Dedicate – Day 4 – Feel | Yoga With Adriene

– Howdy everyone
and welcome to Dedicate. Your 30 day yoga journey. It’s Day 4, Feel. Let’s get started. (bright music) Okey doke, my friends.
Welcome back. Let’s begin today’s session
in Extended Child’s Pose. So come on down to the ground.
Of course, take your time. Pay attention to your breath even as you’re
getting into the posture. And if this Extended Child’s
Pose is not for your body, then find a comfortable
seat of your choice. A place where you can really
ease in with nice conscious breath (clears throat)
right away. Whether you’re in an upright
seat or coming into Extended Child’s Pose, mindfully place
the fingers, the hands. And then send some awareness
to your feet, your toes. Then when you’re ready,
gently close your eyes. And allow yourself this moment. The hard part is already done. You’ve made the choice. The choice to dedicate some time and some energy from our day for yourself. You rock.
Here we go. Take a nice big
refreshing breath in. And really feel this exhale, whatever that means to you as
you breathe out nice and long. Smell your own breath. One more inhale. Breathing in. And feel this
out as you breathe. Empty, empty, empty out. Awesome, now keep
the legs where they are. We’re going to inhale,
slowly lift up, nice and slow. Listen carefully and go into a
different version of spinal flexion today so keep
the knees nice and wide. You’re going to inhale,
drop the belly gently, just like we do in Cow Pose. And then as you exhale round
through like we do in Cat but you’re gonna take it
over to the right side. Shoulders, hips, then send
it all the way back through Extended Child’s Pose. Then you’re going to inhale,
come through, around the bend
on the left side. Drop the belly come
forward and exhale around through Extended Child’s Pose. If you’re in a comfortable seat,
you can still do this moving in a circular direction as you
inhale lifting the chest as you come forward and
exhaling rounding the spine as you come back. So we’re creating a little bit of
awareness in our center here. So you have to kind of really
draw your attention to your midline, to your middle,
and I love the image of an old fashioned coffee
grinder kind of slowly moving. If you don’t know what that is
then you can Google after this session but slowly moving in a circular direction. Drunk Cat-Cow. Drunk on love.
Drunk on joy. Drunk on whatever you want. Drink it in. And once you’ve established that
you’re moving in one direction, let’s switch it up following the
breath in the other direction. So reverse and once you kind of
get a hang on what it is you’re doing here, see if you
can soften your gaze and really sync up with your breath. So today’s session inviting
us to focus on sensation. How does it feel? So the correct
alignment might not always feel right in your body. And how can we train ourselves,
our mind body connection, to be present and perceptive so that we can really feel it out? Know what’s right for our body? Now you can take it into a
little freestyle back and forth. Don’t decide where it ends. If you get bored see if
you can find something new. Maybe you start to
feel like your neck needs a little movement. Maybe you start to feel like,
“You know what? “I’m super tired Adriene. “Extended Child’s Pose feels
bomb. I want to stay here.” So feel it out for
about five more breaths. And then we’ll slowly come all
the way back up to all fours. Walk in the knees in
underneath the hip points. Curl the toes under. Energetically
drag the hands back. Find that beautiful pressing
away from the yoga mat and then when you’re ready, lift the knees
and let them hover. Waking up the core. We’re here for
three, two, Hovering Table, and one, lower the knees. Beautiful work. You’re going to bring the big
toes to touch and knees come as why does the yoga mat again
and we send it all the way back. Extended Child’s Pose. Take a rest. Deepen your breath. Awesome, awesome work. From here keep the legs where
they are and slowly you’re going to lift the head,
carve a line with the nose. Walk the hands all the way off
to the left side of your mat. You’re going to start to feel a
generous long beautiful stretch in your right side body. See if you can pull your right
hip crease back to maximize that stretch in a
way that feels good. And again if Extended Child’s
Pose ain’t your jam then you can be working in a
side body stretch here. A piece of vocabulary
that we already know. Pulling that right
hip crease down. All the while
everyone breathing deeply. Allowing any stress or tension
that you might have carried onto your mat to just gently leave. (chuckles) Melt away, let it go. Use that exhale. Cool, then walk it
all the way through. Take it to the right side.
Same thing. Find a nice long audible breath. Soften through the
skin in the face. Opportunity here to pull
that left hip crease back. Breathing, breathing. Awesome work.
Walk it back to center. Nice job. We’re gonna slowly, mindfully
come all the way back up. Walk the knees
underneath the hip points. Walk through wrists
underneath the shoulders. Curl the toes under. Press away from your yoga mat. That nice hollow body here.
Inhale in. Exhale, lift the knees,
let them hover. So my bones are stacked here in
time I’m gonna build a lot of strength and integrity
in the abdominal wall. I have this incredible
connection from the base of my pelvis to
the crown of the head. I’m here for three, two. Nice work, on the
one slowly release. Okay, press into the
top of your left foot here. Just the left foot and
then kick your right foot out. We’ve been here before. Inhale in, walk the
hands a little bit wider. Beautiful, then exhale
bring your right knee all the way up and through. You’re gonna step it all the
way up into a nice slow lunge. Walk the left knee back if it
feels good in your body and if you need a little extra
padding, you can take a blanky or a towel to pad your knee. You can also flip your mat,
double up on the mat. Squeeze inner
thighs to the midline, find your foundation. Find that connection. Press into the top of that
back foot and when you’re ready, sweep the arms all
the way up and overhead. If you find right away
that this is much too much. Just bring the
hands to the waistline. Just make an adjustment. Crescent Lunge. Inhale, big beach
ball up and overhead so give yourself more space. So if you’re really
narrow here, open it up. Thumbs back, pinkies forward. Breathing deep.
We start to lean in just a bit. Squeeze the
inner thighs together and lifting up
from the pelvic floor. Inhale in, reach high. Exhale, wiggle the fingertips,
rain it down, bring it down low. Beautiful. From here you’re gonna slowly
pull your right hip crease back. Flex your right toes towards
your face or your third eye and keep a slight or generous
bend in your right knee. So my left hip is
stacked over my left knee, not reaching back
which is a great stretch. Just something else. Opening up the
backs of the legs. Breathing deep. Focusing on the sensation. How does it feel? And catch a wave here. On your next inhale you’re going
to tug the shoulders down away from the ears,
inhale to look forward, find the length and exhale to melt
a little further inward, bend your right knee. Great. Then dig through
your right heel. Really see if you can
articulate whatever this means for you through your right foot. Roll through the right foot. One more time, inhale,
Crescent Lunge. Reach the fingertips of high. And then this time you’re gonna
pull your right hip crease back, bend your elbows and open up. Big open twist to your right. Elbows can stay bent here or in time you can work
to straighten them. Squeeze in through the midline,
you got this. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale, arms
all the way back up, Crescent Lunge. And then cascade
it all the way down. Nice work. Beautiful. From here plant the palms,
come back to all fours. Breathe, Tabletop Position. Great. Here we go. We’re gonna kick
the left leg out. Walk the hands nice and wide. Take a deep breath in. And then on an
exhale squeeze and lift. Step it all the
way up and through. Front knee over front ankle. I lift my back knee,
walk it back. Feel that big opening in
the front of the right hip. If you need padding, use a
blanky or double up on the mat. Then here we go, root down through the
top of that right foot. Imagine the root of this pose
actually being that back foot. Then squeeze into the midline,
pull the left hip crease back and when you’re ready, reach the fingertips
forward, up and back. Hands can also
come to the waist here. We don’t want to dump, right? We know, I hate that word. (chuckles)
It’s kind of just a gross word. We don’t want to spill,
how about that? We don’t wanna
spill all our energy, right? We want to be able to find a way to control
our energy here and then use it so that we
can have a nice sustainable experience within the posture. Keep breathing. Inhale in. Exhale, wiggle the fingertips,
rain it down. Beautiful. Pull the left
hip crease back here. That takes you all the way back. Center moves back and
we flex the left foot. Keep a slight or
generous bend in your left knee. Left toes really
reaching towards your forehead. So check it out man, this is
a great opportunity to really check in with your hamstrings,
check in with your body. Feel the stretch.
No need to hide. No need to pretend. Feel it out. Be honest. Snug, if you’ve been
practicing for a while, see if you can really
hug that femur into socket. Snuggle that left hip
socket in and back. Beautiful. Let’s catch a wave. Find a little
inhale to open the chest, lengthen through the crown. And then that wave cascades and falls and we
forward fold back in. Keep rooting
through your right foot, dig into your left heel. Let’s roll through the
left foot nice and slow. And then all the way back up. Crescent Lunge. Nice and easy. Strong legs. Then find that big
beach ball up and overhead. Create space lengthen
through the side body. Connect hip to shoulder,
shoulder to wrist and wrist all the way, way
beyond the fingertips. You got it. Great, then inhale lift up. Exhale, bend the elbows
as you make this transition, open twist to the left. Left knee squeezes in.
You got this. You can keep the elbows bent.
Breathe into your belly. Hold onto that beautiful breath,
beautiful focus. In time you can work
to straighten the arms. Be mindful. Inhale in. Exhale, relax the shoulders. Good, inhale reach fingertips all the way up back
through center. Gorgeous and then exhale
cascade it all the way down. Nice work.
Plant the palms. Step it back to all fours. You’re gonna walk the knees
back underneath the hip points. Swing the legs to one side, any
side and you’re going to come through all the way to a seat. Go ahead and center yourself on
the mat and let’s go ahead and come right onto the back
any way that feels good. And when you get
on your yoga mat, snuggle your shoulder blades
underneath your heart space so you can kind of feel
your heart open even here. So the heart opener isn’t
always like Camel or Bow Pose. You can do a heart opener
in your car by just bringing awareness and consciousness
to your body and your breath. Okay, so knees are bent. We’re gonna walk the feet as
wide as the yoga mat and find now a nice internal
rotation of the hips. Should feel really
good after your lunges. Bring the knees
together and let them rest. Bring your hands to your belly. Take some deep full
balloon breaths here, breathing into your hands. Feel them rise
as you breathe in and feel them fall
as you breathe out. So I’m telling you guys, there’s a reason
why it’s a lot easier to just go and kind of
like follow someone in yoga. Take orders, follow direction
and while that doesn’t have its purpose, totally, totally, the beauty of the at home yoga practice is
you really connect to your brain in a different way. You really are
the one in charge. You’re the only one in the room. I’m here with you
spiritually but right? So you have to take
responsibility for your own happiness on the mat. And then of course, the more we
practice doing that on the mat the more we include that practice
in our daily life. So from here we’ll slowly walk the feet back in
line with the hips. Bring the hands
down to the earth. Snuggle the shoulder blades
underneath your heart space and here we go, inhale. Shins forward, you’re going
to lift the hips up high. Slowly lifting, lifting
all the way to a Bridge Pose. Lift your chest to your chin and
then lift your chin to the sky. Breathe deep here inhale. Exhale to lower
all the way down. So nice and easy. Remember we have a long
journey ahead together so keep it nice and simple here. Slow it down inhale. Lifting the hips, shins forward,
chest to chin, chin to sky. Tendency is the feet
are gonna want to come up, knees are gonna want to
go out, so keep your knees and your thigh bones in
line with your hips. Lift up high. And then take it
all the way down. And then we’ll do one
more grounding through all four corners of the feet, lifting the
hips up high and this time if you want to take
the bind you can. Interlacing the fingertips. Feeling that
length in the side body, the front body and
then chest to chin, chin to sky. Chest to chin, chin to sky. Breathe. Engage your glutes. Imagine you’re squeezing a yoga block
between your thighs. I was gonna come up
with something creative but it didn’t seem appropriate. Okay, one more breath. Exhale to release the bind and
slowly lower all the way down. Killing it. Walk the soles
of the feet together. Open the knees wide. Interlace the fingertips,
bring them behind the head. Alright, take an inhale in here. Close your eyes. Imagine you’re
like on a grassy hill. Arms and legs are
mirroring each other here. I’m imagining that I’m on
the hill at Barton Springs here in my hometown. Ah. Extend your thumbs and give
yourself a little neck massage, a little head massage. And then slowly you’re
going to bring your low back to be flush with the mat. Inhale in and then you’re gonna exhale, lift the chest
up toward the sky. So don’t think
of it as a crunch. Think of it as just lifting your
heart straight up to the sky. ‘Kay? Keep your gaze
all the way up toward the sky. Just a little hold here. Connecting to the core. You got it.
Keep the elbows wide. Resist the crunch. Feel your lower abdominals and your upper abdominals
coming in towards center. Imagine you have a juicy piece
of fruit between your chin and your chest so you
don’t want to crush it. So you want to
keep it nice and open. Alright, you got it.
Keep going, keep breathing. And here you go,
inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift.
Low back stays flush on the mat. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Nice and slow. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Now keep it going and see if you
can really keep the length in your neck and feel that
connection and that contraction just in the abdominal
wall as you lift up. Nice and slow. You got it.
This is the last beat. Stick with it.
You’re doing awesome. Alright, do one more. Pause. Hold at the top. You got it.
Release the fingertips. Take them all the way
through reaching towards the front edge of your mat. We’re pulsing for three. Pulse for two. And we’re pulsing for one. And then we’re releasing that.
We’re taking the fingertips, release the head
and shoulders down. We’re taking the fingertips to
the outer edges of the legs. We’re slowly closing
the legs like a book. And then, nice and easy,
release your arms to the sides. You’re going to windshield wiper
your legs just to one side and then the other until eventually your legs extend all the way out and we come to lie down. Okay. Close your eyes, relax the
weight of your body completely and fully into the mat
and feel this puppy out. Close your eyes.
Imagine your yoga mat, imagine Sweet Mama Earth
just rising up to meet your back body.
Just rising up to hold you. And notice how that feels. Sweet and one more
final advanced yoga move. Just lift the corners
of your mouth slightly. Yeah. Take a deep breath in. Bring the palms together and exhale thumbs all
the way up to third eye. Setting an intention to keep
noticing how does it feel. Cue Bob Dylan, love you guys.
Take a deep breath in. And exhale. We whisper, Namaste. Awesome work.
See you tomorrow. (bright music)