slightly in so you can really
feel that connection to the outer foot. And then with all of the tools
that we’ve garnered thus far, you’re going to send lots of
obsessive love and awareness to your feet and begin to
draw energy up from the arches as you press in all
four corners of your foot. And slowly stand
up nice and tall. Once again, finding
that awesome energetic loop of lifting
through the front body and grounding
through the back body. Creating space
by finding balance between opposition here. Cool. Alright, now
hands come to the heart. Whenever you’re ready,
inhale in. Exhale, relax the
shoulders down. Awesome. Inhale in again,
lift sternum to the thumbs. Exhale, you’re gonna
send your sits bones, your hips back so
both hip creases go back and you send your heart forward looking all the way into
our imaginary pond again. And you’ll find right away you’ll have to
support the low back by drawing the navel in. Hugging low ribs in, and
breathing into the back body. Nice and lovingly here, seeing
your reflection in the pond. Building posture
that’s supportive and strong. Alright, beautiful. Slowly press
into your foundation, slight bend in the
knees as you rise up. Nice flat back position. Okay, beautiful. Okay, for this next round, if that was totally new to you, you’re just
gonna do a repetition. Slowly building
strength in the low back. Otherwise we’re gonna
take it a little bit further. So we’ll inhale in all together. Lift the sternum to the thumbs. Strong foundation in the feet. And on an exhale,
send the hips back. Pull the hip
creases back in space. Keep breathing,
use your expansive breath. Shoulder blades
keep drawing together. Chest open, heart open. And again, if
you’re new to the practice, pause here, work
with a little integrity. Soft bend in the knees. Focus on expansive breath. If it feels good, you might
continue the journey down. Creating space, space,
space as you slowly lower. Fingertips to the earth. If you have a block or
you wanna get some books or a couch pillow or something
to bring the earth up to you, that could be a good option. And if the hands are
coming to the earth here for standing
wide-legged Forward Fold. Great, walk them slowly in. Line with your
arches or work towards that. So if you find
you need to narrow or widen your base you can, just do it mindfully,
one foot at a time. And then if the
hands are on the earth, work to find
this external rotation in your shoulders
and maybe, just maybe, bring the crown of
the head to the earth. And more than half
of the people practicing might have a giggle here
and you should have a giggle, but you never know. Maybe one day you’ll get
your head down to the ground. And if not, who cares? Focus on creating space. Feel it in the
backs of the legs. In your root,
the back body. Breathing, breathing deep. So important to
bring the breath here. Such a therapeutic shape. So good for the body.
So you gotta bring the breath. Maximize your time here. Soak up the loving
benefits of your practice by really breathing deep. To come out of the posture, we’ll move nice and slow,
rounding through the feet. Finding a soft
bend in the knees. Come back to the
fingertips wherever you are. Connect to your core, inhale in. Exhale, hands to the waistline. Draw the
shoulder blades together, and with a nice flat back,
slowly rise up. Feel the blood flow. That flush of energy. This cracking of
the door or the window open to new possibilities. So we have to kind
of create some space for the new stuff
to come in, right? Often we desire certain things, or we wanna
allow for possibility and fresh
opportunity to come in. But we forget
how important it is to kind of make
space for that to happen. So remember the
body is a metaphor. (clicks tongue) Eh? And that’s why
this time, I think, is so valuable on the mat. You’re doing great, okay.
Here we go. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, hands to heart. You can take your time
moving one foot at a time. This is a very fancy yoga term
called heel-toe, heel-toe. So you just bring your
heels in and then your toes in and then your heels in. Heel-toe, heel-toe. And we’re coming
into a Goddess pose or God Pose or Horse Posture. Now don’t panic, breathe. Inhale, lift the
sternum up to the thumbs. This time, toes are
pointing out, heels are in. Just so a narrower stance. And you’re gonna
imagine as your bend your knees just sliding down a wall. You sly devil, just
sliding down a wall, here. Bringing your
center down in space. Great, then best you can, spread awareness through
the outer edges of the feet. And just as we’ve been
doing in that runner’s stretch and in our wide-legged fold, pull the hip creases
back so we’re kind of avoiding collapsing into
the inner arch here. This also helps us
strengthen the glutes. Okay, here we are. We might already
begin to shake here or create a
little voodoo doll of me. That’s okay, just
don’t include Benji in that. He’s innocent,
keep him out of this. So if you have to curse a
name, curse mine, not Benji’s. Get down a little lower,
you’re doing great. Creating space in the hips. Meeting our
appropriate edge today. Breath deep, draw a
line with your nose. Gently to the right,
look past your right shoulder. You’re doing awesome.
And then back to center. Stay nice and low,
stick with me guys. Draw a line with your
nose over towards the left. Little kiss on the
right side of the neck, yes. Okay, stick with me, my friends. Inhale, you’re gonna
send the right fingertips up as you straighten the legs. Left fingertips down,
legs are straight. Inhale, create space,
take up space. You’re worth it. Then exhale, back to
that God or Goddess Pose. Palms together, bend your knees. Okay, beautiful,
here we go again. And inhale,
pressing your foundation. Left fingertips
reach up towards the sky. Right fingertips reach down. We straighten the legs,
give you a little break. Take up space. Don’t be shy, beautiful. Exhale, hands to heart,
bend the knees, slide down your imaginary wall. Beautiful, here we go.
Big inhale, take up space. Inhale, open through the chest. Lean into it, exhale,
hands to heart. Get down low. Yes, inhale, take the
left fingertips up high. Right fingertips down, careful
not to collapse in the neck. Lots of integrity. Beautiful, hands to heart,
bend the knees. Get down even lower. One more time on each side,
here we go. Inhale, take up space, own it. Lengthen tailbone down
to support your low back. Exhale, get super low. Alright, here we go, last one. Inhale, reach the
left fingertips up. Right fingertips down. Exhale, ohh, yeah, feel good. Here we go, stay here. You can just pause here, grounding through all
four corners of the feet. Or if you wanna go on a last
little adventure with me, we’re gonna lift the
right heels, heel. (chuckles) And lower it down. Lift the left heel,
and lower it down. Benji the blue heeler come in
here as we lift both heels. Lift both heels for three. Lift your chest, open
up through your front body. Two, maybe gazing up on the one. Awesome, lower the heels. Stand up nice and tall. And heel-toe, heel-toe the feet together. Zip up through the legs. Take the deepest
breath you’ve taken in all day and maybe in your whole life. And then exhale,
release the fingertips down gently at your side. Find your Quiet Mountain. Soften your gaze or close your
eyes and observe the breath. Maybe part the lips. (sigh) Create some space in the jaw. Okay, take
another sip of air here. Find what feels good. If you find you are
having a little bit of trouble showing up on the mat, just think about Benji and I and all of
the people around the world who are dedicating time and
energy to consciously moving and taking up
space in a way that serves. So if you feel
small and not worth it, just remember you are worthy. You are awesome
and you’re doing great. Bring the hands together. We’ll close out
this session with an I love you breath.
So inhale lots of love in. Bow the chin to the chest,
head to heart. As you breathe lots of love out. Nice work everyone.
Way to show up. I’ll see you tomorrow. Namaste. (bright music)